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UKPSC Solved Assistant programmer Paper Download Now

By Vikash Suyal | Practice Set | Oct 28, 2017

Part – I COMPUTER SCIENCE  Set A Practice set

  1. Any computer is controlled by

    • Hardware (b)     Information         (c)     Instructions        (d)     Memory


2.       Storage mapping is done by
(a)     Operating System
(c)     Linker

  1. The input and output device in a computer system is

    • Printer (b)     Touch Screen     (c)     Keyboard            (d)     Mouse

  2. Computer memory consists of

    • RAM (b)     ROM                   (c)     PROM                 (d)     All of the above

  3. The BIOS is the abbreviation of

    • Best Input Output System (b)     Basic Input Output Symbol

(c)     Base Input Output System                   (d)     Basic Input Output System

  1. Which of the memory has the shortest access time ?

    • Cache Memory (b)     Virtual Memory

(c)     Secondary Memory                              (d)     All of the above

  1. What do you call a single point on a computer screen ?

    • Bit (b)     Element               (c)     Pixel                    (d)     Cell

  2. Through which of the device, the main components of Computer communicate with each other ?

    • System Bus (b)     Monitor               (c)     Memory               (d)     Keyboard

  3. The main electronic components used in fourth generation computers were

    • Integrated circuits (b)     VLSI

(c)     Vacuum tubes and valves                     (d)     None of the above

  1. The abbreviation bps stands for

    • Bytes per second (b)     Bandwidth per second

(c)     Bits per second                                    (d)     Baud rate per second

  1. The silicon chips used for data processing are called

    • ROM chips (b)     RAM chips

(c)     PROM chips                                         (d)     Microprocessor

  1. IBM PC and clones belong to the

    • Second generation (b)     Third generation

(c)     Fourth generation                               (d)     Fifth generation

  1. When a PC is started, which of the following program is executed ?

    • DOS (b)     BIOS

(c)     Startup                                                  (d)     None of the above





14.     Working area of CPU is
(a)     Program Counter(b)Instruction Register
(c)     Information Decoder(d)Accumulator

  1. Which of the following layer is not in OSI model ?

    1. Physical layer (b)     Internet layer

    2. (c) Network layer (d)       Transport layer

  2. IPv4 address is

    1. 8 bits (b)     16 bits                  (c)     32 bits                 (d)     48 bits

  3. What is the Port number for HTTP ?

    1. (a) 80      (b)                        99      (c)                        82      (d)         23

  4. Which layer of OSI model is responsible for dialog control and token management ?

    1. Physical layer (b)     Data-link layer

    2. (c) Network layer  (d)       Session layer

  5. DHCP stands for

    1. Dynamic Host Control Protocol

    2. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

    3. Dynamic Host Connection Protocol

    4. None of the above

  6. A computer network uses a star topology if

    1. Computers are arranged in closed

    2. All computers attach to a central

    3. All computers attach to a single long

    4. None of the

  7. Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) is an example of

    1. Token ring (b)     Token bus

    2. (c) Star topology   (d)       Multipoint network

  8. Error detection at the data-link layer is achieved by

    1. Bit stuffing (b)     Cyclic Redundancy check

    2. (c) Hamming codes           (d)       Equalization

  9. NIC stands for

    1. New Internet Connection (b)     Network Interface Card

    2. (c) Network Interface Connection            (d)       Net Interface Card

  10. Switch is related to

    1. Network layer (b)     Application layer

    2. (c) Session layer    (d)       Data-link layer

  11. File virus attaches itself to

    1. Backup file (b)     Source file           (c)     Object file           (d)     Executable file

  12. In asymmetric key cryptography, the private key is kept by

    1. Sender (b)     Receiver

(c)     Sender & Receiver both(d)All connected devices to the network
27.         URL stands for

(a)           Unique Reference Label


Uniform Reference Label
(c)     Uniform Resource Locator(d)Unique Resource Locator
28.         Digital signature is a

(a)           Scanned signature


Signature in binary form


(c)     Encrypting Information                     (d)     None of the above


29.         All of the following are top level domains, except

(a)           .com                (b)     .edu                      (c)     .org
30.         The first page of a website is called as

(a)           Main page       (b)     Home page          (c)     First page


Design page

  1. Which of the following protocol is used for transferring e-mail message from one machine to another ?

    • FTP (b)     SNMP                 (c)     SMTP                 (d)     RPC

  2. A computer which stores the different webpages is called as

    • Service provider (b)     Web server

(c)     Web browser                                        (d)     None of these

  1. In the e-mail address what is ‘abc’ ?

    • Client computer (b)     Server Name

(c)     Domain Name                                      (d)     User Name

  1. Google is a



(a)     LAN Navigator

(c)     Hardware Part

The main function of a browser is to

Search Engine None of the above
(a)     Compile HTML

(c)     Interpret CGI program

Interpret HTML

None of the above
36.Error reporting protocol is

(a)     ARP                (b)     TCP


UDP                    (d)

