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CCC Exam Online MS-Excel Questions With Answers [March 2020]

By ankit | Entrance | Feb 28, 2020

CCC EXAM - March 2020

Check the 25 most important MS-Excel questions for March 2020 CCC exam today with their answers. And clear the CCC exam of March 2020 online. So here are the top 25 most searched questions for CCC exam underneath

  1. Which bar is the currency option in MS Excel?

a) Formatting Toolbar                 b) Standard Toolbar

c) Status Bar                                 d) Formula bar

  1. Which menu does the Macro option in MS-EXCEL?

a) Insert                       b) Format

c) Tools                        d) Data

  1. Which function is used to just enter dates in Excel?

a) Then               b) Now

c) Time                d) Today

  1. Which capacity is utilized to compute the leftover portion in MS Excel?

a) INT ()               b) FACT ()

c) MOD ()              d) DIV ()

  1. Which menu has the Fill option in MS Excel?

a) View                b) Format

c) Tools               d) Edit

  1. An Excel Workbook …………. Is a collection of?

a) Data                             b) Worksheets

c) Charts and Slides           d) Workbooks

  1. Which of the following data types is not present in MS Excel?

a) Date / Time              b) Currency

c) Label                       d) Number

  1. Which menu has Sort Option in Excel?

a) Edit              b) Format

c) Tool              d) Data

9. Which of these charts Does not happen in MS Excel?

a) Scatter               b) Line

c) Doughnut            d) Graph

  1. Which of the following is not an option in Chart Options in MS Excel "CHART WIZARD"?

a) Axes                     b) Data Label

c) Data Series         d) Data Table

  1. MS EXCEL ————— Based Software on?

a) WINDOWS              b) DOS

c) UNIX                        d) LINUX

  1. A spreadsheet is a collection of pages called ————–?

a) Workbook             b) Artbook

c) Worksheet           d) Documents

  1. What is the augmentation of the Excel exercise manual in Ms. Excel 2007?

a) .xlx             b) .xlsx

c) .xlcx            d) .xlxx

  1. Which one is the option in Chart Wizard has the option of Series Name, Category and Value in the data?

a) Legend                     b) Chart area

c) Data label                d) Data Titles

  1. Which sign appears when there is a Formula Error in MS Excel?

a) $               b) *

c) \               d) #

  1. Which option is not available in Excel in the Data Menu?

a) Validation                         b) Filter

c) Freeze Pane                 d) Sort

17. Which reference operator is used to giving the range while applying?

a);                            b) &

c):                             d) =

  1. What is the feature of inserting numbers into cells by inserting numbers in Excel?

a) AutoCorrect                 b) Auto Text

c) AutoFill                      d) Auto Cell

  1. Which of the following options is available in the Tool Menu in MSExcel?

a) Formula Auditing                  b) Goal Seek

c) Scenarios                           d)  All of the above

  1. Which capacity is utilized to ascertain Rate of Return, Loan, Amount and Future Value?

a) Statistical function          b) Financial function

c) Logical function           d) Mathematical function

21. By what name is MS Excel known?

a) None of these                       b) Presentation

c) Spread Sheet Program     d) Word Processing Program

  1. The first cell of a worksheet will have a cell address?

a) A 16384                 b) IBI

c) A1                         d) B1

  1. The last cell of a worksheet is the address?

a) N 65536                          b) A 256

c) N 256                               d) AI 636

  1. Which of the following are not graphical files?

a).GIF            b).BMP

c).JPG            d).TXT

  1. The Maximum number of characters can be kept in one cell of a worksheet?

a) 254           b) 255

c) 256          d) 257

here are the top 25 questions hope you enjoyed it stay tuned with us for more updates

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