Top 20 GK Question for NDA Exam Preparation

Top 20 GK Question for NDA Exam Preparation


Today we’re sharing with you ” Top 20 GK Question for NDA Exam Preparation”, these Questions help you in Examination preparation of NDA & these Question help you clearing of Govt. Exams. These Questions are given by Sai Defense Academy.


 NDA Best, GK Question for Exam (1-10)

1: Which organ in human bodies is removed nitrogenous compounds from the blood?

Ans: Kidney


2: What we call the study of Soil?

Ans: Pedagogy


3: Aryabhatta was launched in which year?

Ans: In the year 1975


4: At the time of Rain which smell comes are known as_

Ans: Ozone


5: Who’s chairman of the human rights commission?

Ans: HL Dattu


6: How many balls are in snooker game?

Ans: 22 no. of Balls


7: Who did the fastest century in a test cricket match?

Ans: Brendon Mccullum


8: In which year Delhi is made India Capital?

Ans: In the year 1911


9: What’s the Full form of NSA?

Ans: National Security Agency.


10: Balloons are filled by which gas?

Ans: Helium.


NDA Best GK Question for Exam (11-20)

11: In which year Poona pact was signed?

Ans: In the year 1932


12: When SEBI (Stock Exchange Board of India) was established?

Ans: It was established in the year 1988 & get statutory power on 30th Jan 1992 through SEBI Act 1992.


13: Who was the 1st Female Muslim PM (Prime Minister) in the World?

Ans: Benazir Bhutto.


14: What’s the Atomic no. of Oxygen?

Ans: 8 no. of Atom in Oxygen.


15: The 2nd Airport are in the Capital of Delhi_

Ans: Bhiwadi


16: Who’s the first cashless Country?

Ans: Sweden


17: In Which year Indian Hockey Team won in the Olympic game?

Ans: In the year 1928.


18: In the year 2015 “Gyan Peeth Award” are given for which book?

Ans: Amruta


19: The First animal who goes into space orbit?

Ans: Dog “Laika”


20: Who’s the Real founder of the Gupta Dynasty?

Ans: Chandragupta Maurya


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