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India’s Top 10 Insurance Companies

By Ravi | General knowledge | Mar 17, 2017
Dear Students Amazon Academy Dehradun Sharing About Some Information of india’s Top 10 Insurance companies which is Important & Helpful  for Upcoming 2018 IBPS Clerk IBPS PO, SBI Clerk, SBI PO & Other Banking Exams Also Important Gk for LIC AAO, LIC ADO, NICL, UIIC AAO  Insurance Exams

India’top 10 insurance Companies :

  1. Life Insurance Corporation of India

  2. SBI Life Insurance

  3. Birla Sunlife Insurance

  4. Reliance Life Insurance (RLIC)

  5. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

  6. Tata AIG Life Insurance

  7. ING Vysya Life Insurance

  8. Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance

  9. Max Life Insurance

  10. Hdfc Standard Life Insurance


Life Insurance Corporation of India

 Established                -  1956

Industry                     - Insurance company

Headquarter            – Mumbai, Maharashtra

Revenue                    -  88.4 billion USD in 2015

Total assets              -  US$ 300 billion in2016

Susidiaries                -  LIC International ,LIC Cards Services Services ,LIC Mutual Funds

Total No.of  Employees   –  114773 May 2016

Website                           –

 Imporatant features

  • It is the largest Life insurance company in India

  • It is the only public sector life insurance company in India

  • It is merged with 245 insurancecompanies and provident Societies

  • It is the largest Life insurance Companies and provident societies

  • Around 2000 Branches are Spread across the country

  • It Provides wide range of Life insurance plans


State Bank of India (Sbi)  Life Insurance

Established                         - 2001

Industry                              - Insurance Company

Headquarter                      - Mumbai, Maharashtra

Toatl No of Employees      - 7,300

Agents                               - 93000

Website                            -

 Important feature

  • It is a private insurance company

  • It is best life insurance Company after LIC insurance Company

  • It started as a joint venture with BNP Paribas bank in 2001

  • Sbi Life insurance company has a joint venture between State bankof India

  • It is the biggest state – owned banking and financial services company in india


Birla Sunlife Insurance

Establishment       - 2000

Industry                -  Insurance Company

Founder                - Aditya Vikram Birla

Headquarter         - Mumbai India

Total assets          -  300.000,000,000 in May 2015

Parent                   -   Aditya Birla Group & life Finanace Insurance

Total No.Employees    –  133000

Website                –                     

 Imporatant features

  • Birla Sunlife Insurance Company is a Financial and Insurance Company

  • It is a joint Adventure of Sunlife insurance and Aditya Birla

  • It provide wealth and insurance Products also health,wealth and retiral Plan

  • It has 550 branches in all over india


Reliance Life Insurance Corporation (RLIC)

Establishment     – 2001

Industry              -  Insurance Company

Headquarter        - Mumbai in India

Total assets        - 150 billion US$ 2.2 billion

Website           –

 Important Feature

  • It is one of the largest Life insurance Company in india

  • Around 1,230 branches spread across the Country

  • It connected 12400 agent network across the country

  • It provides distinct segments protection children


ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

  Establishment        – 2000

Industry                 –  Insurance Company

 Headquarter       -  Mumbai in India

Total assets            - US$ 15 billion in 2014

  Website               -


Important feature

  • It is a first Private sector insurance ompany to start operation in December 2000

  • ICICI Assets under manangment (AUM) as in June 2016 were1092.82 billion

  • It is the first Insurance Company to be Listed on NSF and BSF in India

  • It has joint venture between ICICi Bank and prudential Pic


Tata AIG Life Insurance 

Establishment         –  2001

Industry                   -   Insurance Company

Headquarter           - Mumbai in india

Parents                      - Tata sons ,America International  Group

Website                –

Important Feature

  • It is a Flagship Life Insurance Company of Tata group

  • It Provide many insurance products such as Motor ,Travel health and accident Insurance .

  • It is an Indian general Insurance company

  • It Provide Insurance for Individual and Corporates

  • It Provides Insurance in travel ,Energy <automobile , Home , Property and all financial lines

  • It Provided the employment about 2000 Qualified professionals in all over the country

  • It Spread about 160  Cities across the country


ING Vysya Life Insurance


 Establishment          – 2002

Headquarter            - Bangalore, Karnataka

Industry                     - Banking services & Insurance

Revenue                    - US$803 Million

Total assets              -  US$ 8.1billion

Total No. Employees   – 10,000

Website                –


Important feature          

  • It is a Insurance Company who provides Retral Plan and insurance Policies

  • Around 10 lack Coustomer

  • It is recently Changed as a Exide life insurance company Limited

  • It total assets under management is 13 per cent to Rs 7,490 crore in 2013-14.

  • It is one of the best leading life insuarance companies in south india


Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance

Establishment              - 2001

Headquarter                -   Pune

Revenue                        -   INR  59 billion

Total No.Employees   –  1000

Total assets                   -  INR  4362 million

Parents                             - Bajaj finserv , Allianz SE

Website                       –


Important features

  • Bajaj Alliance is a private Insurance company

  • It provide many insurance plan & policies including ULIP, pension plans and term Insurance

  • It is a joint Venture with bajaj Finserv limited and Allianz SE which is a European Financial Services Company

  • It provides Motor insurance ,health insurance travel insurance ,Marine insurance


Max Life Insurance

Establishment      – 2000

Industry                 - Insurance Company

Headquarter        -  New Delhi

Total No of Employees    –  8000

Website           –


Important Feature 

  • It is insurance company who joint venture with max india limited and Bupa finance

  • It main motive to Carrying health insurance business in india

  • It has 11 branches spread across the country

  • It provides health insurance products forIndividual or corporations

  • It is a multi buisness corporate provider of private health care


Hdfc Standard Life Insurance

Establishment            – 2000

Industry                       -  Insurance company

Head quarter              -  Mumbai, Maharashtra

Total assets                -  US$ 11billion in 2016

Number of Employees  – 15.819

Website                     –

 Important Feature 

  • It is joint venture with Standard life Insurance Company

  • It provide Long term life Insurance

  • It provide Individual and group insurance

  • Hdfc has joint venture between hdfc

  • It has 398 branches in 980 cities across the Country




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