Top 20 GK Question Bank for NDA Exam

Today we share with you “Top 20 GK Question Bank for NDA Exam” these questions help you in cracking NDA Exam. These GK Questions help you in for any Government exams too. This Question is given by Sai Defence Academy


NDA Best Question for Exam (1-10)

Q: 1: Where’s NASA Headquarters located?

Ans: Washington DC


Q: 2: What’s Gun powder consists of?

Ans: Potassium nitrate


Q:3: Which’s the largest stadium in America?

Ans: Michigan Stadium


Q:4: Where’s Statue of Liberty is located in?

Ans: New York, USA


Q:5: Who’s the Man tournament of the world cup in the year 2011?

Ans: Yuvraj Singh


Q: 6: Where’s the city of Nile River is in?

Ans: Khartoum


Q:7: What do you mean by Biodiversity?

Ans: It’s a variety of life


Q:8: The Law of Inertia was given by whom?

Ans: Newton


Q:9: What’s the full form of ISI?

Ans: Inter-Service Intelligence


Q:10: What gameplay PV Sindhu?

Ans: Badminton Player


NDA Best Question for Exam (11-20)

Q:11: Which country won in the Rugby game in the year 2015?

Ans: New Zealand


Q:12: Who invent WWW (World Wide Web)?

Ans: Tim Berners Lee


Q:13: What’s the Rank of India in the Human Development Index?

Ans: 130


Q:14: Who’s the first woman Doctor in the world?

Ans: Elizabeth Blackwell


Q:15: What’s the national game of China?

Ans: Table Tennis


Q:16: What do you mean by UPS?

Ans: Uninterrupted Power Supply


Q:17: Who’s the Gold medal Boxer of Asia?

Ans: Mary Kom


Q:18:  What’s Korea currency?

Ans: South Korean won


Q:19: Who Invented X rays?

Ans: Roentgen


Q:20: Who’s the last ruler of the Maurya dynasty?

Ans: Brihadratha Maurya


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