Top 50 General Science and Technology GK Question Answers

50 general science gk question

General Science and Technology Questions for Competitive Exam

  1. Tamiflue is a frontline drug against: — Bird flu
  2. Who invented optical fibre ? —Narinder Kapany (Germany)
  3. The concept of ‘survival of the fittest’ was first propounded by : — Darwin
  4. Hydrogen spectrum was first explained by :— Niels Bohr
  5. ‘Shortsightedness’ (myopia) in human eye was corrected by using proper: — Concave lens
  6. Impure camphor is purified by : — Sublimation
  7. Aluminium is purified by :— Electrolysis
  8. The body is protected against drying, absorbing and bacterial invasion by the : —Epithelium
  9. The artificial kidney operates on the principle of : — Dialysis
  10. Encephalitis occurs when : — The meanings of the brain become inflamed
  11. Artificial rain is produced by seeding the clouds with : —Silver lodide
  12. The Speed of Neutrons in a nuclear reactor is suppressed by :        —Heavy Water Graphite  Beryllium Oxide
  13. Astigmatism is a defect of vision which can be rectified by using : —Sphero-cylindrical lenses
  14. Bleeding of gums is caused by the deficiency of : —Vitamin  C
  15. A fountain –pen functions on the  principle of :    —Surface Tension(Capillary action )
  16. Which vitamin is essential for the coagulation of blood? —Vitamin K
  17. The power of a lens is -2D .What is its focal length ?      —0.5 m
  18. The number of maximum different electrical combinations possible with three equal resistances: —Four
  19. The primary component of natural gas is : —Methane
  20. Who won the Noble Prize for his work on Photoelectric effect ? —Albert Einstein
  21. Law of heredity was put forward by : —Mendel
  22. A device used for converting A.C. into D.C. is called : —Rectifier
  23. Which vitamin can be synthesized in Liver : —Vitamin K
  24. Which is widly used in plastic industry for manufacturing Bakelite ?       — Phenol
  25. In a reachargeable cell what kind of energy is stored with in the cell ? —Chemical Energy
  26. The carbon dating method is used for determining the age of :      —Fossils
  27. The hottest planet in the solar system is : —Venus
  28. Ripe grapes contain : —Glucose
  29. Polythene is the polymer of : —Aniline
  30. Rayon is made from : —Cellulose
  31. The mass of a body is different from its weight because:—Mass is a measure of the quantity of matter in the body while weight is the force with which body is attracted by the earth
  32. A horse pulling a cart moves forward due to force exerted by : — the ground on the horse’s feet
  33. In a barometer liquid is preffered over water because : — Mercury has high density and low vapour pressure
  34. Soap bubbles show multiple colours when viewed in white light because :— The interference of the reflected light from the two surfaces of the soap film
  35. Who got Nobel Prize in 1983 on his outstanding discovery of ‘jumping genes’ ? —Barbara McClinton
  36. What does taxonomy deal with ? —It deal with inditification nomenclature and classificationof all living organism
  37. Lichen is considered to be a symbiotic association of two living orgarnisms are involoved
  38. in it ? —Algae and fungi
  39. Who coined the term ‘gene’ for the factors controlling heredity ? —W.Johannsen
  40. Carborundum is  a compound of :    —Si
  41. A positron is an elementary particle having : —Mass equal to that of an electron and charge equal and opposite to that of an electron
  42. Hydrogen bomb is based on the principle of :  —Uncontrolled fusion reaction
  43. A metal brick, thrown into deep take, sink sdeeper and .How does the buoyant force acting on it change ? —It does not change but remains constant
  44. How does an astronaut on a space walk change his direction ? —By using a rocket
  45. The term ‘RAM’ STANDS FOR : —Random Access Memory
  46. Which scientist was responsible for binomial nomenclature ? —Linnaeus
  47. From which part of the plantsis turmeric,a commonly-used colourant and antiseptic , obtained ? —From stem
  48. The colour of cow’s milk is slightly yellowish due to the presence of : —Riboflavin
  49. Reserpine is used to :      —Reduce high blood pressure
  50. Xerophthalmia is caused by the dietary deficiency of : —Vitamin A

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