Important Synonyms & Antonyms list

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Important Synonyms & Antonyms list

Some of the most beneficial and important Synonyms & Antonyms are given below. For students who are preparing for their entrance exams like civil services, SSC and specially bank PO will find it more helpful. These are some selected words which most probably will be helpful to you all. Some of these words are mentioned below and rest we will update it soon.


AWKWARD Synonyms clumsy, ungainly, ponderous, rough
Antonyms clever, dexterous, apt, skillful
APPARENT Synonyms evident, obvious, perceptible, distinct
Antonyms masked, obscure, indistinct, doubtful
ALLURE Synonyms entice, fascinate, tempt, seduce
Antonyms repulse, repel, deter, distaste
ABORTIVE Synonyms vain, useless, fruitless, unproductive
Antonyms effectual, productive, successful, progressive
ABOMINABLE Synonyms odious, detestable, repugnant, aversion
Antonyms likable, pleasant, affectionate, enjoyable
ALLAY Synonyms pacify, soothe, lighten, assuage
Antonyms aggravate, heighten, agitate, excite
AXIOM Synonyms maxim, saying, dictum, truth
Antonyms absurdity, blunder, ridiculousness, irrelevant
ASSIDUOUS Synonyms constant, diligent, attentive, persevering
Antonyms indifferent, careless, indolent, lethargic
ABJURE Synonyms forsake, renounce, retract, revoke
Antonyms approve, sanction, patronize, adopt
ABJECT Synonyms despicable, servile, base, contemptible
Antonyms exalted, commendable, praiseworthy, imposing
AVERSION Synonyms dislike, hatred, indifferent, apathy
Antonyms affection, fondness, niceness, liking
AUTHENTIC Synonyms genuine, reliable, valid, guaranteed
Antonyms fictions, counterfeit, unreal, false
AUDACITY Synonyms boldness, arrogance, insolence, haughtiness
Antonyms mildness, humility, cowardice, submission
ASTUTE Synonyms clever, intelligent, wise, brilliant
Antonyms dull, unintelligent, shallow, solid
ABETTOR Synonyms assistant, accomplice, colleague, associate
Antonyms opponent, adversary, antagonist, rival
ABATE Synonyms moderate, mitigate, lessen, decrease
Antonyms aggravate, intensify, augment, supplement
ARRAIGN Synonyms charge, blame, accuse, complain
Antonyms exculpate, pardon, condone, exonerate
APATHY Synonyms unconcern, indifference, insensitivity, aloofness
Antonyms concern, care, anxiety, eagerness
ALIEN Synonyms foreigner, outsider, stranger, emigrant
Antonyms native, citizen, resident, occupant
ALACRITY Synonyms briskness, promptness, speed, swiftness
Antonyms laziness, sluggishness, indolence, lethargy
AFFRONT Synonyms provoke, exasperate, indignity, irreverence
Antonyms conciliate, appease, mollify, assuage
ADVERSITY Synonyms misfortune, misery, affliction
Antonyms prosperity, fortune, assistance, favor
ANTIQUE Synonyms ancient, old fashioned, primitive, of past
Antonyms modern, recent, novelty, vogue
ANTIPATHY Synonyms hostility, aversion, disillusion, dislike
Antonyms admiration, approval, fascination, devotion
AMPLIFY Synonyms enlarge, extend, dilation, elevate
Antonyms curtail, lessen, diminution, contraction
AMASS Synonyms gather, accumulate, store, collect
Antonyms disperse, dissipate, spend, scatter
ALLEVIATE Synonyms abate, relieve, mitigate, lessen
Antonyms intensify, augment, aggravate, enhance
ADMONISH Synonyms reprove, warn, chastise
Antonyms approve, applaud, praise, flattery
ADJACENT Synonyms adjoining, beside, proximity, closeness
Antonyms distant, separate, remoteness, aloofness
ADHERENT Synonyms flower, disciple, dependent, supporter
Antonyms rival, adversary, opponent, antagonist
ACCOMPLISH Synonyms attain, success, triumph, exploit
Antonyms forsake, deter, disappoint, collapse
ABSOLVE Synonyms pardon, forgive, reprieve, relent
