Download UPSC NDA Exam GK Questions Answers 2017-2018

GK question answer for NDA exam

  1. Bhilai Steel Plant was built in 1955 with the cooperation of: Former USSR

  2. The first IndiN TO WIN THE Golden Globe for best original Music Score with Jai Ho was :

  3. Rahman

  4. The national tree of India is : Banyan (Ficusbenghalensis)

  5. Sentinelese and Ahompens are the tribals inhabiting: Andaman and Nicobar Island

  6. The famous Kailash temple cut out of the solid rock in Ellora was built under the patronage of Rashtrakutas

  7. The author of the book ‘Ahouse for Mr. Biswas’ is: S.Naipul

  8. The first Assamese to becoe the President of India was: Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad

  9. Who was responsible for the nationalization of the Suez Canal? Gamal Abdul Nasssar

  10. A technique for producing animation in which one image changes into another is called: Morphing

  11. The Crimean war was fought between:                                                                Turkey and Russia

  12. IBRD is also known as: World Bank

  13. The General Assemble of the United Nations meets: Once a year

  14. COFEPOSA deals with Economic offenses

  15. Who wrote Astadhyayi? Panini

  16. The World Telecommunication Day is Observed on: May 17

  17. The book ‘Broken Wings’ has been written by: Sarojni Naidu

  18. Radha Mohan Cup is associated with: Polo

  19. Who defined liberalism as the philosophy of ‘live and let live'? S.Mill

  20. Who was given the title DeenBandhu by Mahatma Ghandhi? F. Andrews

  21. The father of Geometry is : Eucild

  22. What does the term Double Jeopardy mean in Law ?

  23. No person shall be prosecuted and punished for the same offence more than once

  24. Which periodical was published by Gandhiji during his stay in South Africa ? Indian Opinion

  25. The headquarters of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) is : Jakarta (Indonesia)

  26. Glasgow in England is Known for : Iron and Steel Industry

  27. The newspaper ‘Show Prakash’ was started by : Ishwar Chand Vidyasagar

  28. Who is known as the inventor of the World Wide Web (WWW) ? Tim Berners Lee

  29. The Women’s World Boxing Champion in 2010 was : C. Mary Kom

  30. The Leelavathi Award is given in the field of : Mathematics

  31. Miss Universe 2010 Jimena Navarrate is from : Mexico

  32. BronislawKomorowski is the President of : Poland

  33. The Footballer who was declared the Best Player in World Football Cup 2010 is : Diego Forlan

  34. The First Cricketer to complete the record of 800 wicket in Test Cricket is : MuttiahMuralitharan

  35. The first woman Prime Minister of Australia is Julia Gillard

  36. The name of 2012 Olympics Mascots are : Wenlock and Mandeville

  37. The first woman to receive the Oscar for best Director in 2010 was :

  38. Kathryn Bigelow for the Hurt Locker at 82nd Oscar Awards

  39. ICPS stand for : Integrated Child Protection Scheme (initiated in 2009-2010)

  40. The Bollywood actress who has been made UNICEF Brand Ambassador is : Priyanks Chopra

  41. The first Indian to win PGA tour title of Golf is : Arjun Atwal

  42. The first Indian woman shooter to be crowned a World Champion is TejaswiniSawant

  43. The NimooBazgo Project (45 Megawatt) is located in :                                      Leh

  44. Indian launched its census 2011 on : April 1, 2010

  45. Vijay Hazare Trophy is associated with : Cricket

  46. START stand for : Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (between Russia and USA)

  47. In India, Navy Day is observed on : December 4

  48. To arouse environmental awareness among people about the necessity of preserving the ecology of the Himalayas, First Himalayan Day was observed on : September 9, 2010

  49. “A Tale of Two Revolt-- India 1857 and The American Civil War” is the book written by :

