English Sentence Improvement Questions – mock test series & Practice set -1 for SSC CGL exams 2018

English Sentence Improvement Questions – mock test series & Practice set -1 for SSC CGL exams 2018

Dear Aspirant Amazon Coaching Institute Dehradun Sharing English language Sentence Improvement excercise test series, English mock test & Sentence Improvement 50 question, English test series set -1 Helpful for SSC – CGL exams, Practice set for SSC CGL, CPO SI, CHSL, Railway, Delhi metro, Delhi police exams 2017-18


 English Sentence improvement:

  1. How are you going to have your car painted ? I am going to have it red painted.
    1. Paint it red
    2. Have it painted red
    3. Paint red
    4. No improvement
  2. He is one who gives money or helps other who has been instrumental in the upliftment of many poverty stricken people.
    1. A philosopher
    2. A philatelist
    3. A philanthropist
    4. No improvement
  3. The job wasn’t interesting, but on the contrary it was well paid.
    1. On the whole
    2. On the other side
    3. On the other hand
    4. No improvement
  4. When those whom he had injured accused him of being a charlatan, he retorted curtly that he had never been a quack.
    1. Libertine
    2. Sycophant
    3. Plagiarist
    4. No improvement
  5. The postman comes twice a day, don’t he?
    1. Doesn’t he
    2. Does he
    3. Do he
    4. No improvement
  6. My boy-friend won me at tennis.
    1. Succeeded me
    2. Outran me
    3. Beat me
    4. No improvement
  7. It was mere affection that stopped him from beating his son.
    1. Great
    2. Much
    3. Filial
    4. No improvement
  8. The British superiority all over Africa and Asia collapsed in the first half of the twentieth century.
    1. Domicile
    2. Residence
    3. Dominion
    4. No improvement
  9. Did you finish the work yet?
    1. Had you finished
    2. Haven’t you finished
    3. Would you finish
    4. No improvement
  10. I’ll tell you as soon as I’ll know.
    1. I would know
    2. I can know
    3. I know
    4. No improvement
  11. It is important that you wear a helmet when you ride a bike.
    1. You must
    2. You ought to
    3. You have to
    4. No improvement
  12. The students have great awe for their teachers.
    1. Gusto
    2. Careful
    3. Delight
    4. No improvement
  13. Having nothing better to do, he began to read.
    1. Doing
    2. Feeling
    3. Getting
    4. No improvement
  14. There is nothing quite disheartening than sickness is man.
    1. As disheartening
    2. Most disheartening
    3. More disheartening
    4. No improvement
  15. You cannot gain the support of the local people without being cordially to
    1. Being cordially for
    2. Been cordially to
    3. Being cordial to
    4. No improvement
  16. Little he realized that he was being laughed at.
    1. He realized little
    2. Little did he realise
    3. Little was he realizing
    4. No improvement
  17. My brother is enough smart to pass the examination.
    1. Smart enough
    2. Enough smarter
    3. Smarter enough
    4. No improvement
  18. “Why do you want to stay for two days more ?” she asked
    1. Stay for two days longer
    2. Stay for two more days
    3. Stay for another two days
    4. No improvement
  19. Our armed forces are superior to those of any other country in the world.
    1. Superior than
    2. Superior from
    3. Superior over
    4. No improvement
  20. If there is nothing positive to be found in other countries, we should certainly take
    1. Imbibe
    2. Let go of
    3. Pass
    4. No improvement
  21. His opponent was too strong; Ram has to except defeat.
    1. Expect defeat
    2. Accept defeat
    3. Confess defeat
    4. No improvement
  22. Cowards die many times before their death.
    1. Cowards before their death many times die.
    2. Cowards before die many times their death.
    3. Cowards many times die before their death.
    4. No improvement
  23. I saw a bloat of hippopotamus.
    1. I saw a bloat of hippopotamui
    2. I saw a flock of hippopotamus
    3. I saw a flock of hippopotamui
    4. No improvement
  24. The constable asked to the man what he was doing at the shop-window.
