GK Question of Madhya Pradesh-mp gk for 2018 Government Exam

MP gk question

: Here I am sharing important  GK question of Madhya Pradesh Government job Exam-2018 Exam. top 24 GK question for MP Exam, General Knowledge  questions, MP gk in English, MP download in PDF,MP gk pdf


1.For which reason Panna city of Madhya Pradesh is famous for?

Ans. Diamond mine

2.In Madhya Pradesh how many Tehsil are there?

Ans. 342

3.Name the largest city of Madhya Pradesh by area wise?

Ans. Indore

4.What is the literacy rate in Madhya Pradesh as per the census of 2011?

Ans. 0.726

5.Which is the longest river in Madhya Pradesh?

Ans. Narmada River

6.What is the District of Madhya Pradesh?

Ans. Agar Malwa

7.In which city of Madhya Pradesh Marble Rock is situated ?

Ans. Jabalpur

8.Where is the Head office of Cotton Research Centre in Madhya Pradesh?

Ans. Indore

9.In Madhya Pradesh which year Balram Tal Yojana  Started ?

Ans. 2007

10.In Madhya Pradesh  Where is the headquarter of West Central  Zone Situated?

Ans. Jabalpur

  1. In Madhya Pradesh where is Gold Export Promotion Park is Situated?

Ans. Indore

12.Which is the ‘State bird’ of Madhya Pradesh?

Ans. Dudhraj

13.Name the Highest Mountain Peak in Madhya Pradesh?
Ans. Dhupgarh

14.Name the state tree of the Madhya Pradesh ?
Ans. Bargad tree

15.Name the state flower of the Madhya Pradesh State?
Ans. Lily flower

16.Name the first women Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh?

Ans. Uma Bharti

17.How many Airports in Madhya Pradesh?
Ans. 5

18.How many  districts are there in Madhya Pradesh?

Ans. 51

  1. Which was the first solar village of Madhya Pradesh?
    Ans. Itarasi
  2. What is the official language of Madhya Pradesh?
    Ans. Hindi
  3. In which district of Madhya Pradesh First Fossil National Park is situated ?

Ans. Dindori

  1. What is the State animal of Madhya Pradesh?
    Ans. Barasingha
  2. In Madhya Pradesh how many National Parks are there?
    Ans. 9
  3. In Madhya Pradesh Which River is Known as ‘Ganga’ ?
    Ans. Betwa

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