How to make cement history of cement best company of cement in usa

How to make cement

First of all, raw materials used to make cement are removed from calcium, silicon, iron and aluminum mines and brought to the factories when raw material is brought inside the factory, it is not pure, calcium inside limestone becomes silicon Iron and aluminum sits inside the sand

Prior to the invention of Portland cement, the substances used in joint work were started to drizzle and sprout. Portland Cement invented by an Englishman Joseph Joseph Aspdin (Joseph Aspdin) in 1824 Being harsh and named after a rock in Portland, England, ‘Portland’ was the name of cement.

The construction of Portland cement is a mixture of limestone and gypsum in a certain proportion to 1400 ° C. On heating, the heating on which the initial melting occurs, is done by heating. After getting such a residual ash (Clinker), it is grinded and made fine powder, 90% of which is filtered from sieve number 170 (170 inches in one inch). Various varieties of cement can be obtained by adjusting the proportion of these three raw components and mixing other chemicals in small quantities.



History of cement

The history of cement is very old because ancient civilizations used such material already in the building, but in Britain, in the eighteenth century, there was a need to make a lighthouse on the rocks to prevent the loss of ships, at that time the use of cement was exposed happened


Types of cement

Cement is not of any kind, there are many types of raw materials and quality and capacity utilization used in it. One type of cement can not be used everywhere, in many places, good quality and good capacity. Cement has to be used such as construction of bridges and good construction of large buildings Cement quality and good capacity have to be used such as construction of bridges and construction of large buildings requires good quality cement but in many smaller places, low capacity cement is also used, whose grades are slightly At the same time, the cement is made of different quality based on their use.



2  Sulphate Resisting Portland Cement

3 Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)

4 Rapid Hardening Portland Cement

 5 Portland Pozolona Cement (PPC)

 6   Oil Well Cement

 7  White Cement

Top 5 cement company in usa


  1. CEMAX

3.ash grove cement company

  1. Buzzi unicem
  2. Eagle Minerals inc



Cinemax Company is one of the finest cement companies in America Company was built in 1906 This company was started at the Hidalgo plant located in Northern Mexico


Holcim is  Building Material Company, which makes cement This company was built in 1912 in Europe City

ash grove cement company

ash grove cement company  This company was built in 1882 Missouri  This company was made in the US state of Mussoorie

Buzzi unicem

Buzzi unicem  company was built in 1999  its located in

Borsa Italiana

Eagle Minerals inc

The company was built in 1843, Edger and Stephen Conkling had built this company. The company started in the Illinois, Missouri




Benfit of cement

We can save our house from cement and this is a very good foundation to build a house.





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