25 GS question in english for ssc and bank exam

25 gs question

25 GS question in english for ssc and bank exam

Read all gs question for all type of government exams.

  1. Who was the Chola king who brought Ganga from North to South?

(1) Raja Raja Chola      (2) Mahendra      (3) Rajendra Chola I      (4) Parantaka

  1. Satvahanas minted their coins predominantly in

(1) lead      (2) silver      (3) gold      (4) copper

  1. Who was the last Viceroy of India?

(1) Lord Linlithgow      (2) Lord Mountbatten      (3) Lord Wavell      (4) Clement Attlee

  1. The province of Bengal was partitioned into two parts in 1905 by

(1) Lord Lytton      (2) Lord Rippon      (3) Lord Dufferin      (4) Lord Curzon

  1. Atmospheric pressure exerted on Earth is due to

(1) rotation of Earth      (2) revolution of Earth      (3) gravitational pull      (4) uneven heating of Earth

  1. Which one of the following is called as ‘Roaring Forty’?

(1) Winds blowing in Southern hemisphere between 400 – 600S     

(2) Winds blowing in Northern hemisphere between 400 – 600N

(3) Very cold winds which blow in winters

(4) Very hot and fast blowing summer winds

  1. Major iron and steel industries are located in the plateau of

(1) Deccan      (2) Malwa      (3) Telangana      (4) Chhotanagar

  1. A writ issued by the Supreme Court compelling a quasi-judicial/public authority to perform its mandatory duty is

(1) Quo warranto      (2) Mandamus      (3) Certiorari      (4) Prohibition

  1. An appeal to the High Court lies in case the Session Court has awarded the punishment of

(1) 1 year or more      (2) 2 years or more      (3) 3 years or more      (4) 4 years or more

  1. An individual’s actual standard of living can be assessed by

(1) Gross National Income      (2) Net National Income      (3) Per Capita Income      (4) Disposable Personal Income

  1. A current carrying conductor is associated with

(1) a magnetic field      (2) an electric field      (3) an electro-magnetic field      (4) an electrostatic field

  1. A powerful eye irritant present smog is

(1) nitric oxide       (2) sulphur dioixide      (3) peroxyacetyl nitrate     (4) carbon dioxide

  1. Gunpowder consists of a mixture of

(1) sand and TNT      (2) TNT and charcoal      (3) nitre, sulphur and charcoal      (4) sulphur, sand and charcoal

  1. Plants get water through the roots because of

(1) elasticity      (2) capillarity      (3) viscosity      (4) photosynthesis

  1. Sugarcane plants are usually propagated by vegetative means because

(1) they do not produce seeds

(2) it is possible to maintain genetic quality     

(3) the incidence of disease may be reduced

(4) None of the above

  1. The enzyme that is present in the saliva of man is

(1) pepsin      (2) renin      (3) amylase      (4) trypsin

  1. Which one of the following is most important for the growth of children up to the age of 14?

(1) Protein      (2) Vitamin      (3) Fat      (4) Milk

  1. Filaria is transmitted by

(1) Aedes mosquito      (2) Anopheles mosquito      (3) Culex mosquito      (4) Swamp mosquito

  1. Mycobacterium leprae is a

(1) bacillus      (2) coccus      (3) spiral      (4) spore

  1. A communication network which is used by large organizations over regional, national or global area is called

(1) LAN      (2) WAN      (3) MAN      (4) VAN

  1. 1024 bytes equals

(1) 1 TB      (2) 1 GB      (3) 1 MB      (4) 1 KB

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