Important Synonyms & Antonyms list

SBI bank po


Important Synonyms & Antonyms list

Some of the most beneficial and important Synonyms & Antonyms are given below. For students who are preparing for their entrance exams like civil services, SSC and specially bank PO will find it more helpful. These are some selected words which most probably will be helpful to you all. Some of these words are mentioned below and rest we will update it soon.


AWKWARDSynonymsclumsy, ungainly, ponderous, rough
Antonymsclever, dexterous, apt, skillful
APPARENTSynonymsevident, obvious, perceptible, distinct
Antonymsmasked, obscure, indistinct, doubtful
ALLURESynonymsentice, fascinate, tempt, seduce
Antonymsrepulse, repel, deter, distaste
ABORTIVESynonymsvain, useless, fruitless, unproductive
Antonymseffectual, productive, successful, progressive
ABOMINABLESynonymsodious, detestable, repugnant, aversion
Antonymslikable, pleasant, affectionate, enjoyable
ALLAYSynonymspacify, soothe, lighten, assuage
Antonymsaggravate, heighten, agitate, excite
AXIOMSynonymsmaxim, saying, dictum, truth
Antonymsabsurdity, blunder, ridiculousness, irrelevant
ASSIDUOUSSynonymsconstant, diligent, attentive, persevering
Antonymsindifferent, careless, indolent, lethargic
ABJURESynonymsforsake, renounce, retract, revoke
Antonymsapprove, sanction, patronize, adopt
ABJECTSynonymsdespicable, servile, base, contemptible
Antonymsexalted, commendable, praiseworthy, imposing
AVERSIONSynonymsdislike, hatred, indifferent, apathy
Antonymsaffection, fondness, niceness, liking
AUTHENTICSynonymsgenuine, reliable, valid, guaranteed
Antonymsfictions, counterfeit, unreal, false
AUDACITYSynonymsboldness, arrogance, insolence, haughtiness
Antonymsmildness, humility, cowardice, submission
ASTUTESynonymsclever, intelligent, wise, brilliant
Antonymsdull, unintelligent, shallow, solid
ABETTORSynonymsassistant, accomplice, colleague, associate
Antonymsopponent, adversary, antagonist, rival
ABATESynonymsmoderate, mitigate, lessen, decrease
Antonymsaggravate, intensify, augment, supplement
ARRAIGNSynonymscharge, blame, accuse, complain
Antonymsexculpate, pardon, condone, exonerate
APATHYSynonymsunconcern, indifference, insensitivity, aloofness
Antonymsconcern, care, anxiety, eagerness
ALIENSynonymsforeigner, outsider, stranger, emigrant
Antonymsnative, citizen, resident, occupant
ALACRITYSynonymsbriskness, promptness, speed, swiftness
Antonymslaziness, sluggishness, indolence, lethargy
AFFRONTSynonymsprovoke, exasperate, indignity, irreverence
Antonymsconciliate, appease, mollify, assuage
ADVERSITYSynonymsmisfortune, misery, affliction
Antonymsprosperity, fortune, assistance, favor
ANTIQUESynonymsancient, old fashioned, primitive, of past
Antonymsmodern, recent, novelty, vogue
ANTIPATHYSynonymshostility, aversion, disillusion, dislike
Antonymsadmiration, approval, fascination, devotion
AMPLIFYSynonymsenlarge, extend, dilation, elevate
Antonymscurtail, lessen, diminution, contraction
AMASSSynonymsgather, accumulate, store, collect
Antonymsdisperse, dissipate, spend, scatter
ALLEVIATESynonymsabate, relieve, mitigate, lessen
Antonymsintensify, augment, aggravate, enhance
ADMONISHSynonymsreprove, warn, chastise
Antonymsapprove, applaud, praise, flattery
ADJACENTSynonymsadjoining, beside, proximity, closeness
Antonymsdistant, separate, remoteness, aloofness
ADHERENTSynonymsflower, disciple, dependent, supporter
Antonymsrival, adversary, opponent, antagonist
ACCOMPLISHSynonymsattain, success, triumph, exploit
Antonymsforsake, deter, disappoint, collapse
ABSOLVESynonymspardon, forgive, reprieve, relent