Antonyms compel, accuse, charge, bind
ACRIMONY Synonyms harshness, bitterness, inhumanity, enmity
Antonyms sweetness, courtesy, humanity, benevolence
ACCUMULATION Synonyms store, amass, preservation, conservation
Antonyms scattering, dissipation, separation, division
ACCORD Synonyms agreement, harmony, consonance, unison
Antonyms disagreement, denial, controversy, discord
ABOUND Synonyms flourish, swell, teem, plentiful
Antonyms deficient, destitute, want, scarce
ADMAN T Synonyms stubborn, obdurate, inflexible, rigid
Antonyms flexible, soft, suppleness, tender
ABASH Synonyms discourage, confound, embarrass, discompose
Antonyms encourage, uphold, embolden, hearten
ADJUNCT Synonyms appendage, complement, addition, joining
Antonyms lessening, separation, subtraction, removal
ADROIT Synonyms proficient, expert, skinful, adept
Antonyms inept, clumsy, unskilled, awkward
BUSTLE Synonyms haste, tumult, stir, flurry
Antonyms slowness, sluggishness, quiet, inertness
BRITTLE Synonyms frail, fragile, delicate, breakable
Antonyms tough, enduring, unbreakable, strong
BLEMISH Synonyms fault, smirch, stigma, stain
Antonyms purity, impeccable, spotless, stainless
BLEAK Synonyms dismal, gloomy, chilly, dreary
Antonyms bright, pleasant, balmy, cheerful
BLAME Synonyms reprove, upbraid, censure, reproach
Antonyms commend, applaud, laud, praise
BENEVOLENCE Synonyms humanity, generosity, charity, liberality
Antonyms malevolence, inhumanity, malignity, unkindness
BARBAROUS Synonyms uncivilized, savage, untamed, brutal
Antonyms cultured, humane, refined, gentle
BAFFLE Synonyms confound, elude, frustrate, perplex
Antonyms poise, composure, facilitate, cooperate
BEWITCHING Synonyms magical, fascinating, tantalizing, spell binding
Antonyms repulsive, repugnant, nauseating, disgusting
CRITERION Synonyms measurement, test, standard, touchstone
Antonyms fancy, probability, haphazard, conjecture
COVETOUS Synonyms cupidity, avarice, greed, voracity
Antonyms liberality, benevolence, selfless, magnanimous
CORPULENT Synonyms obese, ugly, fat, awkward
Antonyms thin, lean, slim, delicate
CONVERT Synonyms change, transform, transmute, proselytize
Antonyms persist, maintain, enduring, perpetual
CONVENIENT Synonyms handy, suited, comfortable, advantageous
Antonyms unsuitable, tedious, unpractical, fatiguing
CONTRARY Synonyms dissimilar, conflicting, contradictory, opposite
Antonyms similar, alike, homogeneous, resembling
CONTRADICT Synonyms impugn, deny, oppose, confront
Antonyms approve, confirm, sanction, endorse
CONTEMPT Synonyms scorn, disregard, disdain, despicable
Antonyms regard, approval, praise, recommend
CONSTERNATION Synonyms fear, disappointment, dismay, hopelessness
Antonyms peace, repose, calm, fearless
CONSPICUOUS Synonyms distinguished, prominent, obvious, visible
Antonyms concealed, obscure, hidden, unapparent
CONSOLIDATE Synonyms combine, condense, compact, strong
Antonyms separate, sever, weak, scattering
CONSEQUENCE Synonyms effect, outcome, repercussion, result
Antonyms origin, start, beginning, incipient
CONSENT Synonyms agree, permit, accede, assent
Antonyms object, disagree, dissent, differ
CONSCIOUS Synonyms aware, apprised, knowledge, informed
Antonyms unaware, ignorant, unfeeling, faint
CONCEDE Synonyms yield, assent, permit, sanction
Antonyms deny, reject, dissent, disallow
COMPRISE Synonyms include, contain, consist, compose
Antonyms reject, lack, exclude, except
COMPASSION Synonyms kindness, sympathy, clemency, commiseration
Antonyms cruelty, barbarity, persecution, apathy
CONCUR Synonyms approve, agree, consent, endorse
Antonyms differ, disagree, dissent, oppose
COMMODIOUS Synonyms convenient, suitable, roomy, comfortable
