Top 30 Indian Ancient history questions and answer

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1-The time period of Indus Civilization was?


2-Who founded Bahmani Kingdom?


3-Which was the main metal used by the Indus Valley People?


4-Who was Amir Khusro

Ans- Poet

5-Who was the founder of Delhi?


6-The Indian Monument Hawa Mahal is in which color?

Ans-Pink Color

7-Who said it-one caste one religion  one god for man

Ans-Narayan Guru

8-Who was the first start joint stock company trade with India?


9-In 1959 Who was the first US president to visit India?

Ans-Dwight D.Eisen Hower

10-who became the first woman President of the United Nation General Assembly (UNGA) in 1953?

Ans-Vijay Laxmi Pandit

11-  What is the real name of Famous Indian Poet Munshi Premchand?

Ans- Dhanpatrai Srivastava

12-Name the Ancient port of Indus Civilization?


13-Name the four Vedas?

Ans-Rig ved

       Sam Ved

       Yajur Ved

       Athar Ved

14-From where the” Satyameva Jayate” is taken?

Ans-Mundaka Upan Ishad

15-Name the religious book of buddhism ?

Ans-Tripti Kas

16-Name the Founder of Mauryan Empire?

Ans-Chandra Gupta Maurya

17-In which place Gautam Buddha died?

Ans-Kushinagar in UP

18-The book “Arthashastra” wrote by?


19-In which year the Ashoka fought the Kalinga war?


20-Name the last king of Mauryan Empire?


21-In India who was known as the Nepoleon of India?

Ans- Samudra Gupta

22-Who founded the Chola dynasty?

Ans- Vijayalaya in 85AD

23-Who was the founder of Khilji Dynasty?


24- In India first ‘battle of panipat’ who defeated Ibrahim lodhi?

Ans- Babur in 1526

25-­­­­­­In India who laid the foundation of railways?

Ans-lord Dalhousie

26-Where did the first railway line was laid between?

Ans-Bombay and Thane in the year 1853

27-In place of Calcutta which year Delhi made the capital of India?


28-What was the capital of kosala kingdom?


29-In which Battle Alexander defeat Porus in 326b.C?


30-What was the capital of kalinga?


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