March 2018 national and important days

India country  fulfill of culture and festivals. There are we celebrate the most important days and festivals. Everyone has all information of our important days and dates in india, and this list will help you for understanding the days and dates of both national . These events are mainly for spreading the awareness for social issues and helps society to develop.

04 March – National Safety Day : –   National Safety Day is celebrating on 04 March. In this day National Safety Council (NSC) of India was established. It has been setup to educate and influence society appropriate policies, practices and procedures for preventing and reducing human suffering from all type of accidents.

08 March- International Women’s Day: International woman day is generally celebrated in the first week of march. Date may vary from country to country and may change as well. March 2018  will be celebrating on 07 march 2018.This special day provides an opportunity to celebrate the progress made to advance equality for woman to access the challenges that remain.


09 March- WORLD KIDNEY DAY: World Kidney Day  celebrate all over the world on 8th of March. World Kidney Day is a global health campaign, which is celebrated every year. It is celebrate worldwide  on the 2ndThursday of March. It was started celebrating in the year 2006 by the 66 countries which were increased to become 88 countries in just 2 year.


12 March- Dandi March Day:  Dandi March Day 2018 is celebrate on 12th of March. Dandi  is a Salt March which is named after the Salt Satyagraha revolution in India during the Indian Independence Movement. The Salt March has also been named as the White Flowing River as this campaign was run by people wearing white khadi.


18 March-Ordnance Factories Day: Ordnance Factories Day is celebrate all over India on 18th March every year. The production of the oldest Ordnance Factory of India, which is located at Cossipore, Kolkata was commenced on 18thMarch 1802. On this occasion, the Ordnance Factory, Field Gun Factory, Small Arms Factory, Ordnance Parachute Factory and Ordnance Equipment Factory acknowledge the day with great pomp.


21 March- World Forestry Day: The World Forestry Day was established in the year 1971 at the 23rd General Assembly of European Confederation of Agriculture. And it was decided to be celebrated as an annual event celebration on 21st of March by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. World Forestry Day was established in the Conference of States members of Food and Agriculture Organization by voting to establish it.

22 March-World Water Day : World Water Day is celebrated  on 22nd of March by the people all across the world. The day was established to be celebrated as an annual event in the year 1993 by the decision of the United Nations General Assembly. This campaign was declared as a World Day for Water to be celebrated on 22nd of March each year to increase the awareness among the people about the importance, need and conservation of water.

23 March- Martyrs Day: Martyrs day is celebrat on 23th march  every year as on the same day, Mahatma Gandhi  was assassinated in the year 1948 before the sunset during the evening prayers. He was a great freedom fighter of the India and counted as the greatest amongst the lakhs and lakhs of martyrs. He did a very hard work throughout his life for the independence, welfare and development of the India. 23th of March is the martyr day of the Mahatma Gandhi which was declared by the Government of India as the Martyrs’ Day.


24 March -World TB Day: World TB Day is celebrate on 24 march every year. This day  established as an annual event to be celebrated by the people to aware them about the basic and essential knowledge of tuberculosis, causes, prevention and cure of this disease to get prevented and eradicate this disease from the world. It is very necessary to aware people of all group and field about this epidemic disease to take precautions. All the people at workplace or at home should be encouraged about their health maintenance and must know about the prevention from tuberculosis.


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