Science General knowledge Human body systems, 50 Important Gk question

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Human Body System: 50 Important Gk Question

  1. Which part of the human body begins the process of digestion – the mouth
  2. Why Mitro conradia is called the ” Power House cell ” – because of the synthesis and collection of ATP by cellular respiration
  3. The color of the skin in the human body is due to which pigment – melanin pigment
  4. Total volume of blood in a normal adult human being is – 5-6 liters
  5. Modula Ablongota is a which part of human body – Brain
  6. Malaria is a disease which effects the – Spleen
  7. Lukemia is a disease which is connected with human body – blood
  8. Myopia is a disease which is connected with – Eyes
  9. which blood group is called a universal doner – O Group
  10. which gland in the human body is called the masters gland – Pituitary gland
  11. which is the largest organ in the human body – skin
  12. which is the largest gland in the human body – liver
  13. which of the gland secrets tears – lachrymal
  14. The function of haemoglobin is – Transporation of oxygen
  15. Red bood corpuscles are formed in the – Bone marrow
  16. which of the vitamin helps in clotting of blood – vitamin K
  17. ECG is used for the Diagnosis of Aliments of – Hearts
  18. Dialysis is used to treat which part of the human body – Kidney failure
  19. Insulin is injected into the intestines by – Gall bladder
  20. Beri – Beri Disease is caused by the deficiency of – vitamin B1
  21. The second largest gland of the human body – Pancreas
  22. What is the main function of kidney – To remove the waste products from the body
  23. The main constitutent of hamoglobin is – Iron
  24. The largest part of human brain is – Cerebellum
  25. How many Bones are there in a newly brain infant – 300
  26. In which part of the human body is most of the digestion is completed – the small intestine
  27. Which gland controls the temperature in the human body – hypothalamus
  28. Which vitamin deficiency causes scurvy – vitamin c
  29. The formation of blood in an adult human is through – red bone marrow
  30. Which part of the eye is donated in eye donation – Cornia
  31. “Lysosom” is called a suicide patch – Lysosomes have water erosion enzyme which make external cellular and internal cellular digestion and destroy the contents of the cell membrane.
  32. The number of chromosomes in a normal human cell – 46
  33. Chromosomes that determine sex in humans are called – allosome
  34. The living part of the cell is called the organism – Protoplasm
  35. Who first used the word ” cell ” – Robert Hook
  36. Which hormone that helps in formation of RNA and protein – Cytokinin
  37. Which hormones are dwarfed by human deficiency – STH
  38. Which is the most commonly found element in the body – carbon
  39. The blood vessels that carry blood from different organs are called – Arterial
  40. Who Cells Protects From Infection In The Human Body – WBC (White blood cell )
  41. Which is the smallest gland in the human body – Pituitary gland
  42. Which is the longest bone of the human body – Femur
  43. Which rays are used in the diagnosis of intestinal disease – X rays
  44. The Life span of human WBC is about – less than 10 days
  45. Congulation of milk is done by – Rennin
  46. What is site of fertilization in himan being – Fallopian tube
  47. Which disease is caused by vitamin B deficiency – Berry Berry
  48. Trachoma disease affects which organ of the human body – Eyes
  49. By which instrument is the blood pressure of human body measured – (Sphygmomanometer)
  50. Which enzymes are found in saliva – Tylen


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