37.         HTTP is a protocol to

(a)           Copy files between computers.
(b)Transfer webpages to a browser.
(c)     Limit access to company data.(d)None of the above

  1. Telnet is a

    • Network of Telephones (b)     Television Network

(c)     Remote login                                       (d)     None of the above

  1. Which protocol is used for browsing websites ?

    • HTTP (b)     FTP                      (c)     SMTP                  (d)     TELNET

  2. Virtual memory is

    • An extremely large main

    • An extremely large secondary

    • An illusion of an extremely large

    • A type of memory used in super-computers.

  3. The delay between job submission and job completion is called

    • Turn around time (b)     In-process time

(c)     Response time                                      (d)     Waiting time

  1. The module that gives the control of CPU to the process selected by short-term scheduler is

    • Dispatcher (b)     Scheduler

(c)     Context switcher                                  (d)     All of the above

  1. The substitution made by the Operating System between processes to allocate space is

    • Swapping (b)     Deadlock             (c)     Fragmentation     (d)     Paging


  1. Which of the following system software resides in main memory always ?

(a)     Text editor      (b)     Assembler(c)     Linker(d)     Loader




×®Ö´®Ö ´Öë ÃÖê ÛúÖî®Ö ÃÖÖ ×ÃÖÙü´Ö ÃÖÖò°™ü¾ÖêµÖ¸ü ´ÖãÜµÖ ´Öê´ÖÖê¸üß ´Öë Æü´Öê¿ÖÖ ¸üÆüŸÖÖ Æîü ?

(a)     ™êüŒÃÖ™ü ‹›üß™ü¸ü      (b)     †ÃÖê´²Ö»Ö¸ü             (c)     ×»Ö®Ûú¸ü

A program which merges many object modules is called

(a)     Linker            (b)     Loader                 (c)     Interpreter





46.MS-DOS is a

(a)     Multi User Operating System


Time Sharing Operating System
(c)     Single User Operating System(d)None of the above


  1. The time during which a job is processed by the computer is

    • Delay time (b)     Real time             (c)     Execution time   (d)     Down time

  2. A translator which reads an entire program written in a high level language and converts it into machine language code is

    • Assembler (b)     Compiler

(c)     Translator                                              (d)     System Software

  1. In computer which language is used to write source program ?

    • English (b)     Hindi                   (c)     Symbolic             (d)     High level

  2. When a computer is first turned on or restarted, a specific type of absolute loader is executed, called a

    • Boot loader (b)     Compile and Go loader

(c)     Bootstrap loader                                 (d)     Start loader

  1. Dijkstra’s banking algorithm in an operating system solves the problem of

    • Deadlock Avoidance (b)     Deadlock Recovery

(c)     Mutual Exclusion                                 (d)     Context Switching

  1. Which command of MS-DOS is used to search for a specific string of text in one or more files ?

    • SEARCH (b)     SORT                  (c)     FIND                  (d)     MORE

  2. Which command is used to delete the directory and all its contents in one step ?

    • DEL *·* (b)     RD                      (c)     DELTREE          (d)     DELDIR

  3. JPEG stands for

    • Joint Photo Experiment Group (b)     Joint Photographic Experts Group

(c)     Joint Photographic Enlarge Group       (d)     Joint Photogenic Experts Group

  1. MIDI stands for

    • Multimedia Instrument Digital Interface

    • Musical Instrument Design Interface

    • Musical Instrument Digital Instruction

    • Musical Instrument Digital Interface

  2. Which of the following program is not popular desktop publishing program ?

    • Adobe PageMaker (b)     Microsoft Publisher

(c)     Lotus AmiPro                                     (d)     Quark Xpress


  1. Program used to create or modify bitmap images is called

    • Illustration program (b)     Paint program

(c)     Graphical modifier                               (d)     Bit publishing package


  1. Raster images are also known as

    • Bitmap images (b)     Vector images

(c)     Clip-art images                                     (d)     Multimedia images



Corel Draw is an example of a

(a)     Groupware Application




Bit Publishing Package
(c)     Paint Program(d)Graphics Suite
60.Microsoft front page is an example of

