Top 100 General Ability Question Answer for NDA Exam 2018

Get the General ability questions answers for upcoming NDA exam 2018 which is posted by Ground Zero Defence Academy Dehradun.

NDA General Ability test Question Paper 2018

  1. Aurobindo Ghose, Barindra Kumar Ghose, P.Mitra,  Abinash Bhattacharya and Bhupendranath Dutta were associated with the revolutionary organization :                                                                                     AnushilanSamiti (in Bengal)
  2. The main center of GadarMoovement of 1915 was: United States of America
  3. Who brought out a paper with the title of the ‘Loyal Muhammadans of India’?
    1. Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan
  4. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was born in 1897 in Cuttack (Odisha)
  5. When did British Queen Victoria take the additional title of Empress of India? In the year 1876
  6. The Defence of India Act 1915 passed in 1915 by the Britishers was an Emergency Criminal Law
  7. Bahadur Shah Zafar was proclaimed Shenshah-e-Hindustan by the rebels on
    1. May 10, 1857
  8. Which Act passed by the Britishers effectively allowed the election of Indians to the various Legislative councils in India for the first time?
    1. Indian Councils Act 1909 (Also known Morley- Minto Reforms )
  9. The organization in the 20th session of which the Muslim League was founded in Dhaka was
    1. All India Muhammadan Educational Conference
  10. Who established in 1893 the Society for the Removal of Obstacles to the Hindu Religion?
    1. The chapekar Brothers
  11. Whom did the Britishers call the Father of India Disaffection and Biggest Traitor?
    1. Bal GangadharTilak
  12. United India Houses organized Unity among Indians in the United States of America in
    1. The year 1910
  13. Who said ‘India for Indians’? Dayanand Saraswati
  14. Who played an important role in the Gadar Movement in 1915? LalaHardayal
  15. Barindra Kumar Ghose and Bhupendranath Dutta started: The Paper Yugantar in 1906
  16. Who formed the Hindu Dharma Sangrashini Sabha in 1893? Damodar and BalkrishnaChapekar
  17. Lord Curzon announced the partition of Bengal on 16 October 1905
  18. Who wrote in ‘Hind Swaraj’-“Our leaders are divided into two parties: the moderates and the extremists. These may be considered as the slow party and the impatient party. Some call the Moderates the timid party and the Extremists the bold party” Mahatma Gandhi
  19. Whose statement is this – “the Indians should no longer be satisfied with mere mendicancy neither should they be the English for concessions”: Lala Lajpat Rai
  20. Which Indian revolutionary was called by the Britishers as ‘The Father of Indian Disaffection and biggest traitor’?
    1. Bal GangadharTilak
  21. Who was the founder of a society known as ‘AbhinavBharat’? Vinayak Damodar Savarkar
  22. MaulanaQasimNanautavi, Rashid Ahmad Gangohi, SheikhulHiindMaulana- Mahmud-ul-Hasan were the prominent figures who represented? Deoband Movement
  23. JallianwalaBagh Massacre in Amritsar took place on 13 April 1919
  24. In the history of Indian National Movement, Santhal Rebellion took place between :
    1. 1855-1856
  25. The famine which killed nearly 8 lakh people during British rule as per the report furnished b the Famine Commission of 1660 had struck: Western India in November 1876-77
  26. Swami Vivekanand established the Ramakrishna Mission in The year 1897
  27. The first President of the India National Congress was: Sir Wyomesh Chandra Banerjee
  28. Who called the revolt of 1857 as a war between barbarism and civilization ?
    1. R.Holmes
  29. Who is the author of the book ‘The Great Rebellion’? Ashok Mehta
  30. Who said, “This (the revolt 1857)was an eruption of the social volcano where many spent forces found the vent. After the eruption, the whole social topography had changed; the scars of rebellion remained deep and shining”
    1. Ashok Mehta
  31. Sir Kumar Ghosh, Shambhuchand Mukherjee, Kali Mohan Das and Jogesh Chandra Dutt were editors of:
    1. Amrit Bazar Patrika
  32. Which of the British Acts provided for the establishment of All India Federation at the center ?
    1. The Government of India, Act 1935
  33. Ashfaqullah Khan, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Ram Prasad Bismil, Rajendra Lahiri, Roshan Singh and SachindranathSanyal were all associated with: The Kakori Conspiracy (1925)
  34. Raja Rammohan Roy founded Brahma Samaj on: 20 August 1828
  35. Gandhiji launched the Non- Cooperation Movement in The year 1920
  36. Swami SahajanandSaraswati was the first President of
    1. All India Kisan Mahasabha formed in Lucknow
  37. Partition of Bengal was revoked in 1911 during the Viceroyalty of: Lord Hardinge
  38. Quit India Movement began on: August 9, 1942
  39. Under which document was the separate electorate granted for Muslims?
    1. Morley Minto Reforms
  40. Lucknow Pact of 1916 was between: Indian Muslim League and Indian National Congress
  41. During the tenure of which Governor-General was the resolution of total independence passed?
    1. Bombay
  42. Who regarded Gopal Krishna Gokhale as his Political guru Mahatma Gandhi
  43. Abhinav Bharat organized in 1904 was: A secret society of revolutionary activists
  44. Bal GangadharTilak introduced the slogan ‘Swaraj is my birthright’ in The year 1906
  45. Lala Lajpat Rai was also known as Sher-e-Punjab
  46. Sri Aurobindo Ghosh was born in the year: 1872
  47. ‘Doctrine of Passive Resistance’ was published in the daily Bande Mataram in :
    1. April 1907 by Sri Aurobindo Ghosh
  48. Who said “Curzon’s partition of Bengal gave unwitting initiative to events of such magnitude which returned many years later to port with the cargo of freedom”: S. Gopal
