agriculture general knowledge question answers

Agriculture GK Question Answer for Govt Exam

  1. The ‘National Research Centre for Women in Agriculture’ is (NRCWA) is located at : — Bhubaneshwar (Orissa)
  2. ‘Everything else can wait, but not agriculture’- statement said (before independence) by: — Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru
  3. In ‘Intercopping System’ , the standard ‘LER’ Land equivalent Ratio value is : — 1.4
  4. How many Agro-Ecological Zones / Regions in India are : — Twenty
  5. The Headquarters of Directorate of Cropping System Research (ICAR) is located at : — Modipuram ,Meerut (U.P)
  6. The most commonly used bio – fertilizer is : — Rizobium
  7. Showing for the Kharif crop is done normally in the month of : — June – July
  8. The Chairperson of the National Comission on Farmers is : — Dr. M.S. Swaminathan
  9. The ‘milk-fever’ in animals is due to the deficiency of :  —Calcium nutrient
  10. ‘National Rural  Employment Gurantee  Act ‘ 2005 (NREGA) ensures for how many days of  employment in a year in Ruarl Areas?—100 days
  11. The ‘Central Agricultural University’(CAU) in India is located at: —Imphal (Manipur )
  12. ‘Khaira’ disease in rice is caused due to the deficiencyof: —-Zinc (Zn)
  13. P. is divided into how many Agro-Climatic Zones/Regions? —Nine Zones
  14. The Guava Wilt a common fungal disease found in guava orchards of northern, north-western and eastern States of India, is caused due to :  —gliocladium roseum a most potent pathogen
  15. The fruit cracking in pomegranate is caused due the deficiency of nutrient. —Boron
  16. The Bathroom Fruit is known, for which fruit : —Mango
  17. The Tamarind fruit is botanically a: —Pod (Lomentum)
  18. The best planting material of Pineapple is : — slips
  19. The storage temperature of Banana is : —13C
  20. The alkaloid present in the leaves on Annona, which protect from animal feeding or damage is : —Annonin
  21. Gibberellins (GA-Gibberellicacid) enhances the sugar level of fruits through its action on : —Increased a amylase  activity
  22. The seedlessness in Lemon is due to :     —Self incompatibility
  23. In Aloe (Aloe barbadensis ) ,the bird namely —-plays a major role in pollen-transfer :—Sunbird(Necternia asiatica varasiatica)  
  24. ‘Pusa Seedless’ a variety, developed by the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (LARI),New Delhi belongs to : —Grape fruit
  25. ‘Fennel’ indigenous to the shores of Mediterranean is the native to : —Southern Europe
  26. Rice straw thermal plants, garbage based power plants, briquetted fuel plant and gober gas plant,based on the wastes, are the examples of : —Bio-energy Plants
  27. ‘Green Technology’ is capable of taking care of the 3Ss, those are :—Security, Safety and Sustainability
  28. The ‘late blight’ of potato disease ,caused by Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de Bary  blight resistant cultivars are :—Kufri Sutlej/k.Jyoti /K.Badshah and Chipsona 1,2 and 3
  29. Teak (Tectona grandis) a valuable timber species is common in the homesleads of :  —-Midlands
  30. For the successful agriculture, 3 points i.e. PSP are to be con : —1.’P’-Productivity, 2.’S’-storage And 3.’P’-Processing
  31. ‘Zoological Survey of India’(ZSI)with its Headquarters at Kolkata-a premium institution is working in the country since its inception in the year : —1916
  32. ‘Botanical Survey of India (BSI) with its Headquarters at Kolkata was established on : —February13,1980
  33. ‘National Institute of Animal Welfare’(NIAW) is situated at : —Ballabhgarh,distt.Faridabad (Haryana)
  1. ‘Hard Wood Stem Cutting’ –a commercial as well as standardized method of vegetative propagation is adopted in the fruit :—Grape
  2. ‘Rice VL Dhan -85’ an early maturing variety and June sown crop for Uttarakhand hills in irrigated areas , is a tolerant to the disease(S) : —Neck and Leaf Blast (both)
  3. NAIP(National Agricultural Innovation Project) was launched with a total outlay of US S250 million for the main objectives –research on production to consumption system and livelihood security, in the year :     —July,2006
  4. LET-17 a low erucic acid variety, identified and released for J –K, Haryana, Rajasthan states and Delhi UT that belongs to the crop of :—Indian Mustard
  5. ‘Kashi Anmol’and Kashi Vishwanath’ are the newly released varieties ,developed at IIVR (Indian Institute of Vegetable Research —ICVR) Varanasi (UP) that belong to the crop of :       —Chilli
  6. NPCBB(National Project for Cattle and Buffalo Breeding) Program for genetic improvement for a period of 10 years was initiated by the Department of AH, Dairying and Fisheries (Ministry of Agriculture,GOI) in the year: —October,2000


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