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NDA 2016 Previous year GK Questions Answers Download

Today, we are sharing the NDA 2016 previous year General knowledge question answers for the candidate who is preparing the first time for the NDA exam. These NDA GK questions answer list is shared by Ground zero Defense Coaching Institute Dehradun.

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  1. What is required for each chemical reaction in cellular respiration? Specific enzyme

  2. In which zone the most diverse oceanic community are present?                 Littoral zone

  3. Which property of mental allows it to be drawn into wire? Ductility

  4. During which phase of cell cycle protein synthesis occurs? Interphase

  5. What are veins chiefly composed of in vascular plants? Xylem and phloem

  6. The continuous water column moves upward because it is under Tension

  7. The energy source that drives the upward flow of water is Solar heat

  8. As alloy in which one of the components mental is mercury is called: Amalgam

  9. A chemical process in which one is heated in the presence of air at a temperature below its melting point is called :

    1. Roasting

  10. The protein used in paper coasting is: Casein

  11. The phenomenon of conversion of sunlight into electrical energy is called: Photoelectric Effect

  12. Cinnabar is one of: Mercury

  13. The study of blood vascular system including arteries and veins is called: Angiology

  14. DDT which is used as insecticide stand for Dichlorodisphenyltrichloro ethane

  15. The largest group of plant kingdom is: Thalophyta

  16. Bacteria was discovered by: Antony von Leeuwenhoek in 1683

  17. The process of digestion of food passes through the stage of :

    1. Ingestion, digestion, absorption, assimilation, and defecation

  18. One byte consists of Eight bits

  19. ENIAC was An electronic computer

  20. There are several primary categories of procedures. Which of the following is not a primary category of procedures?

    1. Firewall development

  21. All of the logic and mathematical calculation is done by the computer happens in/on the

    1. Central processing unit

  22. The connection between your computer at home and your local ISP is called The home page

  23. Where was India’s first computer installed? India Statistical Institution , Calcutta

  24. Hydrogen bomb is based on the principle of Uncontrolled fusion reaction

  25. Which type of glass is used for making glass reinforced plastic? Fibreglass

  26. What is the commonly used unit for measuring the speed of data transmission? Bits per second

  27. Which is not included in the basic function of the operating system? Job Control

  28. aquaphobia is the term associated with Water

  29. The universal blood group donor for all groups is: Blood Group O

  30. The blood group which is universal recipient is: Blood Group AB

  31. The Vitamin which has cyanocobalamin is: Vitamin B12

  32. The Chemical name of Vitamin D is: Calciferol

  33. Which human gland does secret growth hormone? Pituitary gland

  34. Farad is measuring unit of Electrical Capacitance

  35. Photometer is the scientific instrument which measures Intensity of Light

  36. Who invented Polio Vaccine: Jonas E. Salk

  37. Insititute for Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences is Located in New Delhi

  38. The instrument which graphically records physiological movement (e.g., blood pressure/heartbeat) is known as :

    1. Kymograph

  39. Who invented Ball-Point pen? Biro in 1938

  40. The instrument which measures strength of electric current is: Ammeter

  41. One Angstrom is equal to 10-10 meter

  42. Astronomical distance is measured in Lightyear

  43. Dynamite, Tri-Nitro Toluene (TNT), Tri- Nitro Benzene (TNP) and RDX are all used as Explosives

  44. The heaviest element is? Osmium

  45. The opposition offered by a conductor to the flow of current through it is called: Resistance

  46. Which of the weather conditions is indicated by sudden fall in barometer reading? Stormy Weather

  47. In India, National Science Day is observed on February 28

  48. Dry Ice is: Solid carbon dioxide

  49. WIMAX is related to Communication Technology

  50. Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar awards are given for outstanding contribution in the field of Science

  51. The main constituent of Biogas is: Methane

  52. Haematology is the study of disease of Blood

  53. The instrument used for measuring blood pressure is called:                         Sphygmomanometer

  54. Dim-vision in the evening and night results from the deficiency of Vitamin A

  55. What does airbag, used for the safety of car driver, contain? Sodium azide

  56. Complete loss of memory is called: Amnesia

  57. In Indian National Science Day is observed on February 28

  58. Nuclear Fuel Complex is located in: Hyderabad

  59. Calciferol is the chemical name of Vitamin D

  60. Vitamins were discovered by: Sir F. G. Hopkins

  61. The Vitamins which are soluble in fat are: Vitamin A, D, E and K

  62. Which Law states that at constant temperature and pressure the volume of a gas is directly proportional to the number of molecules?

  63. Avogadro’s gas law

  64. The non-metal which has atomic number 6 and mass number 12 is: Carbon

  65. Which acid is found in apples? Maleic acid

  66. The refrigerator was invented by: Harrison

  67. The instrument which measures the components of solar radiation is:                  Pyrheliometer

  68. Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) is located in Hyderabad

  69. National Institute of Hydrology is located in Roorkee

  70. Otolaryngologist is the specialist who treats the disorders of Nose, Throat, and Ear

  71. Ampere is the measuring unit of Electric Current

  72. The branch of science which studies the tissues of living body is called Biopsy

  73. The instrument which measures the relative density of liquids is called                 Hygroscope

  74. Measles, Small Pox, Poliomyelitis, Rabies, and Encephalitis are all the diseases caused by Virus

  75. Cyanocobalamin is the chemical name of Vitamin B-12

  76. World Telecommunication Day is observed on May 17

  77. The use of Computers in Governance is called: E-Governance

  78. Mutation was discovered by Hugo de Vries

  79. Siren in is a sex hormone produced by Fungus

  80. Mitochondria are present in all calls, except Bacteria

  81. Gas released during Bhopal gas tragedy was Methyl Isocyanate

  82. Steel is mainly alloy of Iron and Carbon

  83. Parkinson’s disease is characterized by the loss of nerve cells in the: Cerebral Cortex


  85. The opening ceremony of the 16th Asian Games Kicked off at Haixinsha Island in Guangzhou, China

  86. Which team won the Durand Cup Football Tournament for the year 2010? Chirag United SC

  87. Who was adjudged the best woman athlete of the XIXth Commonwealth Games 2010? Trecia Smith of Jamaica

  88. Who was adjudged the ‘Man of the series’ for the ODI series between India and Australia which ended in October 2010?

    1. Virat Kohli

  89. Which country tops the FIFA Ranking issued on October 20, 2010? Spain

  90. Which country won the CONCACAF Women’s Championship on November 8, 2010? Canada

  91. With which games or sport is Haile Gebrselassieassociated? Marathon

  92. Who was defeated by David Ferrer in the final of Valencia Open Tennis title on November7 , 2010 at Valencia, Spain?

    1. Marcel Granollers

  93. How many players are there in/on each side of Water Polo team?               Seven

  94. What should be the circumference of the Ball of/in the game of Basketball? 75-78 cm

  95. Modi Gold Cup is associated with: Hockey

  96. Baulk line, Break , Botting , Cannon, Cup Cue are the terms associated with:        Billiards

  97. Badminton is the national games of Indonesia

  98. In 2011 which state won prestigious Ranji Trophy Tournament ? Rajasthan

  99. Sydney International Title of Tennis in January 2011 was won by: China’s Li Na

  • Who was declared the Castrol Indian Cricketer of the Year in January 2011? Kapil Dev, Virendra Sehwag, and Sachin Tendulkar

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