  49. The Hindu DharamaSangrakshini Sabha was formed in 1893
  50. Who founded Abhinav Bharat ? D. Savarkar
  51. The two names who were associated with the publication of the paper ‘yugantar’ are :
    1. Barindra Kumar Ghose and Bhupendranath Dutta
  52. Delhi was formally declared the future capital of the British India in 1911
  53. The year which is associated with the Gadar Movement is: 1915
  54. Individual Satyagraha was started on October 17, 1940
  55. In order to secure cooperation India, the British government in the midst of worsening wartime international situation sent Cripps Mission to India In 1942
  56. During individual Satyagraha in 1940, the third satyagrahi to offer satyagraha was
    1. Brahma Dutt
  57. In accordance with provision of the Government of India Act, 1935 election to the provincial Legislatures were held in
    1. February 1937
  58. Under the Government of India Act 1935, it was decided to establish
    1. A Federation of India Consisting of Governor’s provinces and the Princely States
  59. The First Round Table Conference was held on November 12, 1930
  60. After the suspension of the Non-cooperation movement, who were called pro-changers in the Congress?
    1. Motilal Nehru and Chittaranjan Das
  61. Subhash Chandra Bose Formed Forward Block in The year 1939
  62. Who called the 1857 revolt as ‘Student-Farmer-Middle class Revolt’? Amba Prasad
  63. Justice C. Y. Chintamani called Government of India Act 1935? Lame Federation
  64. The Cabinet Mission arrived in Delhi on March 24, 1946
  65. The British Government declared Communist Party of India illegal in 1934
  66. The India people ply people’s role in the people’s war was the slogan of Communist Party of India
  67. Individual Satyagraha-symbolic and non-violent in nature was started o: October 17, 1940
  68. Which slogan was given by the Congress in opposition to British Government involving India in Second World War in 1939 without consulting the people of India? Na Koi bhai, na koi pai
  69. In the elections held is 1937 under the provisions of the Government of India Act of 1935 Congress Ministries were formed in
    1. Seven States
  70. Who criticized the Government of India Act 1935 as “thoroughly rotten, fundamentally bad, and totally unacceptable”?
    1. Mohammad Ali Jinnah
  71. Under which British Act was the provision to establish of Governor’s provinces and Princely states made?
    1. Government of India Act 1935
  72. When was Poona Pact between Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. B. R. Ambedkar signed?
    1. In 1932
  1. Non-performing assets of public sector banks during the last quarter of the financial year 2009-10 have shown an increase. What does it indicate?
    1. More loans and advance accounts of banks are becoming irregular in payment
  2. What is the maximum permissible investment in plant and machinery to qualify as a medium scale industry?
    1. Rs 10 crore
  3. RBI’s emblem carries the sketch of a tiger and a tree. What kind of tree is depicted in this emblem?
    1. Plam tree
  4. Mutual fund investors are required to pay charges when they wise to take out their funds. What are these charges?
    1. Exit load
  5. What does Power Finance Corporation (PFC) do?
    1. Provides loans for various power projects in generation and transmission
  6. RBI has decided to circulate ‘Plastic Currency Notes’ in the market by the end of
    1. 2010
  7. Why the Government of India introduced the Voluntary Retirement Scheme in industrial Policy Resolution, 1991?
    1. For reducing the pressure of extra employees on public sector enterprises
  8. When was Targeted Public Distribution System adopted? From June 1997
  9. For the year 2010-11, the disinvestment target set by the government is Rs 30000 crore
  10. Where is the headquarters of SIDBI situated? Lucknow
  11. National Old Age Pension Scheme (NOAPS) which was originally launched in 1995 has been renamed :
    1. Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme
  12. In accmodance with the Directive Principles of State Policy,— the Government of India introduced in 1995 :
    1. National Social Assistance Programme
  13. Which scheme was launched in October 2000 by the State Bank of India for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and Overseas Corporate Bodies (OCBs)? India Millennium Deposit (IMD) Scheme
  14. Security Printing Press is located in Hyderabad
  15. For the note issue in India, the Reserve Bank of India has adopted Minimum Reserve System
  16. The First National Commission on Labours was constituted on December 24, 1966
  17. Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices (MRTP) Act was passed in 1969
  18. The Government has currently conferred Maharatna status of 4 Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) namely
    1. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd ., NTPC Ltd., and Steel Authority of India Ltd .,
  19. BIFR stands for Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction
  20. ‘Innovation Lab has been Launched by Tata Consultancy services
  21. ‘Development and Climate Change’ is the theme of World Development Report 2010
  22. The National Stock Exchange Function from Mumbai
  23. The state having the lowest Maternal Mortality Rate in Kerala
  24. Which organization publishes World Investment Report? UNCTAD
  25. The purpose Steel Plant of POSCO (Pohang Steel Company) is to be established in Jagatsinghpurdistt. Of Odisha. To which country does POSCO belong? South Kores
  26. When was National Saving Scheme (NSS)-92 abolished? Nov 1, 2001
  27. ‘Micro-finance Bill’ 2007 is concerned with NABARD
  • Which Five Year Plan has achieved its growth targets? 8th plan

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