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By Ravi | English | Oct 17, 2017
Dear aspirant Amazon Coaching Institute Dehradun Providing, Spotting Errors in English Quiz, Pronoun English spotting error practice set for competitive examinations such as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, IBPS , SBI, Insurance  Banking 2017-18 Exams

English Spotting Error: Pronoun

  1. (a)the audience /(b)are requested /(c) to be in its seats/(d) No error

  2. (a)The scientist must follow /(b)his hunches and his data /(c)wherever it may lead /(d) No error

  3. (a)I am used to /(b) many guests everyday /(c) but there was none today /(d) No errors

  4. (a)The Number of vehichles/(b) Plying on this roads /(c) is more than on the main road/(d) No errors

  5. (a)Being a destitute / (b) I admitted him / (c) to an old people's home (d) No error

  6. (a)One should make/ (b) his best efforts if one wishes to achieve/ (c)success in this organisation/(d)No errors

  7. (a)May I (b) Know who you want / (c) to see please/ (d)No errors

  8. (a)Our is the only country/(b) in the world that can boast of (c) Unity in diversity /(d) No errors

  9. (a)Last summer he went / to his uncle's village /(c) and enjoyed very much/ (d) No errors

  10. (a)If I were him /(b) I would have taught /(c) those cheats a lesson /(d) No error

  11. (a)Those sort of people/ (b) usually do not /(c) earn fame in society/ (d) No errors

  12. (a)Being a very /(b) hot day I /(c) Remained indoors /(d)No errors

  13. (a)Had I come /(b)To know about his difficulties/ (c) I would have certainly helped/(d)No error

  14. (a)One of them/(b)forgot to take their bag /(c)from the school (d) No errors

  15. (a)Mr.sharma,our representative/(a)He will attend the meeting/ (c) on our behalf

  16. (a)Between /(b) you and I, the secretary/(c) is not a gentleman./(d) No error

  17. (a)One should /(b)do your duty/(c) honestly ad sincerely./(d) No error

  18. (a)Good students/(b) like you and he (c) should study regularly.(d) No error

  19. (a)You , he and I/(b) are /(c) in the wrong.(d)/ No error

  20. (a)Only /(b) you and him/(c) can do this work fast./(d) No error

  21. (a)If the teacher is good /(b) the students will respond /(c) positively to them /(d) No errors

  22. (a)It is not difficult to believe that a man /(b) who has lived in his city for a long time/ (c) he will never feel at home anywhere else in the world (d) No error

  23. (a)Each girl was/ (b) given a bunch of flowers/(c) which pleased her very much /(d) No error

  24. (a)As it was Rajan's / (b) first interview he dressed him / (c) In his most formal suit / (d) No error

  25. (a)My self and Gopalan / (b) Will take care of / (c) The function on sunday / (d) No error


Answers List:

1(c),2(c),3(c),4(c),5(a),6(b),7(b),8(a),9(c),10(a),11(a),12(a),13(c),14 (b), 15(b),16(b),17(b),18(b),19(a),20(b),21(?),22(?),23(?),24(?),25(?)

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