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Sarva I.T. & Educational Development (India), the nation's No. 1 Leading, Top, Autonomous, Pioneer, Trusted & Genuine Computer Education Franchise provider organization, has started a number of skills advancement training awareness programs outside the formal education sector in India. Since 2008, the organization has offered low computer center franchise fees and job-oriented training at the national level. It operates throughout India on a non-profit basis. Under its educational, I.T., and skill advancement Training awareness activities in India, it has devised and launched several types of skill advancement computer education training courses, early child care skills training courses, and skill advancement (self-employment) training courses. It has been granted a license by the Central Government of India for this admirable purpose, under Lic. No. 2/114/T-I/08/D, Read with Notification of the Government of India.U72900HP2008NPL030981. The organization operates throughout all India. Additionally, it has received the coveted international ISO 9001:2015 certification for its international quality management system, with Certificate No. ACBCB/ICM, HP02961Q,111601101.

Available Courses

  • Advanced Computer Knowledge
  • Advanced Digital Marketing Course
  • Basic Computer

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Main Road Bhawarna P.O. Bhawarna Tehsil Palampur Dist, Bhawarna, Himachal Pradesh 176083
City: Kangra
State: Himachal Pradesh
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