How to prepare for examination for class X before a month in 2020

cbse exam 10th 2020

Are you worried about your upcoming exams especially for Social Science of class X? If you are a class X student and going to attempt your exams then here you will learn last moment tricks to compete for your targets and exams. Here you will know how it is easy to clear any exam. So let us clear your doubt for How to clear the exam of class X.

How to clear the exam of class X

Here are a few useful tricks for your exams:

  1. You should care about your health during your examination session and for that, you would have to take a good sleep and manage your time-table with your studies.
  2. Food habit and nutrition supplements are good for your daily schedule for study and for it you can focus on dry fruits.
  3. You should revise your complete syllabus just one month before your exams and take a summary concept of your subjects.
  4. At this time you should have to focus on your learned topics. If you will try to read new topics then it will be harder for you to revise your subject. Don’t feel hesitate to ask How to prepare for the examination for class X.
  5. Manage your schedule and make a proper time table including your play habits.
  6. You must take regular rest from your study to be more active during your exams. But keep in mind that rest meaning is Ready for Next. For a good rest, you can watch a movie and can be a part of outdoor games. These activities will help you to make up your mind active and ready to learn.
  7. Don’t take any stress during your preparation because it can be a huge blunder for your exams.
  8. Make a proper strategy to attempt your exams, it will help you to complete your exam in a given period of time.
  9. For the instant study, you can take help from your friends by joining a group study session and make sure during study everyone raises different and particular topics related to exams.
  10. You must pursue test series based on your exams and for it, you can get previous exam papers for your exams.

Confidence is the key role for any success, so maintain it to its proper limit. Don’t let it increase as much.

Good luck,

And for it, you can download last 10-year exam papers of Social Science for Class X.

download social science 10 year previous paper 

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