Antonymscompel, accuse, charge, bind
ACRIMONYSynonymsharshness, bitterness, inhumanity, enmity
Antonymssweetness, courtesy, humanity, benevolence
ACCUMULATIONSynonymsstore, amass, preservation, conservation
Antonymsscattering, dissipation, separation, division
ACCORDSynonymsagreement, harmony, consonance, unison
Antonymsdisagreement, denial, controversy, discord
ABOUNDSynonymsflourish, swell, teem, plentiful
Antonymsdeficient, destitute, want, scarce
ADMAN TSynonymsstubborn, obdurate, inflexible, rigid
Antonymsflexible, soft, suppleness, tender
ABASHSynonymsdiscourage, confound, embarrass, discompose
Antonymsencourage, uphold, embolden, hearten
ADJUNCTSynonymsappendage, complement, addition, joining
Antonymslessening, separation, subtraction, removal
ADROITSynonymsproficient, expert, skinful, adept
Antonymsinept, clumsy, unskilled, awkward
BUSTLESynonymshaste, tumult, stir, flurry
Antonymsslowness, sluggishness, quiet, inertness
BRITTLESynonymsfrail, fragile, delicate, breakable
Antonymstough, enduring, unbreakable, strong
BLEMISHSynonymsfault, smirch, stigma, stain
Antonymspurity, impeccable, spotless, stainless
BLEAKSynonymsdismal, gloomy, chilly, dreary
Antonymsbright, pleasant, balmy, cheerful
BLAMESynonymsreprove, upbraid, censure, reproach
Antonymscommend, applaud, laud, praise
BENEVOLENCESynonymshumanity, generosity, charity, liberality
Antonymsmalevolence, inhumanity, malignity, unkindness
BARBAROUSSynonymsuncivilized, savage, untamed, brutal
Antonymscultured, humane, refined, gentle
BAFFLESynonymsconfound, elude, frustrate, perplex
Antonymspoise, composure, facilitate, cooperate
BEWITCHINGSynonymsmagical, fascinating, tantalizing, spell binding
Antonymsrepulsive, repugnant, nauseating, disgusting
CRITERIONSynonymsmeasurement, test, standard, touchstone
Antonymsfancy, probability, haphazard, conjecture
COVETOUSSynonymscupidity, avarice, greed, voracity
Antonymsliberality, benevolence, selfless, magnanimous
CORPULENTSynonymsobese, ugly, fat, awkward
Antonymsthin, lean, slim, delicate
CONVERTSynonymschange, transform, transmute, proselytize
Antonymspersist, maintain, enduring, perpetual
CONVENIENTSynonymshandy, suited, comfortable, advantageous
Antonymsunsuitable, tedious, unpractical, fatiguing
CONTRARYSynonymsdissimilar, conflicting, contradictory, opposite
Antonymssimilar, alike, homogeneous, resembling
CONTRADICTSynonymsimpugn, deny, oppose, confront
Antonymsapprove, confirm, sanction, endorse
CONTEMPTSynonymsscorn, disregard, disdain, despicable
Antonymsregard, approval, praise, recommend
CONSTERNATIONSynonymsfear, disappointment, dismay, hopelessness
Antonymspeace, repose, calm, fearless
CONSPICUOUSSynonymsdistinguished, prominent, obvious, visible
Antonymsconcealed, obscure, hidden, unapparent
CONSOLIDATESynonymscombine, condense, compact, strong
Antonymsseparate, sever, weak, scattering
CONSEQUENCESynonymseffect, outcome, repercussion, result
Antonymsorigin, start, beginning, incipient
CONSENTSynonymsagree, permit, accede, assent
Antonymsobject, disagree, dissent, differ
CONSCIOUSSynonymsaware, apprised, knowledge, informed
Antonymsunaware, ignorant, unfeeling, faint
CONCEDESynonymsyield, assent, permit, sanction
Antonymsdeny, reject, dissent, disallow
COMPRISESynonymsinclude, contain, consist, compose
Antonymsreject, lack, exclude, except
COMPASSIONSynonymskindness, sympathy, clemency, commiseration
Antonymscruelty, barbarity, persecution, apathy
CONCURSynonymsapprove, agree, consent, endorse
Antonymsdiffer, disagree, dissent, oppose
COMMODIOUSSynonymsconvenient, suitable, roomy, comfortable
Antonymsinconvenient, unsuitable, uncomfortable, confined
