Lomonosov Moscow State University| Top Courses, Fee Structure & Nearby places

By Siksha Raturi | Worlds Universities | Oct 20, 2017
Established in 12th of January 1755, Lomonosov Moscow State University or Московский государственный университет имени М. В. Ломоносова is the largest and oldest of all universities in Russia. The 39 faculties along with the 15 research centers are excellent. The huge campus of the academic center also includes 380 departments, 4 museums, publishing gardens, botanical gardens, and Science Park. The Higher School of Television and faculty of Chemistry & Physics have been opened in recent times. The academy also includes several faculties like Faculties of History, Economics, Philology, Journalism, Sociology, and Psychology. A correspondence degree course is also offered by the Faculty of Journalism. Annually, with roughly 40, 000 foreigner students including postgraduates and part-timers students make admittance to the university. The staff of the academy includes more than 8, 500 lecturers research associates and associates professors.

Moscow State University is considered as the strongest in mathematics & natural science where its ranking is consigned between 38 & 75 in the world. MGU union with the leading global organizations such as UNESCO, The World Bank and is associated with many international associations, The University has signed more than 300 agreements with the universities many continents.

Faculties or Programs offered by Moscow State University

  • Faculty Of Bioengineering And Bioinformatics

  • Faculty Of Biology

  • Faculty Of Economics

  • Faculty Of Global Studies

  • Faculty Of Biotechnology

  • Faculty Of Chemistry

  • Faculty Of Computational Mathematics And Cybernetics

  • Faculty Of Educational Studies

  • Faculty Of Journalism

  • Business School

  • Faculty Of Foreign Languages

  • Faculty Of Fine And Performing Arts

  • Faculty Of Fundamental Medicine

  • Faculty Of Fundamental Physical-Chemical Engineering

  • Faculty Of Geology

  • Faculty Of Geography

  • Faculty Of Physics

  • Faculty Of History

  • Faculty Of Law

  • Faculty Of Materials Science

  • Faculty Of Mechanics And Mathematics

  • Faculty Of Philology

  • Faculty Of Philosophy

  • Faculty Of Political Science

  • Faculty Of Psychology

  • Faculty Of Public Administration (School Of Public Administration)

  • Faculty Of Sociology

  • Faculty Of World Politics

  • Graduate School Of Management And Innovation

  • Graduate School Of Public Administration

  • Soil Science Faculty

  • Higher School Of Modern Social Sciences

  • Higher School Of Policy In Culture And Administration In Humanities

  • Higher School Of State Audit

  • Moscow School Of Economics

  • Higher School Of Translation/Interpreting

  • Higher School Of Television Studies

  • Institute Of Asian And African Studies

  • Graduate School Of Innovative Business


Fee Structure at MGU:

The fee structure of MGU for per year or 2 semesters (both graduate and post-graduate) is around 5000 US $.


Supplementary cost for accommodation, Meals, Transportation and Medical Health:

Transportation Cost – 30 to 35 US $

Accommodation cost – The cost depends on the type of lodging. It will cost around 300 to 600 US $

Medical Insurance in MGU – 150 US $ Per Semester

Meal cost – The breakfast, lunch & dinner at Moscow State University cost around 10- 20 USD $ per day.


Places to visit near Lomonosov Moscow State University

  • The Earth Science Museum

  • Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy Gory)

  • Great Moscow State Circus on Vernadskogo

  • State Darwin Museum

  • Victory Museum


Best hotels to stay near Lomonosov Moscow State University

  • Hotel Universitetskaya

  • Warsaw Hotel

  • Korston Club Hotel Moscow

  • Spektr Hotel

  • Yunost Hotel




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