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Jitendar Jha, the founder and director of IBWORLDEDUCATIO, has over 20 years of experience as an academic tutor. He focuses on IIT and other engineering entrance exams, the SAT, and A level coursework in math, physics, and chemistry. He has created novel tricky pattern techniques and coaching strategies for boards like the IB, IGCSE, CBSE, ICSE, and ISC. He can definitely handle any issue, whether you simply need to study for your boards or other entrance tests or you need a life coach. With degrees in Bsc, Msc, and MCA, he has established himself as a Sr. Academic Expert and a powerful force in the tutoring sector. By providing alternate study techniques, he has carved out a sizable market for himself and gained a large clientele globally. He was usually perceptive and enjoyed helping those who needed an academic expert to listen to their problems and find solutions. He focuses on developing practical skills and assisting students with anything they urgently require to continue in their current Program. Best Coaching Institute for CBSE, IIT, IB in Delhi 

Available Courses

  • IIT Main and Advance
  • IIT Physics
  • IIT-JAM Physics
  • IB

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57 A, Fatehpur Beri, New Delhi, Delhi 110074
City: New Delhi
State: Delhi


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