Computer GK Quiz 3: Computer GK for Railway exam 2018


  1. Which one of following stores data more than a DVD?
  1.  Blue Ray Disk
  2.   Floppy
  3.   CD Rom
  4.   Red Ray Disk

         Ans. A (Blue Ray Disk)

  1. What is shortcut key of Page Preview?

A. ALT + D

B. Ctrl + F2

C. Ctrl +X

D. Ctrl + V

        Ans. B (Ctrl + F2)

  1. An excel sheet the active cell is indicated by?
  1.  A dotted border
  2.  By italic text
  3.  A blinking border
  4.   A dark wide border

       Ans. D (A Dark Wide Border)

  1. Which of the following menu “Macros” can be executed?
  1. Format
  2.  Insert
  3.  Tools
  4.  Home

       Ans. C (Tools)

  1. The primary goal of a computer is to convert a data into?
  1. Ideas
  2.  Information
  3. Suggestions
  4. Reports

      Ans. B (information)

  1. Where is RAM located?
  1. Mother Board
  2. External Drive
  3. Expansion Board
  4. All of Above

Ans. A (Mother Board)

  1. Data is stored in computer in which of the following form?
  1. DecimaL
  2. HexadecimaL
  3. BinarY
  4. Octal

        Ans. C (Binary)

  1. 1 Mega Byte is equal to
  1.  1024 Bytes
  2. 1024 Giga Bits
  3. 1024 Bits
  4. 1024 Kilo Bytes

Ans. D (Kilo Bytes)

9.  In which of the following circuit is used as a ‘Memory device’ in computers?

A. Flip Flop


C. Comparator

D. Attenuator

     Ans. A (Flip Flop)

  1. To send an e-mail which network protocol is used?




D.None of these

Ans. C (SMTP)

  1.  Operating system manages

A. Processor

B. Memory

C.Disk and I/O Devices

D. All of the above

Ans. D (All of the above)

12.For high speed _______ memory used in the computer? 


B. Hard Disk



      Ans. A (Cache)

13. The process of putting data into a storage location is called?


B. Controlling


D.Hand Shaking

        Ans. C (Writing)

  1. Magnetic disks are the medium for
  1. Direct access
  2. Sequential access
  3. Both of above
  4. None of abovE

   Ans. C (Both of above)

  1. MICR stands for

A. Magnetic Ink Code Reader

B.Magnetic Ink Character Reader

C. Magnetic Ink Cases Reader


      Ans. B (Magnetic Ink Character Reader)

  1. CAD stands for

A.Computer application in design

B.Computer algorithm for design

C. Computer aided design

D. All of the above

Ans. C (Computer aided design)

  1. Which of the following is used for manufacturing chips?

A. semiconductor

B. control unit

C.parity unit

D. control bus

   Ans. A (semiconductor)

  1. Magnetic tape can serve as

A. Secondary storage media

B. Output media

C.Input media

D. All of the above

  Ans. D (All of above)

  1. Which of the following memories has the shortest access times?

A. Magnetic core memory

B. Magnetic bubble memory

C. Cache memory


Ans. C (Cache memory)

  1. An error in computer data is called

A. Bug



D. Storage device

  Ans. A (Bug)

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