Agriculture General Knowledge Questions Answers for UKPSC Exam 2018

agriculture general knowledge question answers

Agriculture GK Question Answer for Govt Exam

  1. The ‘National Research Centre for Women in Agriculture’ is (NRCWA) is located at : — Bhubaneshwar (Orissa)
  2. ‘Everything else can wait, but not agriculture’- statement said (before independence) by: — Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru
  3. In ‘Intercopping System’ , the standard ‘LER’ Land equivalent Ratio value is : — 1.4
  4. How many Agro-Ecological Zones / Regions in India are : — Twenty
  5. The Headquarters of Directorate of Cropping System Research (ICAR) is located at : — Modipuram ,Meerut (U.P)
  6. The most commonly used bio – fertilizer is : — Rizobium
  7. Showing for the Kharif crop is done normally in the month of : — June – July
  8. The Chairperson of the National Comission on Farmers is : — Dr. M.S. Swaminathan
  9. The ‘milk-fever’ in animals is due to the deficiency of :  —Calcium nutrient
  10. ‘National Rural  Employment Gurantee  Act ‘ 2005 (NREGA) ensures for how many days of  employment in a year in Ruarl Areas?—100 days
  11. The ‘Central Agricultural University’(CAU) in India is located at: —Imphal (Manipur )
  12. ‘Khaira’ disease in rice is caused due to the deficiencyof: —-Zinc (Zn)
  13. P. is divided into how many Agro-Climatic Zones/Regions? —Nine Zones
  14. The Guava Wilt a common fungal disease found in guava orchards of northern, north-western and eastern States of India, is caused due to :  —gliocladium roseum a most potent pathogen
  15. The fruit cracking in pomegranate is caused due the deficiency of nutrient. —Boron
  16. The Bathroom Fruit is known, for which fruit : —Mango
  17. The Tamarind fruit is botanically a: —Pod (Lomentum)
  18. The best planting material of Pineapple is : — slips
  19. The storage temperature of Banana is : —13C
  20. The alkaloid present in the leaves on Annona, which protect from animal feeding or damage is : —Annonin
  21. Gibberellins (GA-Gibberellicacid) enhances the sugar level of fruits through its action on : —Increased a amylase  activity
  22. The seedlessness in Lemon is due to :     —Self incompatibility
  23. In Aloe (Aloe barbadensis ) ,the bird namely —-plays a major role in pollen-transfer :—Sunbird(Necternia asiatica varasiatica)  
  24. ‘Pusa Seedless’ a variety, developed by the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (LARI),New Delhi belongs to : —Grape fruit
  25. ‘Fennel’ indigenous to the shores of Mediterranean is the native to : —Southern Europe
  26. Rice straw thermal plants, garbage based power plants, briquetted fuel plant and gober gas plant,based on the wastes, are the examples of : —Bio-energy Plants
  27. ‘Green Technology’ is capable of taking care of the 3Ss, those are :—Security, Safety and Sustainability
  28. The ‘late blight’ of potato disease ,caused by Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de Bary  blight resistant cultivars are :—Kufri Sutlej/k.Jyoti /K.Badshah and Chipsona 1,2 and 3
  29. Teak (Tectona grandis) a valuable timber species is common in the homesleads of :  —-Midlands
  30. For the successful agriculture, 3 points i.e. PSP are to be con : —1.’P’-Productivity, 2.’S’-storage And 3.’P’-Processing
  31. ‘Zoological Survey of India’(ZSI)with its Headquarters at Kolkata-a premium institution is working in the country since its inception in the year : —1916
  32. ‘Botanical Survey of India (BSI) with its Headquarters at Kolkata was established on : —February13,1980
  33. ‘National Institute of Animal Welfare’(NIAW) is situated at : —Ballabhgarh,distt.Faridabad (Haryana)
  1. ‘Hard Wood Stem Cutting’ –a commercial as well as standardized method of vegetative propagation is adopted in the fruit :—Grape
  2. ‘Rice VL Dhan -85’ an early maturing variety and June sown crop for Uttarakhand hills in irrigated areas , is a tolerant to the disease(S) : —Neck and Leaf Blast (both)
  3. NAIP(National Agricultural Innovation Project) was launched with a total outlay of US S250 million for the main objectives –research on production to consumption system and livelihood security, in the year :     —July,2006
  4. LET-17 a low erucic acid variety, identified and released for J –K, Haryana, Rajasthan states and Delhi UT that belongs to the crop of :—Indian Mustard
  5. ‘Kashi Anmol’and Kashi Vishwanath’ are the newly released varieties ,developed at IIVR (Indian Institute of Vegetable Research —ICVR) Varanasi (UP) that belong to the crop of :       —Chilli
  6. NPCBB(National Project for Cattle and Buffalo Breeding) Program for genetic improvement for a period of 10 years was initiated by the Department of AH, Dairying and Fisheries (Ministry of Agriculture,GOI) in the year: —October,2000

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