Kazan State Medical University | Medical Education in KSMU Kazan Russia

Established in 1814, Kazan State Medical University is a multifunctional and multileveled state institution which provides higher education in medicine. KSMU is situated at the heart of Kazan; the surrounding area of KSMU is occupied by a number of other prominent institutions, which includes Kazan State Technical University, Lobachevsky Library, Tatar State University of Humanities & Education, Kazan State University.

Many foreigner students from all over the world come to acquire medical education at Kazan State Medical University. KSMU offers its amenities to the students of all nationality and religions. Today KSMU has more than 5,500 medical students, clinical residents, and interns.

Around 24000 students including the international students from 49 countries have educated from Kazan State Medical University. The degrees of KSMU are renowned by World Health Organization (WHO) and also from the Medical Council of India. It is the most renowned university in Russia from where thousands of the Indian students have graduated in past & presently has above 800 students being Indians are learning MBBS in Russia The university aims to prepare specialists in a variety of medical fields and expand proficient and confident students who are capable to hold all the phases of their career profitably.

The university comes up with the facilities of all the required equipment and amenities to serve the superior stage of medical education.  Kazan State Medical University has 58 highly developed lecture halls and all kind of services in order to provide top-notch education such as laboratory with DVD, computers, Television, projectors, printers, video cameras, scanners, copy machine and libraries with huge collection of technical books to help students in their medical field and acquire high class knowledge.

The Kazan State Medical University (KSMU) works for the betterment of students. It offers the learning curriculums supporting individuals in the free development & serves quality education to every coming candidate in spite of the religion, nationality or political condition.

Moreover, there are topmost numbers of general hospitals in the academy with the facility of 9000+ beds, together with 4500 therapeutic, 1500 surgical, 2100 pediatric & 440 gynecological beds.

The university also serves the facility of preserve hostels for the accommodation of international students from all corner of the world.

Faculties of Kazan State Medical University

Amongst all faculties of KSMU, the medical faculty of Kazan draws the most number of international students every year. This faculty is available in both English and Russian instruction mediums.

  • Faculty of Medical
  • Faculty of Prophylactic Medicine
  • Faculty of Pediatric
  • Faculty of Dental
  • Faculty of Pharmaceutical
  • Faculty of Social Work and Management
  • Faculty of Nursing Faculty


Fee Structure (Per Year)

  • Tuition Fee: 5600$ – 6200$
  • Hostel Fee (Per year): 300 $
  • Medical Insurance fee: 100 $


Best Hotels to stay near Kazan Medical State University, Russia

  • Club Hotel Corona
  • Park Inn by Radisson Kazan
  • Hotel Bulgar
  • Hotel Lampa
  • Maksim Gorkiy Hotel
  • Grand Hotel Kazan
  • Suleiman Palace Hotel
  • Castro Hotel Complex

Tourist places near Kazan Medical state university (KSMU)

  • Church of All Saints Resplendent in the Kazan Land
  • Zagadke Shurale Monument
  • Museum of Samovar
  • Lutheran Church of St. Catherine
  • Movie Theater Rodina
  • Nicholas Cathedral
  • Lux Gallery
  • Suvar Plaza

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