NDA Top 20 GK Most Important Questions

By robin bhandari | General knowledge | May 30, 2019
Today we share with you "NDA Top 20 GK Most Important Questions"  these questions help you while preparing for NDA.  These are some Important question which helps you in NDA Exam & for other Government Exams. These Questions are given by Sai Defence Academy 


 NDA Top 20 GK most Important Question (1-10)

Q: 1: Bharat Ratana awarded by whose prime ministers?

Ans:  Atal Bihari Vajpayee


Q: 2: What’s the name of Bricks Bank?

Ans: NDB (New Development Bank)


Q: 3: What’s the full form of TCP in terms of Network?

Ans: Transfer Control Protocol


Q: 4: What’s the name of the largest moon of Pluto?

Ans: Charon.


Q: 5: Narendra Modi meets Nawaz Shariff to Surprise him at_

Ans: Pakistan


Q: 6: Who’s the CEO of Google?

Ans: Mr. Sundar Pichai


Q: 7: Who’s the 1st human who travel into space?

Ans: Yuri Gagarin


Q: 8: Which’s the official language of Afghanistan?

Ans:  Pashto, Dari


Q:9: Lalita Babar is related to which sports?

Ans: Athletics


Q:10: Cricket World Cup is held by which Organization?

Ans: ICC (International Cricket Council)


 NDA Top 20 GK most Important Question (11-20)

Q:11: What’s the full form of CEC?

Ans: Chief Election Commission


Q:12: What’s the full form of MRI?

Ans: Magnetic Resource Imaging


Q:13: When was World Cancer Day celebrate?

Ans: 4th of February


Q:14: Where’s Mecca located?

Ans: Saudi Arabia


Q:15: Who’s the head of the SBI (State Bank of India)?

Ans: Arundhati Bhattacharya


Q:16: Which country won the Maximum FIFA world football cup?

Ans: Brazil


Q:17: What’s the Blue moon?

Ans: It’s a full moon that appears in the subdivision of a year.


Q:18: What’s the Unit of force?

Ans: Newton


Q: 19: Who’s the Inventor of E-mail?

Ans:  Mr. Shiva Ayyadurai


Q:20: What do you mean Desalination?

Ans: This process of removing for dissolved salts from water to produce freshwater from seawater.


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