Tripadvisor. India’s No. 1 holiday planner portal.

Trip advisor is an mobile friendly application which can be downloaded in android or ios. There are millions of travelers who have downloaded the app and shared their reviews, photos and services from tripadvisor.

So, basically trip advisor is an app which allow you to book your plannings online. You can book hotel, lowest airfare, great restaurants,etc when you are planning to trip anywhere. With over more than 500 million reviews, it is one of the great platform where you can read reviews by other travelers which will give you options. App is very easy to use with one tap booking features intalled.

The TripAdvisor mobile app is absolutely free and easy to use. Some of the great features are mentioned below of the app :

• Helps to compare prices of different hotels from their sites and help to find the lowest price with the right hotel.
• Anyone can go through the app and see millions of people posting their reviews everyday. You can compare the pictures of hotels and travellers which will give you more details about the hotel.
• It willl also suggest you some of the best hotels and which are mostly liked by the travellers or visited by them.
• If you are a foodie, you can explore several restaurants or cafe near you by just going online. Explore new restaurants with reading others review and post your own review.
• It will also give some ideas where you are planning to go and what you can discover whether it is some show or some activities.
• You can find best price for air fare. It also provides coupouns time to time.
• If you have any doubts, or queries, you can get specific answer to that questions by just filling out the form.
• You can download maps, pictures, reviews etc online in this app to use it when you are offline or cant be connected to the app.

Every app/ website have its merit and some demerits. People have different opinion on it and it means that some are in favour and some against to it.
So that is why eveyone has to personally have a look on the revies by people. They can decide by themselve, which side they are. To show some of the examples, we have mentioned some of the reviews below. It is just an example which does not point on any particular thing. Here are some of the reviews given by people online :

Great travel app. I have used it many times to find places off the beaten path and outside of the standard hotel brochure stand to do fun things. Love the hotel booking feature, they find great prices that only membership to hotel clubs can beat.Have been using TripAdvisor for a long time now and this app about a year I believe. Comes handy for planning a tour thanks to all helpful people through out the world. Hopefully I am able to return the favour.. Regards!I

like trip advisor, it is better than it used to be, the timeline is a tad creepy, I can’t seem to look at a search on a map, only on a list, perhaps the functionality is there, but I can’t see it! It helps a lot when planning trips and deciding where to eat on holiday.’d like to be able to find restaurants open at a certain hour. In Stockholm, I need to check every single entry for opening hours, and when I go backwards, the map is zoomed out to the world map… would it be possible to fix? Otherwise I like the app.

The only bad I’ve really found with Trip Advisor is the review rebuttals. Especially if you give a bad review. The establishment rebuttals. But you can’t counter. Example: I went to a so-called 5 star establishment in Lapu Lapu Philippines. It’s hard to believe Movenpick is 5 stars, the opulence just isnt there. After writing a deserved bad review, the MOVENPICK replied. But in their reply , they lied. They claim an 11 course dinner, when actually it was a BUFFET. And overstated what was offered. But I guess trip advisor will let a few establishments SLIDE at the expense of people seeking the truth . Personally, I want to know the truth before dropping money on a 5 star establishment. SO BEWARE, when a badly reviewed establishment turns a bad review into marketing in their rebuttal.The app is good but the site’s policies are bad. They have an arbitrary system for reviews that can delete your reviews. I know they have been deleting reviews for people injured/drugged/assaulted in Mexico but I left a review about Ethiopian airlines and they deleted it. I gave a first hand account of how they did nothing to help us while sitting in the airport for 9 hours. That wasn’t good enough. What’s the use of they are censoring reviews? I only go to check reviews. Most people give a sanitized version of their review but you want to get some warnings, if possible. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has more on their censorship and how they’ll let you walk into a terrible experience.

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