Antonyms inconvenient, unsuitable, uncomfortable, confined
COLLISION Synonyms Encounter, clash, conflict, dissenting
Antonyms agreement, harmony, compatible, union
CHERISH Synonyms nurture, treasure, foster, encourage
Antonyms abandon, forsake, renounce, discard
CHASTISE Synonyms punish, admonish, scold, reprove
Antonyms cheer, comfort, encourage, stimulate
CHASTE Synonyms virtuous, pure, honorable, immaculate
Antonyms defiled, licentious, sullied, lustful
CESSATION Synonyms intermission, calamity, misfortune, mishap
Antonyms continuity, perpetuation, unceasing, prolongation
CATASTROPHE Synonyms disaster, calamity, misfortune, mishap
Antonyms prosperity, blessing, restoration, resurgence
CARICATURE Synonyms exaggeration, imitation, ridicule, parody
Antonyms exactness, precision, reality, truth
CAPTIVITY Synonyms imprisonment, confinement,, apprehend, restrain
Antonyms freedom, liberty, liberation, release
CAPTIVATE Synonyms charm, fascinate, enchant, lure
Antonyms disillusion, offend, scorn, despise
CAPTIOUS Synonyms irritate, fretful, critical, carping
Antonyms appreciative, considerate, laudatory, thoughtful
CALUMNY Synonyms defamation, aspersion, accusation, libel
Antonyms commendation, praise, vindication, goodwill
CALLOUS Synonyms obdurate, unfeeling, heartless, indifferent
Antonyms compassionate, tender, kind, sympathetic
CALAMITY Synonyms adversity, misfortune, misery, mishap
Antonyms happiness, benefit, prosperity, fortune
CEASE Synonyms terminate, pause, desist, discontinue
Antonyms commence, continue, initiate, originate
CIRCUMLOCUTION Synonyms redundancy, verbosity, tediousness, verbiage
Antonyms terseness, compression, directness, brevity
COMMOTION Synonyms turmoil, disturbance, agitation, excitement
Antonyms tranquility, stillness, quietness, calm
DISASTER Synonyms misfortune, calamity, mishap, catastrophe
Antonyms prosperity, boon, happiness, auspicious
DESPICABLE Synonyms contemptible, worthless, shameless, base
Antonyms worthy, decent, honorable, respectable
DISDAIN Synonyms detest, despise, loathe, scorn
Antonyms approve, praise, love, laud
DERIDE Synonyms mock, taunt, ridicule, jeer
Antonyms inspire, encourage, stimulate, comfort
DEPRIVE Synonyms despoil, divest, dispossess, disinherit
Antonyms restore, renew, invest, endow
DEPLORE Synonyms lament, bemoan, complain, regret
Antonyms rejoice, cheer, applaud, celebrate
DENOUNCE Synonyms indict, condemn, censure, reprimand
Antonyms praise, commend, vindicate, laud
DEMOLISH Synonyms ruin, devastate, dismantle, raze
Antonyms repair, construct, create, erect
DELUSION Synonyms deception, hallucination, illusion, fallacy
Antonyms reality, certainly, veracity, fact
DELICIOUS Synonyms palatable, tasteful, appetizing, dainty
Antonyms distasteful, unsavory, tolerable, inedible
DEFRAY Synonyms meet, bear, spend, pay
Antonyms declaim, decline, refuse, abjure
DEFILE Synonyms contaminate, pollute, profane, desecrate
Antonyms purify, sanctity, cleans, disinfect
DEFICIENT Synonyms scanty, inadequate, lacking, wanting
Antonyms adequate, ample, sufficient, abundant
DEFER Synonyms prolong, suspend, postpone, delay
Antonyms accelerate, expedite, stimulate, hasten
DECIPHER Synonyms interpret, reveal, decode, transcribe
Antonyms misinterpret, distort, confuse, pervert
DECEIT Synonyms deception, artifice, treachery, duplicity
Antonyms veracity, sincerity, truth, honesty
DECAY Synonyms collapse, decomposition, deteriorate, putrefaction
Antonyms flourish, progress, growth, development
DAUNT Synonyms discourage, frighten, agitate, intimidate
Antonyms encourage, animate, embolden, inspire
DINT Synonyms elegant, delicate, refined, exquisite
Antonyms clumsy, coarse, unpleasant, insipid



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