(a)     Authorizing Streaming Program


Graphical map editor
(c)     Webpage Editor(d)Robotics authoring program


  1. Data is filled up into a MS-ACCESS database using

    • Data sheet view (b)     Advance filter view

(c)     Design view                                          (d)     Relationship view

  1. The default value for text field size in MS –Access is

    • 50 characters (b)    55 characters       (c)     60 characters       (d)     80 characters

  2. In a relational schema, each tuple is divided into fields called

    • Relations (b)     Domains             (c)     Queries                (d)     None of these

  3. Arranging data in a specific order is called

    • Merging (b)     Sorting                (c)     Classification       (d)     Verification

  4. Relational calculus is a

    • Procedural language (b)     Non-procedural language

(c)     Data definition language                      (d)     High level language

  1. In E-R diagram, attributes are represented by

    • Rectangle (b)     Square                 (c)     Ellipse                 (d)     Triangle

  2. In the architecture of database system external level is

    • Physical level (b) Logical level        (c)     Conceptual level (d)     View level

  3. E-R modelling technique is

    • Top-down approach (b)     Bottom-up approach

(c)     Left-right approach                              (d)     None of the above

  1. Data integrity refers to

    • Non-duplication of data (b)     Accuracy of data

(c)     Security of data                                    (d)     Centralised data

  1. Which is not a component of relational database ?

    • Entity (b)     Attribute              (c)     Table                    (d)     Hierarchy

  2. Name the extension of an access database

    • .dat (b)     .mdb                    (c)     .txt                       (d)     .exe

  3. Which SQL Query is used to remove a table and all its data from the database ?

    • Create table (b)     Drop table          (c)     Alter table           (d)     None of these


  1. Which of the following is not an aggregate function ?

    • MIN (b)     MAX                   (c)     SELECT            (d)     AVG

  2. Which of the following is not used for modification in the database ?

    • DELETION (b)     SORTING          (c)     INSERTION       (d)     UPDATING

  3. What is Unicode ?

    • Standard Font (b)     Software

(c)     Character Encoding System              (d)     Keyboard Layout

  1. Which attribute is used to specify the link URL in HTML ?

    • src (b)     href                     (c)     rel                        (d)     link

  2. What is the correct syntax in HTML for creating a link on a webpage ?

    • < A HREF = “abc.html” > (b)     < LINK SRC = “abc.html” >

(c)     < HYPER SRC = “abc.html” >           (d)     < BODY SRC = “abc.html”>

  1. Tags that are not directly displayed on the page are written in which of the following section ?

    • < html > (b)     < head >              (c)     < title >                (d)     < body >

  2. What is the correct HTML tag for inserting a line break ?

    • < br > (b)     < break >             (c)     < new line >        (d)     < lb >

  3. How can you make an e-mail link in HTML ?

    • < mail href = “yyy@xxx” > (b)     < mail > yyy@xxx</mail >

(c)     < a href = “mail to : xxx@yyy” >      (d)     < a href = “xxx@yyy” >

  1. Which of the following converts ordinary text into hypertext ?

    • XML (b)     HTML                (c)     JavaScriptü         (d)     HTTP

  2. What is the correct syntax for inserting image in HTML ?

    • < background img = “background.gif ” >

    • < body background = “background.gif ” >

    • < img src = “background.gif ” >

    • None of these

  3. Which is not a markup language, but a language for defining markup language ?

    • HTML (b)     DHTML              (c)     SGML                (d)     None of these

  4. Which attribute is used to specify the relationship between current document and the linked document ?

    • rel (b)     target                   (c)     href                      (d)     relation

  5. HTML stands for

    • Hyper Text Makeup Language (b)     Hyper Technical Markup Language

(c)     Hyper Text Markup Language         (d)     None of the above

  1. Choose the correct HTML tag to make the text

(a)     <B>                 (b)     <I>                      (c)     <P>                      (d)     <H1>


  1. Architecture of the database can be viewed as

    • two levels (b)     three levels          (c)     four levels            (d)     one level

  2. In relational model, cardinality is termed as

    • Number of tuples (b)     Number of attributes

(c)     Number of tables                                  (d)     Number of constraints


  1. Raster is a synonym for the term

    • Matrix (b)     Array                   (c)     Model                  (d)     All of the above

  2. Graphics that contain movement are often referred as

    • Motion (b)     Premier Adobe    (c)     Flash                    (d)     Animation

Part – II

  1. Trojan Horse is

    • A code segment that misuses its file (b)     Good for file accessing

(c)     Name of special file directory              (d)     None of these

  1. To switch to the next task, press the following keys in windows :

    • Alt + Ctrl (b)     Alt + Esc             (c)     Alt + Del             (d)     Alt + Tab

