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GK 1 liner 25 question of Telangana 2019

By Vikash Suyal | General knowledge | Jan 17, 2019
GK one liner 25 question of Telangana is the easiest way to find the optimal and the best way to find the related question to crack the Telangana PCS, Group C and other related exam so that the students could crack the related exams.


  1. Earlier Talengana was a part of which state?

Nizam of Hyderabad

  1. Name the man who proposed?


  1. Tell the seats of Lok-Sabha and Rajya-Sabha in Talengana?

Lok-Sabha – 17 and Rajya-Sabha – 07

  1. Tell the serial number of Talengana in India in terms of area?


  1. The language of Telangana is-

Telgu and Urdu

  1. Tell us the number of district in Telangana?


  1. Name the district which is highly populated in Telangana?


  1. Talengana celebrate which festival-


  1. Name the state bird and animal of Talengana?

Indian Roller (Nilkanth) and Spotted Deer

  1. Name the state flower and tree of Talengana?

Tangdoo (Kadad) and Shammi (Khaydhi)

  1. Capital of Telangana?


  1. Telangana formed in which year?

2 June 2014

  1. Telangana has what kind of Legislature?

Bicameral Legislature

  1. Physical Characteristic of Telangana?

Located on Deccan Plateau

  1. Natural Vegetation?

Dry forest Deciduous mixed with scrub grasslands

  1. Name the major river in Telangana?

Deccan festival,Kakatiya festival,  Bonalu, Dussehra Ugadi,  Bathukamma, Sankranthi, Milad un Nabi and Ramadan.

  1. Name the major Art Forms in Telangana?

Gonad, Nirmal painting, Deccani painting, Cheriyal scroll painting, Perini shivathandavam, Gobbi Dance, Burra Katha, Dandara dance, Dhamal dance, Mathuri dance, Bhamakalpam and Gollakalapum.

  1. Name the important Traditions of Telangana?

Tulabharam during Sammakka Saralamma

  1. Name the major Industry of Telangana?

Silver filigree

  1. Name the minerals that are found in Telangana?

Coal, Iron ore, Limestone, Stowing Stone.

  1. Name the major Agriculture of Telangana?

Rice, Maize, Soybean, Cotton, Chillies, Turmeric

  1. Geographical Indications of Telangana?

Pochampally Ikat, Silver Filigree of karimnagar, Nirmal toyus and craft, Nirmal furniture and painting, Gadwal Sarees, cheriyal paintings, Pembarthi metal craft, Siddipet Gollabhanaa, Narayanpet handllom Sarees.

  1. Name the important Historical sites of Telangana?

  • Charminar

  • Bhongir fort or (fort at the Hilltop)

  • Warangal fort

  • Nagarjuna Sagar Dam

  1. Name the wildlife Sanctuaries of Telangana?

  • Kinnersani WLS

  • Eturnagaram WLS

  • Kawal WLS

  • Lanja Madugu Siwaram WLS

  • Manjeera Crocodile WLS

  • Nagarjuna Sagar-Srisailam WLS

  • Pakhal WLS

  • Pocharam WLS

  1. Name the national Parks of Telanagana?

  • KASU Brahmanandu Reddy National Park

  • Mahaveen Harina Vanasthali National Park

  • Mrugavani National Park

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