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By Aditya pandey | General knowledge | Sep 27, 2019
hello law aspirants,

today we will be explaining about the constitution of India .if you are preparing for any type of law examination you should read all articles about Indian constitution. If you are looking for a career in law, check out the overview of top law entrance exam in India. Here we are providing all the knowledge which will be helpful in your law preparation.

check out all the details given below to ace the exam.


The constitutional law of India

  1. Meaning and nature of constitutional law

  2. Basic features of the Indian constitution

  • Nature of Indian constitution

  • Federal features

  • Unitary features

  1. Fundamental rights (articles 12 to 35 )

  • general characteristics of fundamental rights

  • definition of state (article 12)

  • right to equality (article 14)

  • prohibition against discrimination on the ground only of religion, race, etc

  • Right to freedom (article 19- 22)

  • Protection of life and personal liberty (article 21)

  • The constitutional validity of death penalty in india

  • Right to education (21 –A)

  • Protest against arrest and detention (article 22)

  • Right against exploitation (article 23- 24 )

  • Right to freedom of religion (article 25-28)

  • Cultural and educational rights ( article 29-30)

  • Right to constitutional remedies (articles 32 )

  1. Directive principle of state policy (articles36-51 )

  2. Fundamental duties (article 51 – A)

  3. The union (article 52-151)

  • Union executive (articles 52-76)

  • Union parliament (articles 79-122)

  • Union judiciary (articles 124-147)


  1. The states (articles 152-237)

  2. Relationship between the union and the states (articles 245-263)

  3. Finance , property, contracts and suits (articles 264 -300-A)

  4. Trade commerce and intercourse within the territory of india (articles 301-307)

  5. Service under the union and states (articles 308-323)

  6. Elections (articles 324-329-A)

  7. Emergency provisions (articles 352-360)

  • emergency under article 352

  1. Amendment of the constitution (articles 368)

  2. Temporary, transitional and special provisions (articles 369-392)

  3. Short title and commencement authoritative text in Hindi and repeals (articles 393-395)




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