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About Us

ITES Fashion World offers career-focused diploma programs in topics connected to fashion design and beauty management. These courses provide a strong emphasis on training that is applicable to the workplace. These in-depth design programs place a strong emphasis on in-depth subject knowledge supported by research and theme working. The fundamentals of the disciplines are crucial as part of the required training to provide a student the confidence to work in any field of industry. The courses are designed to advance students' professional status both domestically and abroad. The creator of ITES, Mr. Nand Lal Thakur, launched ITES Fashion World in Kullu in 2017. The entire body of creative knowledge was made accessible to women in Kullu in the form of numerous courses after they had completed a variety of diploma and art courses from reputable institutions in Kullu.
The person receives a thorough introduction to the subject through the basic courses offered here. The introductory training helped us gain confidence in the subject and introduced us to its technical facets. The student is fully developed in her chosen field through the use of modern equipment, large classrooms, helpful notes, regular practices, enough practice, numerous business-oriented projects, and participation in fashion shows, presentations, and study tours. Because the courses and travel costs are so high, it is challenging for women in small cities to finish their diploma programs in the fields of beauty and fashion in large cities. However, they may now take all those courses for affordable prices in their own city.

Available Courses

  • DCA
  • Fashion Designing
  • Tally
  • Beauty Therapist
  • Hairstyle
  • Cutting and Tailoring
  • Beauty Parlour Course

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Pirdi - Naraini Rd, Pirdi, Mohal, Himachal Pradesh 175101
City: Kullu
State: Himachal Pradesh


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