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Top 50 GK Questions and Answers || GK in Hindi || GK Questions in Hindi

All India Exams Questions and Answers. Important India General Knowledge GK in Hindi

  1. मुक्त व्यापार समझौता किन दो देशों के बीच हुआ?
    Ans: मालद्वीप एवं चीन.
  2. किस देश ने नेशनल ऍफ़ एम् चैनलों का प्रसारण बंद कर दिया?

A Breif Knowledge of Social Reformer Raja Ram Mohan Roy

राजा राममोहन राय की वैचारिकता के सैकड़ों उदाहरण हमारे इतिहास में दर्ज हैं। आज के समय में ‘आधुनिक भारतीय समाज का जन्मदाता’ पंडित राजा राममोहन राय  को  कहा जाता है। वे ब्रह्म समाज के संस्थापक थे| वे रू‍ढ़िवाद और कुरीतियों …

50 Basic General Knowledge Question and Answer for All competitive exams

Here are the most frequently asked Indian History and Indian National Movement questions in General knowledge section of exams. These questions will be useful for your practice for exams, UPSC exams, state PSC exams, entrance exams, bank exams, NEET …

Most Important 50 Indian History GK Question for SSC, CGL, CHSL

Most Important 50 Indian History GK Question & Answer For SSC Exams. Know all the information related to history which is necessary for all kinds of competition Complete set of Indian History Questions with Answers.

  1. वैशाली में विश्व का

Most Important Indian History GK question answers for Group C

Indian History GK Question and Answer

Indian History General Knowledge Question and Answers

  1. Purushasukta is found in the :— Rig Veda
  2. Mohenjadaro is situated : — Sind province of Pakistan
  3. Banabhatta lived in the court of :  — Harshvardhana
  4. The tri –ratnas were stressed by :

Top 30 Indian Ancient history questions and answer

Read important GK for all type of government exams 2018

1-The time period of Indus Civilization was?


2-Who founded Bahmani Kingdom?


3-Which was the main metal used by the Indus Valley People?


4-Who was Amir Khusro


History Important Questions for SSC -CGL/CHSL Exam 2018 -History GK Quiz

History Important Questions for SSC -CGL/CHSL Exam 2018 -History GK Quiz

Dear Aspirant Read History General knowledge question, Indian History Questions, Ancient History gk question, Medival History for SSC CGL Exam 2018 Important Indian History gk for  SSC CGL, CHSL, Railway, Other One day Exams 2017-18 Shared …