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Top 20 GK Questions for NDA Exam Preparation

By robin bhandari | General knowledge | May 30, 2019

Today we share with you “ Top 20 GK Questions for NDA Exam Preparation” these important NDA Questions help you in clearing off your exams. These questions are given by the  Sai Defense Academy.


NDA Best Question Bank for Exam (1-10)

 1: Where’s Kundankulam nuclear power plant?

Ans: Tamil Nadu


Q:2: What’s the full form of DVD?

Ans: Digital Video/ Versatile Disc


Q:3: What we call to study of Map?

Ans: Cartography


Q: 4: How many players in Volley ball team?

Ans: Six number of Players.


Q:5: What’s the name of first computer programmer?

Ans: Ada Lovelace


Q:6: What we know to study of Spider?

Ans: Arachnology


Q:7: What’s the capital of Arunachal Pradesh?

Ans: Itanagar


Q:8: Where’s Kanha National Park?

Ans: Madhya Pradesh


Q:9: Where’s RDI (Rural Development Institute) is situated at?

Ans: Hyderabad


Q:10: What dance is popular in Tamil nadu?

Ans: Bharatnatyam


NDA Best Question Bank for Exam (11-20)

Q: 11: When World Population Day is celebrated?

Ans: 11th of July


Q:12: What’s the currency of Myanmar?

Ans: Burmese Kyat


Q:13: Who’s the winner of the 2015 Cricket Asia cup?

Ans: India


Q:14: Where was 2nd Battle of Panipat?

Ans: 1556


Q:15: The father of Modern Genetics is_

Ans: Gregor Mendel


Q:16: Who’s the founder of the Swaraj Party?

Ans: Chit Ranjan Das


Q:17: What’s the name of Laughing gas?

Ans: Nitrous Oxide


Q:18: What’s Calcium Hydroxide?

Ans: Lime water


Q:19: When was Microsoft founded?

Ans: In the year 1975


Q:20: When was Startup India launch?

Ans: In the year 2016

Thanks for Visiting, I hope you like it. For more NDA Related Question please check it out some other posts.
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