Best Android File Manager App.

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Best File Manager App

A big deviation between Android and iOS is that Android grants every user the freedom to access their device’s file system.

After using smart phone everyone wants to arrange their files, documents and pics by a file manager. There are lot of file manager which can be downloaded by play store. You can either read the reviews before downloading it or simply download it and use it, if you feel uncomfortable, you can change it anytime by uninstalling it.

Using file manager is a very simple, easy to use, multi featured and look very nice in terms of UX/UI. When you come to know about this app after watching the Video of it over YouTube, after using for a month, Now I can suggest this app because it really felt excellent having this app in my phone. You can share, customize your files in just few clicks. It saves your precious daily time and hard-work. It won’t take your time to understand it, everything is undoubtedly clear and fast.

(ES File Explorer)

Its packed with a lot of features and also has a very good user interface. It’s like having everything under one roof. App Manager to Gesture settings to do tasks. You can take back up of your apps if you want to. Multiple windows are possible to be opened and many more. You can share, customize your files in just few clicks. It saves your precious daily time and hard-work. It won’t take your time to understand it, everything is undoubtedly clear and fast.So now we know what file manager help us to do. Let us discuss about some of the features that enhance its features for user to arrange their files/ find their files easily.

File Manager: It will surely manage your important files with Copy, Cut, Paste, Compress, Rename and many such similar files and folder actions.

Integral Viewer: Built-in image viewer, video player and document viewer features make this app self-dependent.

ZIP and RAR support: With this App, you can compress or decompress ZIP files from the phone without any external software/device needed. RAR files can be unpacked as well.

Remote File Manager (Via SMB): Using SMB Client, manage your PC files from your mobile phone using this app.

Store Files Over Cloud: You can transfer/copy your local phone files on cloud storage like Drive, Dropbox with this app. These files you can access from your PC by going to Drive or Dropbox quickly.

View Files over Wi-Fi: By using your PC you can access your mobile phone files on your PC using wireless Wi-Fi feature.

Quick Access: It has Fully Customization Home screen with quick access tiles as dashboard.

Easy Search: It provides Find on-device files quickly with local search options and deep search.

Recent Files: Quickly pick up where you left off using the Recent files feature.

Time saving: You can move time consuming apps into a different folder in the background and at the same time you can use other apps.

App Manager: You can create a backup of your files in separate folder.

Categorization: You can Categorize different files by making their folder like mp3, photos, videos and documents.

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