BADRINATH DHAM YATRA 2019 - A Complete Information Guide

By Team Edu1 | General knowledge | May 05, 2019

Badrinath Dham  Yatra 2019

Lord Vishnu is the God whom the badrinath temple is dedicated and it is situated in badrinath in Garhwal hills, Uttarakhand, India, the temple and the town are one of the char dham yatra. In 2019 gates of the Badrinath temple will open from 9th May 2019 at 8:30 am till 21 October 2019, devotees can start worshiping from 10th may 2019 at 4:30 am in the morning. The temple opens for 6 months.

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About badrinath dham yatra 2019

History of badrinath temple:

There is no history record for badrinath temple, but it is believed that the temple was a Buddhist monastery till the 8th century and Adi Sankara converted it to a hindu temple in 9th century.It is believed that shankara resided in the place for 6 years from AD 814 to 820. He resided six months in badrinath and another 6 in kedarnath.

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According to the hindu legend, God vishnu sat in meditation at this place. During his meditation, vishnu bhagwan did not know about the of cold weather. lakshmi ji, his consort, protected him in the form of the badri tree (indian dates). Pleased by the devotion of lakshmi, vishnu ji named the place badrika ashram. in 1979, the place used to be a jujube forest(indian dates), which is not found there today. Vishnu ji in the form of Badrinath is depicted in the temple sitting in the padmasana posture.

Location of badrinath dham:

The badrinath temple is situated on the laps of the snow capped mountain of NAR and NARAYAN ranges, badrinath dham is established in garhwal hill tracks in chamoli district, uttarakhand, india along with the neelkanth mountain peak forming its backdrop and the banks of alaknanda river at an elevation of 3,133m (10,279ft) above the main sea level which flows on one side of the temple and is one of the main attraction of this holy temple.

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Why devotee go to badrinath dham yatra 2019? Significance of Badrinath dham:

  • The most prominent festival held at badrinath temple is Mata murti ka mela, which celebrates the arrival of the river Ganges on mother earth for the earthly beings so that their ancestors (deceased) souls attain salvation.

  • They can perform other rituals like Pind daan.

  • Have a dip in river the holy river Alaknanda to wash away their sins usually there is a custom of taking 3 dip in the holy water.

  • Alaknanda is a holy river flowing by the one side of the mandir and it is one among the 12 stream flowing into Ganga River.

  • Lord Vishnu meditation in padmasana posture in badrinath dham with his wife lakshmi ji who protected Vishnu ji from the bad cold weather by taking a form badri tree (jujube tree) indian dates tree.

  • Every morning a maha abhishek, gita path and bhagavat puja is performed while geet govinda and arti along with puja are performed in the evening.

  • Sandalwood paste is applied to the image of badrinath by removing the flower decorations from the image and this is done after aarti every evening.

  • It opens for 6 months every year (from the last week of April till the first week of November).

  • The mandir is closed for every winter after October and at the time of closure of the kappat of the mandir an akhanda jyothi is filled with ghee for rest of the 6 months.

Weather forecast for badrinath yatra 2019:

  • The best time to visit badrinath is in the summer season from May to November, in the month of May in 2019 the weather is expected to be sunny at a high of 12 degree Celsius moderate climate and a pleasant weather conditions for sightseeing.

  • May and June is the most crowded month as most of the devotee visit badrinath at this time.

  • There is a heavy rainfall in monsoon season starting from the last of week of June till august because of which people face many difficulties in reaching the temple therefore may – June is the best time to go to badrinath dham/ chota char dham.

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  • In winters it’s very cold in badrinath having heavy snowfall as result of which the temple is closed at this time.

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How to reach badrinath dham 2019?

There are limited means of transportation for badrinath yatra 2019 for eg: personal car, taxi or by bus. There is no train facility to badrinath dham or char dham one has to take the car, taxi or bus.

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Stay (hotels) at badrinath dham 2019:

STAY facilities are available at very flexible rates at badrinath dham there are various guest houses, hotels, dharamshalas for the devotees. All the major monastic institutions like kashi math, jeeyar mutt, udupi pejawar and mantralayam sri raghavendra swamy mutts have their branches and guest houses there.


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List of few hotels and guest house at badrinath dham :

  • Hotel the sarovar portico

  • Hotel snow crest

  • Narayan place hotel

  • Kashi math

  • Jeeyar mutt

  • Udupi pejawar mutt

  • Mantralayam sri raghavendra swamy mutts

  • Vaikunth dham lodge

And there are many more hotels and guest houses in badrinath starting prices from 500 -1500 Rs and so on depending upon how much you want to spend.

Helicopter services for badrinath dham yatra 2019 & char dham 2019:

 There are various helicopter service facilities at badrinath for the further darshan. Devotee can do the char dham yatra with the helicopter in a day.

[caption id="attachment_11622" align="alignnone" width="1080"]helicopter services. helicopter services for yatra at badrinath dham. image source google images.[/caption]

Yatra by helicopter can be booked online and below mention are few names of the companies providing helicopter services.

  • UT Air Helicopter Tour Delhi contact : 011-46021118

  • Arrow Aircraft Sales and Charter Delhi contact : +91-11-45345555

  • SAR Aviation Helicopter Tours Delhi contact: +91-8010173870

  • Himalayan Heli Services J&K contact: +91 1991033135/6

  • Trans Bharat Aviation Delhi contact: 01125675477

  • Aryan aviation Delhi contact : (+91-11) 24105187 


Badrinath dham yatra 2019 package - tour expenses:

Travelling expenses are different for different people depending upon how they have planned their stay, travel and darshan etc. depending upon the luxuries they add to their package or tour. But roughly the travel expense for the badrinath yatra is:

#. Haridwar to badrinath:  

For 3 days/ 2 nights: Rs.8500

Begin from haridwar, badrinath and rudraprayag.


For 6 days/ 5 nights at Rs 10,500

Begin from Haridwar, kedarnath, Rudraprayag, Badrinath, Rudraprayag.

These just an example of the travel package for badrinath yatra for more packages travel companies aur travel agents can be contacted.  

Medical check ups before going to badrinath dham yatra 2019: 

Before planning a char dham yatra one must undergo a full body medical check to know whether their body is healthy enough for the yatra, especially the ones who are planning to do the yatra by helicopter they must get their full body check to avoid any inconvenience.

The ones who are planning their yatra in the last week of October should also get the check up done because of weather conditions in the late October.

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Things to keep for badrinath dham yatra 2019 - backpack list:

  • Stick,

  • Woolen cap,

  • Tennis shoes,

  • Umbrella,

  • Rain coat,

  • Socks,

  • Handy battery torch with extra batteries,

  • Body lotions,

  • Small safety locks,

  • Paper soaps,

  • Light warm shrug/pullover, pants and thermal west.

  • Woolen jacket as these are very cold places,

  • Sun glasses,

  • Bsnl mobile phone,

  • First aid medical kit (vomiting medicine, antacid, pain killers, headache, stomach ache, antibiotics and anti allergic etc), towels, washing kit, bathing kit etc.


Good environmental vibes, devotion, positivity, colorful and vibrant looking temple is a once in a lifetime experience in badrinath yatra 2019. Irrespective of the fact that the badrinath dham/ char dham are situated at a high altitude zone of Uttarakhand, india it is very holy and blissful place to visit and get the blessings of God. Once you reach the temple, get the darshan of Lord Vishnu to will find that it’s worth the effort.


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