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20+most important physics GK Questions and answers for Competitive exams

By Vikash Suyal | General Science | Aug 07, 2015

This article has covered 20+ fundamental physics GK Questions with useful answer for SSC,UPSC and other Goverment competitive Exams.

The modern era is the science era, and physics is considered one of the core components of science. Generally, the scientific study and their rational representation of the natural phenomena occuring around us is know as Physics or Natural Science.It is essential to have a solid understanding of Physics GK in order to perform well in General Science.

Physics GK Questions have always come first,whether you are studying for a competitive Exam or an Entrance  Exams.We are here with most frequently asked Physics GK Questins and Answers to help you understand the basic concept.


Q1. Under which category Magnetic, electrostatic and gravitational forces come? 

Ans.Non-contact forces.

Q2.By which Singal a television channel is characterised? 

Ans.Frequency of transmitted signal.

Q3.What is a good conductor while carrying current? 

Ans.Electrically neutral.

Q4.What is the device used for measuring the wavelength of X-rays? 

Ans.Bragg Spectrometer.

Q5.Which is responsible for the working of Newton's colour disc experiment? 

Ans.Persistence of vision.

Q6.Who is the founder, of quantum theory of radiation? 


Q7.What is Photon? 

Ans.The fundamental unit/quantum of Light.

Q8.When does a liquid disturbed by stirring cometo rest? 

Ans.Due to Viscosity.

Q9.No matter how far you stand from a mirror, your image appears erect, How is the mirror likely to be? 

Ans.Either plane or convex.

Q10.Why does white light into its components? 

Ans.Due to dispersion.

Q11.What type of lenses are used in movie projectors? 


Q12.During which radioactivity radiation is not emitted? 

Ans.Cathode rays.

Q13.An object is undergoing a non-accelerated motion. What is Its rate of change in momentum? 


Q14.A particle is moving freely. Then its

Ans.kinetic energy is always greater than zero.

Q15.If an object undergoes a uniform circular motion, then What will be? 

Ans.Its velocity changes.

Q16.In how many hours does geostationary satellite complete its one revolution around the earth? 

Ans.24 hours.

Q17.MCB, which cuts off the electricity supply in case of short-circuiting, on which effect does it work? 

Ans.Magnetic effect of current.

Q18.Due to which Phenomenon are advanced sunrise and delayed sunset found in the sky? 

Ans.Refraction of sunlight.

Q19.Due to which Phenomenon is the formation of colours in soap bubbles?

Ans.Interference of light.

Q20.On which principle a pressure cooker works? 

Ans.Elevation of boiling point of water by application of pressure.

Q21.Why does pressure of a gas increases due to increase of its temperature? 

Ans.Kinetic energies of die gas molecules are higher.

Q22.By which Newton’s may the weight of an object be assigned? 

Ans.Laws of gravitation

Q23.With which field is a current carrying conductor associated? 

Ans.A magnetic field.

Q24.On which the linear expansion of a solid rod is independent? 

Ans.On its time of heat flow.

Q25.Which doesn't have any effect on velocity of sound? 


Q26.In which network, all devices are connected to a device called a' hub and they communicate through it?  

Ans.Star network.

Q27.A motor vehicle is moving in a circle with a uniform speed. Where will be the net acceleration of the vehicle? 

Ans.Towards the centre of circle.

Q28.Which property of a proton may change while it moves freely in a magnetic field? 


Q29.During sunrise and sunset, why does sun appears reddish-orange? 

Ans.Reddish-orange light is least scattered by the atmosphere.

Q30.Why are ball bearings used in bicycles, cars, etc? 

Ans.The effective area of contact between the wheel and axle is reduced.

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