COLLISIONSynonymsEncounter, clash, conflict, dissenting
Antonymsagreement, harmony, compatible, union
CHERISHSynonymsnurture, treasure, foster, encourage
Antonymsabandon, forsake, renounce, discard
CHASTISESynonymspunish, admonish, scold, reprove
Antonymscheer, comfort, encourage, stimulate
CHASTESynonymsvirtuous, pure, honorable, immaculate
Antonymsdefiled, licentious, sullied, lustful
CESSATIONSynonymsintermission, calamity, misfortune, mishap
Antonymscontinuity, perpetuation, unceasing, prolongation
CATASTROPHESynonymsdisaster, calamity, misfortune, mishap
Antonymsprosperity, blessing, restoration, resurgence
CARICATURESynonymsexaggeration, imitation, ridicule, parody
Antonymsexactness, precision, reality, truth
CAPTIVITYSynonymsimprisonment, confinement,, apprehend, restrain
Antonymsfreedom, liberty, liberation, release
CAPTIVATESynonymscharm, fascinate, enchant, lure
Antonymsdisillusion, offend, scorn, despise
CAPTIOUSSynonymsirritate, fretful, critical, carping
Antonymsappreciative, considerate, laudatory, thoughtful
CALUMNYSynonymsdefamation, aspersion, accusation, libel
Antonymscommendation, praise, vindication, goodwill
CALLOUSSynonymsobdurate, unfeeling, heartless, indifferent
Antonymscompassionate, tender, kind, sympathetic
CALAMITYSynonymsadversity, misfortune, misery, mishap
Antonymshappiness, benefit, prosperity, fortune
CEASESynonymsterminate, pause, desist, discontinue
Antonymscommence, continue, initiate, originate
CIRCUMLOCUTIONSynonymsredundancy, verbosity, tediousness, verbiage
Antonymsterseness, compression, directness, brevity
COMMOTIONSynonymsturmoil, disturbance, agitation, excitement
Antonymstranquility, stillness, quietness, calm
DISASTERSynonymsmisfortune, calamity, mishap, catastrophe
Antonymsprosperity, boon, happiness, auspicious
DESPICABLESynonymscontemptible, worthless, shameless, base
Antonymsworthy, decent, honorable, respectable
DISDAINSynonymsdetest, despise, loathe, scorn
Antonymsapprove, praise, love, laud
DERIDESynonymsmock, taunt, ridicule, jeer
Antonymsinspire, encourage, stimulate, comfort
DEPRIVESynonymsdespoil, divest, dispossess, disinherit
Antonymsrestore, renew, invest, endow
DEPLORESynonymslament, bemoan, complain, regret
Antonymsrejoice, cheer, applaud, celebrate
DENOUNCESynonymsindict, condemn, censure, reprimand
Antonymspraise, commend, vindicate, laud
DEMOLISHSynonymsruin, devastate, dismantle, raze
Antonymsrepair, construct, create, erect
DELUSIONSynonymsdeception, hallucination, illusion, fallacy
Antonymsreality, certainly, veracity, fact
DELICIOUSSynonymspalatable, tasteful, appetizing, dainty
Antonymsdistasteful, unsavory, tolerable, inedible
DEFRAYSynonymsmeet, bear, spend, pay
Antonymsdeclaim, decline, refuse, abjure
DEFILESynonymscontaminate, pollute, profane, desecrate
Antonymspurify, sanctity, cleans, disinfect
DEFICIENTSynonymsscanty, inadequate, lacking, wanting
Antonymsadequate, ample, sufficient, abundant
DEFERSynonymsprolong, suspend, postpone, delay
Antonymsaccelerate, expedite, stimulate, hasten
DECIPHERSynonymsinterpret, reveal, decode, transcribe
Antonymsmisinterpret, distort, confuse, pervert
DECEITSynonymsdeception, artifice, treachery, duplicity
Antonymsveracity, sincerity, truth, honesty
DECAYSynonymscollapse, decomposition, deteriorate, putrefaction
Antonymsflourish, progress, growth, development
DAUNTSynonymsdiscourage, frighten, agitate, intimidate
Antonymsencourage, animate, embolden, inspire
DINTSynonymselegant, delicate, refined, exquisite
Antonymsclumsy, coarse, unpleasant, insipid


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