    1. The constable asked the man what, at the shop-window, he was doing.
    2. The constable asked the man what he was doing at the shop-window
    3. The constable asked what, at the shop-window, the man was doing.
    4. No improvement
  25. Bye Sheila, see you some time.
    1. Later
    2. Soon
    3. Never
    4. No improvement
  26. He told me that he wants to have a talk with me.
    1. He wanted
    2. He is wanting
    3. He has been wanting
    4. No improvement
  27. I am confidant of winning the competition.
    1. Confidence
    2. Confidential
    3. Confident
    4. No improvement
  28. The decent from the mountain peak was slow and painful.
    1. Descent
    2. Decline
    3. Decrease
    4. No improvement
  29. Not only the master but also servants was
    1. Is
    2. Were
    3. Where
    4. No improvement
  30. The cattles are grazing in the field
    1. Cattle is
    2. Cattle are
    3. Cattles were
    4. No improvement
  31. He is senior than
    1. To
    2. By
    3. Over
    4. No improvement
  32. The conduct of many students are not what they should be.
    1. The conduct of many students is not what they should be.
    2. The conducts of many students are not what they should be.
    3. The conduct of many students is not what is should be.
    4. No improvement
  33. That is it’s name.
    1. That is its name
    2. That name is its
    3. That name is it
    4. No improvement
  34. Jameel was instructed to complete the task by Monday.
    1. Monday
    2. Until Monday
    3. Upto Monday
    4. No improvement
  35. It seemed he was possessed with a demon.
    1. It seemed he was possessed by a demon.
    2. It seemed he was possessed of a demon.
    3. It possessed he seemed of a demon.
    4. No improvement
  36. Two hundred people have been employed by the company.
    1. Two hundred people are employed by the company.
    2. The company employed two hundred people.
    3. The company has employed two hundred people.
    4. No improvement
  37. You should carry an umbrella as because it is raining.
    1. You should carry an umbrella because it is raining.
    2. Because it is raining you should carry an umbrella
    3. The rain is the because as you should carry an umbrella
    4. No improvement
  38. Her parents always impressed her in her studies.
    1. Trained
    2. Taught
    3. Encouraged
    4. No improvement
  39. He gave me a ten-rupees
    1. Ten-rupee
    2. Tens –rupees
    3. Tens-rupee
    4. No improvement
  40. The ships sank and all his passengers were drowned.
    1. All her passengers
    2. All its passengers
    3. All their passengers
    4. No improvement
  41. The examination will commence from 7th December
    1. At
    2. In
    3. On
    4. No improvement
  42. This is the worst thing Sheila could have done.
    1. Sheila could have done more worst thing.
    2. This is the most worst thing Sheila could have done
    3. Sheila could have done it worst
    4. No improvement
  43. What did happen in the community hall is not a matter of our concern.
    1. What happens
    2. What would happened
    3. What happened
    4. No improvement
  44. The police failed in its attempt to disperse the crowd before the miscreants set the fire on the bus.
    1. Set the bus on fire
    2. Setting fire on the bus
    3. Set fire in the bus
    4. No improvement
  45. Madhu prefers coffee to
    1. Over
    2. For
    3. Than
    4. No improvement
  46. I have read a little of the book.
    1. A few pages
    2. Little pages
    3. All pages
    4. No improvement
  47. Every thing depend on them coming on time.
    1. Depends upon them coming
    2. Depends upon them come
    3. Depends upon their coming
    4. No improvement
  48. Your parcel will have to arrive yet.
    1. Is yet to arrive
    2. Will arrive yet
    3. Is yet arriving
    4. No improvement
  49. He was asked to stay back from boarding the plane.
    1. Held out
    2. Detained
    3. Not allowed
    4. No improvement
  50. The artist had finished hardly by that time.
    1. The artist had hardly finished by that time
    2. The artist had finished well by that time
    3. Hardly had that time finished the artist
    4. No improvement


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