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Top Best 100 Most Important Uttarakhand General Knowledge in Hindi


Top-100 Most Important Uttarakhand General Knowledge in Hindi Uttarakhand GK Question & Answer in Hindi for all competitive exams

उत्तराखंड का भोगोलीक रुप :-

  1. उत्तराखंड का भारत मे स्थान कौन सा है – 27वाँराज्य
  2. उत्तराखंड किस राज्य से विभाजित होकर

Uttarakhand History GK Questions in Hindi | GK in Hindi

uttarakhand gk

In this GK page we have updated very important and general knowledge (UK-GK) questions & there respective answers. So Start learn each Uttarakhand Current Affairs General Knowledge Question Answers GK Quiz. Uttarakhand Quiz Questions and Answers. Multiple Choice General Knowledge …

Uttarakhand History | Uttarakhand Foundation Day-Education masters


Uttarakhand officially the State of Uttarakhand, formerly known as Uttaranchal, is a state in the northern part of India.Literally Northern Land or Section in Sanskrit, the name of Uttarakhand finds mention in the early Hindu scriptures as the combined region.Uttarakhand …

उत्तराखंड में स्थित 6 राष्ट्रीय उद्यान : Uttarkhand GK In Hindi

uttarkhand national park

राष्ट्रीय उद्यान (national park) ऐसा Garden or other area होता है जिसे किसी nation की Administration system  द्वारा औपचारिक रूप से संरक्षित करा गया हो। अलग-अलग Country अपने National parks के लिए अलग-अलग Policies रखते हैं लेकिन लगभग सभी में …

Uttarakhand Colleges : List of Top Higher Education Institute Uttarakhand

uttarkhand colleges

Uttarakhand’s Top Higher Education Institute

The Uttarakhand state is emerging as an education hub. The city of Dehradun has the highest number of centers of higher education.Higher educational Information about Uttarakhand. List of colleges in Garhwal and Kumaon University in …

उत्तराखंड की प्रमुख गुफाएं व चट्टानें – GK in Hindi

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 Major caves in uttarakhand

Uttarakhand boasts of host of scenic places, which are ideal … one can indulge in trekking, camping, mountain biking, rock climbing and rappelling. Major attractions: Tiger Falls, Deoban, Budher Caves and Chilmiri Neck.the authorities to make …

[Uttarakhand Gk] – List of Chief People of Uttarakhand


Chief People of Uttarakhand

uttarakhand officially the State of Uttarakhand, formerly known as Uttaranchal, is a state in the …. Read full list of Uttarakhand Chief Ministers. Know about the tenure of all chief ministers of Uttarakhand.uttarakhand general knowledge.