  50. Rajmohan Gandhi

  51. Singapore-India Maritime Bilaterale Exercise held in 2010 was named :

  52. SIMBEX-10

  53. The Youngest Indian to climb the Mt. Everest is : Arjun Bajpayee

  54. The Prestigious Avicenna Prize is given by : UNESCO

  55. Indian state with highest urban population is : Maharashtra

  56. India’s National Slogan is : Satya-Mev-Jayate

  57. Indian state with minimum population is : Sikkim (2001 census)

  58. The first regular decadal census in India began in : 1881

  59. The first Chief Election Commissioner of India was : Sukumar Sen

  60. The First Indian who won individual gold medal in Olympic Games is : AbhinavBindra

  61. The First Indian Batsman who scorored double century in one Day Iternational Cricket is : Sachin Tendulkar

  62. The First Indian Postal System was established by Lord Clive in : 1766

  63. Himalayan Forest Research Centre is located in : Shimla

  64. At present the salary of President of India is : Rs 1,50,000 per month

  65. IAAF stands for International Association of Athletics Federation

  66. International Customs Day is observed on January 26

  67. ‘The Museum of Innocence’ is a famous book by Turkish writer OrhanPamuk

  68. Ng-On Yee is a famous player of Snooker

  69. Ibn Batuta was a traveler from Morocco

  70. The minimum distance between the Sun and the Earth occurs on January 3

  71. The National Aquatic Animal as declared by the Central Government is Dolphin

  72. National Highway No 1 joins Delhi with Amritsar

  73. The headquarters of Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) is located in

  74. Jakarta

  75. Niamy is the capital of Niger

  76. Yangtz river falls into East China Sea

  77. Glasgow in England is known for Iron and Steel Industry

  78. The Preamble to the Indian constitution is based on the objective resolution drafted and moved by

  79. PanditJawaharlal Nehru

  80. The Magyars are the people in Hungary

  81. Cultural and Educational Right have been laid down in Article 29-30 of the Constitution

  82. National Safety Day is observed on March 4

  83. Energy Giant BP Plc is a company of United Kingdom

  84. The grouping BRICS include Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa

  85. Yoweri Museveni is the President of Uganda

  86. The Malabar Exercise is a naval exercise recently held between India and USA

  87. Railway Ministry of India has declared the year 2011-2012 as The Year of Green Energy

  88. The writer who has been honoured with prestigious Vyas Samman this year is     Vishwanath Prasad Tiwari

  89. Abel Prize is a prestigious prize in the field of Mathematics

  90. The winner of Australian Grand Prix this year is Sebastian Vettel

  91. The General Assembly of UNO passed the declaration of Human Right on December 10, 1948

  92. Madan BhikajiCama unfurled the first national flag in 1907 In Stuttgart (Germany)

  93. Who said ‘India is for Indians’ ? DayanandSaraswati

  94. Mohiniattam is a classical dance of Kerala

  95. India is divided into Eight Postal Zones

  96. India’s first artificial satellite Aryabhatta was launched on April 19,1975

  97. Lake Winnipeg is located in Canada

  98. In India, who accords recognition to various poltical parties as national or regional parties ?

  99. The Election Commission

  • Who is the final authority to interpret the Constitution? The Supreme Court

  • The Gurumukhi script was introduced by Guru Angad

  • The Constitution of India established a Parliamentary system of Government following the pattern of

  1. Britain

  • The breathing root of mangroves are: Pneumatophores

  • Who was the first female President of Indian National Congress? Sarojini Naidu

  • WIMAX is related to Communication Technology

  • Balance of Payment includes Visible Trade, Invisible Trade, and Debts

  • The percentage of urban population in India according to Census 2001 is: 8%

  • On which river is Indo-Pak Bagalihar Project located? Chenab

  • Which is the highest peak in Andaman and Nicobar Island? Saddle Peak

  • Where is FulharLake located? Uttar Pradesh’s Pilibhit district

  • The world’s most active volcano is Cotopaxi

  • Odissi dance belongs to Orissa

  • In which year were Fundamental Duties of citizens laid down by the 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act ?In the year 1976

  • In which year did the Cripps Mission come to India? In the year 1942

  • Cabinet in reference to the Union Government means: Ministers with Cabinet Rank

  • ‘My Country, My Life’ is the autobiography of L. K. Advani

  • In 2010 Kumbh Fair was organized in Haridwar

  • The Largest tribal group of India is:                                                                      Gonds

  • Which year is known as the year of the Great Divide with regard to the population after which there has been a continuous and rapid growth in India’s population? The year 1921

  • The best-preserved pillar erected by Ashoka is that of Sarnath

  • Which Mughal Emperor was coronatedtwice? Aurangzed

  • The thermometer suitable to measure 2000 C is Total radiation pyrometer

  • The third form of carbon, fullerene was discovered by a team of 3 scientists who were awarded chemistry Nobel Prize. They include: W. Kroto, R. F. Curl, and R. E. Smalley

  • Bindaben, ShambhuMaharaj, and LachchuMaharaj are all associated with Kathak Dance

  • The leaning tower of Pisa does not fall because The Vertical line through the center of gravity of the tower falls within the base

  • Which country has the world’s largest reserves of Uranium? Australia

  • Which two territories of Georgia were recognized as independent by Russia in August 2008? South Ossetia and Abkhazia

  • Aryabhatta satellite was launched on : April 19, 1975

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