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How to Write a Digital Marketing Resume

By Team Parul | Article | Aug 04, 2019

Digital Marketing, as a field, is flourishing at an enormous pace and along with it is increasing the craze and interest of people into digital marketing. While youngsters are very delighted to pursue a career in Digital Marketing, the grown people are also not untouched by the glory of Digital Marketing field.

Digital Marketing has taken all the people and every working industry by the wave. While every industry is keen to mark their presence into Digital Marketing, there are numerous people who are well settled and are yet willing to have a new start with their career in Digital Marketing. Also, amongst youngsters, the craze of Digital Marketing is taking over all the well settling careers and youngsters are looking forward to make their mark into their career in Digital Marketing.

It is important to have a strong Digital Marketing Resume if you want a job with any leading Digital marketing company. Though it is considered an easy task, a Digital Marketing Executive Resume must be able to convey your skills and value to the employer in a crisp manner.

We have created a guide that will help you write your Digital Marketing Executive resume in a professional manner and we have also attached some Digital Marketing resume samples for your reference.

Following are the steps required to be taken into consideration while preparing your Digital Marketing Resume:

  1. Select your key focus: Before settling to write your resume, it is important to pick up a focus for yourself. Whether you are good with any particular virtue of Digital Marketing like SEO, SMO, PPC etc or are a versatile Digital Marketer, you need to have a clear vision about your target.

  2. Research for the needs of the Employer: Once you have selected your niche, you need to search for the jobs in that particular domain and look for the needs of the employers. For example the set of skills they are looking for or the job responsibilities they want the employee to handle, or the kind of work experience they are looking for. All this will form the basis of your resume.

  3. Structure and Format of your CV: It is beneficial to have a resume written in a reverse chronological order as it highlights your skills or your work experience, if you have any.

It is important to have a structured resume as it adds to the credibility by showing the clarity of yourself and your ideas. While writing the resume, follow the order mentioned below:

  • Name and Contact Information: First thing that should be mentioned on your resume is your name and your contact information which includes Mobile Number and Email ID.

  • Objective: The objective should be crisp and clear. It must include your skills, a summary of your work experience and how you will prove as an asset to the organization. For a fresher, it is important to enlist your skills and potentials rather than mentioning that you are a fresher and do not have any experience. Following is an example for the objective.                                                                             Digital Marketing Resume Samples

  • Work Experience: This column is included for the people who have relevant experience. While mentioning the experience, it is important to mention your job role, duration, company followed by your job responsibilities and rewards. It is best explained in the following example.

Digital Marketing Resume Sample

  • Educational Qualification: Next comes your qualification, which will also be written in reverse chronological order i.e. your recent qualification comes first. A fresher can leave the work experience column and directly enlist the qualification.

  • Core Skills: In this section, you are required to mention all your skills, whether they be related to Digital marketing or not. Enlist skills related to digital marketing first followed by computer skills and then interpersonal skills.

  • Interests and Biodata: Lastly comes your interests and other information about yourself.

The above guidelines form the basis of a Digital Marketing Executive Resume. We have also attached some Digital Marketing Resume Samples to help you through your resume writing process.

Digital Marketing Resume Sample
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