  2. Which is not the filename extension of an image ?

    • .gif (b)     .jpg                      (c)     .png                     (d)     .ppt

  3. Which of the following extension suggests that the file is a backup copy ?

    • .bak (b)     .bas                      (c)     .srt                       (d)     .img

  4. Date and time are available on the desktop at

    • My Computer (b)     Task bar

(c)     Recycle bin                                           (d)     None of the above

  1. In MS-DOS how a floppy or hard disk can be formatted ?

    • Clean (b)     Spooling

(c)     Format                                                 (d)     None of the above

  1. What is the name of the application used to manage files and folders in windows ?

    • Internet Explorer (b)     Document Explorer

(c)     Analytical Explorer                              (d)     Windows Explorer

  1. Which of the following shows the file, which is deleted recently ?

    • Desktop (b)     My Document

(c)     Recycle Bin                                          (d)     All of these

  1. Which of the following attribute prevents changes to files and folders ?

    • Hidden (b)     Read only

(c)     System                                                  (d)     None of the above

  1. “Phone and Modem” option comes under

    • Control Panel (b)     My Computer

(c)     Recycle Bin                                          (d)     None of the above

  1. Pointing device is used as

    • Input device (b)     Input and Output device

(c)     Both (a) & (b)                                       (d)     None of the above

  1. For accessing the network, the most appropriate icon to use is

    • Recycle Bin (b)     Network Neighborhood

(c)     My Computer                                       (d)     None of the above

  1. Which of the following is not a multimedia input device ?

    • Digital Camera (b)     Video Camera

(c)     Music input system                               (d)     Keyboard

  1. To install any software in Windows, use

    • Add/Remove Hardware of Control Panel

    • Add/Remove Programs of Control Panel


  • Administrative Tools of Control Panel

  • None of the above

  1. Which of the following option is clicked to display the RAM size and CPU details of computer ?

    • My Computer ® System (b)     My Document ® System

(c)     Control Panel ® System                    (d)     None of the above

  1. Data can be imported into MS-Access database from

    • Excel file (b)     Word file             (c)     PowerPoint file   (d)     HTML file


  1. The MPEG stands for

    • Movie Picture Experts Group (b)     Moving Platform Experts Group

(c)     Multiple Platform Experts Group         (d)     Moving Picture Experts Group


  1. Which of the following is not a database key ?

    • Index key (b)     Candidate key     (c)     Unique key          (d)     Primary key

  2. Graphics for word processor

    • Peripheral (b)     Clip Art              (c)     Highlight             (d)     Execute


  1. Special effects used to introduce slides in a presentation are called

    • Effects (b)     Custom Animations

(c)     Transitions                                          (d)     Present Animations


  1.                 means changing font

    • Leading (b)     Tracking              (c)     Editing                (d)     Scaling

  2. Which shortcut keys insert a new slide in current presentation ?

    • Ctrl + M (b)     Ctrl + S                (c)     Ctrl + A               (d)     All of these


  1. If you select Insert >> Picture >> From file, then you

    • Insert clip arts only (b)     Insert picture only

(c)     both (a) & (b)                                        (d)     None of these


  1. To add a slide in PowerPoint presentation, which option is to be selected ?

    • File ® add new slide (b)     File ® open

(c)     File ® new                                           (d)     Insert ® new slide


  1. Which of the following is not an option when printing handouts per page ?

    • Two slides (b)     Three slides         (c)     Five slides           (d)     Six slides

  2. Keys you press when some text is to be copied are

    • Ctrl + A (b)     Ctrl + C              (c)     Alt + C                (d)     Alt + D

  3. Thesaurus tool in MS-Word is used for

    • Spelling suggestions (b)     Grammar options

(c)     Synonyms and Antonyms word        (d)     All of the above

  1. To send email to a large group at one time, we use

    • List serv (b)     Group                  (c)     Alias                    (d)     Mail Sever


  1. In MS-Word which key underline the selected text ?

    • Ctrl + W (b)     Ctrl + Z

120.Advance filter is present in which menu in MS-Excel ?
(a)     Tools               (b)     View                    (c)     Data                    (d)File


(c)     Ctrl + U                                               (d)     None of the above





(c)     ¯ÖÖ¾Ö¸ü¯ÖÖ‡Ó™ü ±úÖ‡»Ö ÃÖê                                (d)     HTML ±úÖ‡»Ö ÃÖê












(a)     »ÖßØ›üÝÖ             (b)     ™ÒîüØÛúÝÖ                 (c)     ‹ê×›üØ™üÝÖ               (d)     ÃÛêúØ»ÖÝÖ

  1. Which of the following command of MS-Excel converts a column of data into row ?

    1. Orientation (b)     Cut and Paste

(c)     Paste Special ® Transpose                (d)     All of these

  • The database schema is written in

    1. DDL (b)     HLL                    (c)     DML                   (d)     DCL

  • Which of the following is the default extension of an Excel Worksheet ?

