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Economic, social, political and legal issues related to women empowerment.

By neha neha | Article | Apr 02, 2019

Social, economic, political and legal issues related to women empowerment:-

Women empowerment gives equal rights to women in society. Women empowerment empowers women in family and society. Women empowerment works independently to empower women.

Women empowerment has strengthened women. They have got their rights, it seems that it is progressing at every level. Women are aware of this because it is important for women themselves. Women can cooperate in every way for the future of the country and children.Indian constitution for women

empowerment provision as per Indian constitution:-

According to the Indian Constitution, the Women Development and Child Development Commissioner for the development of children and women in India. In India, women were not allowed to interfere in every field for their development and growth. To make women aware about the need to develop mainly and empower women as it aims to empower women with a strong female country so that they can make the future of their children.

Women's empowerment can be defined in very simple words that women become powerful by which they can make every decision related to their life, take part in the good work of family and society. To empower women, she has to be competent. In Indian society, women have been given different positions in different religions, which have been shown to cover the eyes of people in large curtains and have been shown as a role model for many years so that many wrong actions on women Can be done.

International Women's Day is celebrated on 8th March

International Women's Day is celebrated on 8th March to honor women. The main goal of empowering women is to give equal rights to women, to stop their exploitation in society, to give them freedom from domestic violence, self-determination, self-determination, to work for a dependent, Government of India has many women empowerment Have tried

The Indian government has made many efforts for women like not taking dowry and giving dowry according to the Prohibition Act 1961, according to the Equitable Remuneration Act 1976, both women and men will get equal pay for equal work, there will be no discrimination.

 Schemes for women empowerment by the Government of India:-

The direct connection of the development of any society is linked to the development of women of that society without the development of women it is difficult to imagine the development of a family and society.

Let's know the plans made for women's empowerment are as follows:-

  1. Daughter save daughter teaches program

  2. Rajiv Gandhi Yojana for Empowerment of Teenagers

  3. Indira Gandhi Maternity Sahayog Scheme

  4. Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya Scheme

  5. Prime Minister Ujjwala plan

  6. Autonomous plan

  7. Training and employment programs for women

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