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Top 20 Latest GK Question for NDA Exams

By robin bhandari | General knowledge | May 29, 2019
Today we’re going to share you about “Top 20 Latest GK Question for NDA Exams” these Questions help you while cracking of NDA Exams. These Top 20 GK Questions help you in every Government Exams. This post is submitted by Sai Defence Academy.


Top 20 Latest GK Question for NDA ( 1-10)

Q:1: Who’s the CEO of Wipro?

Ans:  Abidali Neemuchwala


Q:2: Which’s the Egypt largest one pyramid?

Ans: The Great Pyramid of Giza.


Q:3: Where’s the first solar-powered airport in India?

Ans: Kochi


Q:4: Who’s the Inventor of Dynamite?

Ans: Alfred


Q:5: Which’s known as the nerve Centre of any computer?

Ans: Arithmetic Logic Unit


Q:6: Who're the first Chinese woman went to space?

Ans: Liu Yang


Q:7: Who Pass Railway Budget in the year 1947?

Ans: Mr. John Mathai


Q:8: Who’s the Inventor of Video Games?

Ans: Mr. Ralph Henry Baer


Q:9: Where’s the museum of Nobel Prizes?

Ans: Sweden.


Q:10: What’s the formula of Chalk?

Ans: CaCo3


Top 20 Latest GK Question for NDA ( 11-20)

Q: 11: What’s the date of the partition of India?

Ans: 15th August 1947


Q:12: What’s the full form of ATM?

Ans: Automated Teller Machine.


Q:13: What’s the formula of Ozone?

Ans: O3 is the formula of Ozone.


 Q:14: What’s the name of the Japan parliament?

Ans: Diet is the name of Japan Parliament.


Q:15: What’s the old name of Singapore?

Ans: Singa Pura


Q:16: Where’s Madurai located in which river?

Ans: Vaigai


Q:17:  Where’s the Largest Mangrove forest are in India?

Ans: Sundarbans.


Q:18: What’s the name of India’s first Supercomputer?

Ans: PARAM  8000


Q:19: Who’s the 23rd Governor of RBI (Reserve Bank of India)?

Ans: Raghuram Rajan


Q:20: Who’s the Inventor of Fountain Pen?

Ans: Petrache Poenaru


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