    1. .exw (b)     .xls                       (c)     .wks                     (d)     None of these

  • Which of the following function of Excel get the column and row total automatically ?

    1. Cell ( ) (b)     Auto Sum ( )

(c)     Auto SumX( )                                       (d)     None of these

  1. A formula entered into a cell in MS-Excel must begin with the sign

(a)     + or –              (b)     * or +                   (c)     = or *                   (d)     + or =

  • To open the format cell dialog Box in MS-Excel, press the keys

(a)     Alt + 1            (b)     Ctrl + 1(c)Ctrl+Shift+1        (d)     F1
127.Report generator is used to

(a)     update files


data entry
(c)     print files on paper(d)delete files
128.Portrait and Landscape are

(a)     Paper size


Paper layout
(c)     Style(d)Paper orientation
129.Which of the following function number ?

(a)     UPPER ( )      (b)     CELL ( )
of MS-Excel


is used to get the absolute value


SUM ( )               (d)     ABS ( )

  1. How to specify cell range from A9 to A99 in MS-Excel ?

(a)     (A9, A99)       (b)     (A9 to A99)         (c)     (A9 : A99)           (d)     (A9 – A99)

  1. Which of the following is an absolute cell reference in MS-Excel ?

(a)     !A!1                (b)     $A$1                   (c)     #a#1                     (d)     A1

  1. is a table consisting of rows and

    • Worksheet (b)     Cell                      (c)     Workbook           (d)     Range

  2. Which of the following Operating System does not implement multi-tasking truly ?

    • Windows 98  (b)     Windows NT       (c)     Windows XP       (d)     MS-DOS

  3. In MS-Word the option “Mail Merge” comes under

  • Insert Menu (b)     Format Menu

(c)     Tools Menu                                         (d)     None of the above

  1. In MS-Word paragraph comes under the

    • Insert Menu (b)     Format Menu

(c)     View Menu                                           (d)     None of the above



Microsoft Office is a
(a)     Desktop Application                           (b)Operating System
(c)     Command Window                              (d)None of the above
137.A popular presentation program for Windows inMS-Office is
(a)     MS-Word                                             (b)MS-PowerPoint
(c)     MS-Access                                           (d)None of the above
138.In MS-Word, what is the smallest and largestfont size available in font size toolon
formatting toolbar ?
(a)     8 and 68          (b)     6 and 72              (c)6 and 68              (d)     8 and 72

  1. In MS-Word, on which page the header or the footer is printed by default ?

    • On first page (b)     On last page

(c)     On alternate page                                 (d)     On every page

  1. In MS-Word, the ‘Font’ command comes under

    • Format Menu (b)     File Menu

(c)     Edit Menu                                            (d)     None of the above


  1. In MS-Word, which key is used to select all the text in the document ?

    • Ctrl + T (b)     Ctrl + A              (c)     Ctrl + F                (d)     Ctrl + N

  2. The default font size in MS-Word-2007 page is

(a)     8                      (b)     9                          (c)     10                        (d)     11

  1. In MS-Word the default values for the top and left margin respectively are

(a)     0.5², 1²           (b)     1², 1.25²             (c)     1.25², 1.25²         (d)     1², 1.5²


  1. When the pointer is positioned on a Word, it is shaped like a hand, which shows

    • Grammar error (b)     Hyperlinking

(c)     Screen tip                                              (d)     Formatting error


  1. What is the default font type used in MS-Word-2007 document ?

    • Calibri (Body) (b)     Arial

(c)     Algerian                                                (d)     Bold


  1. What is the extension of MS-PowerPoint files ?

    • .fil (b)     .dot                      (c)     .txt                       (d)     .ppt


  1. In MS-Word, which of the following option is not available in Insert ?

    • Chart (b)     Clip Art               (c)     Graph                 (d)     Word Art

  2. Which of the following line spacing is invalid in MS-Word ?

(a)     Single              (b)Double(c)Triple                  (d)Multiple
149.Print option is in          .

(a)     File tab           (b)

Insert tab


Page layout tab    (d)

View tab

  1. In MS-Word cut, copy and paste are in group in the home

    • Font (b)     Page Setup          (c)     Clip board          (d)     Editing


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