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Uttarakhand Magazines

All the prominent writers and thinkers of Uttarakhand are associated with this magazine. As the aspiration of the highlanders are not fulfilled. Newspapers and Magazine Publishers in Dehradun, India. Get Name, Address and Contact details for Newspapers and Magazine Publishers in Dehradun.

Uttarakhand’s major journals and their published places are as follows:

 Uttarakhand Darshan – Dehradun

 Mountains (Prwatjan) – Dehradun

 Yugwani â- Dehradun

 Dhad – Dehradun

 mountain Phad – Nainital

 Uttarara (Uttara) – Nainital (Nainital)

 Today’s mountain (Aaj Ka Pahad) – Pithoragarh

 Central Himalayas – Pithoragarh

 Purvasi – Almora

 Uttarakhand Sanskrti – Pauri

 National Rashtriy Jwala – Dugadda (from Pauri) (Dugdda (Pauri))

 Antr Jwala – Dugadda (from Pauri) (Dugdda (Pauri))

 National Rashtriy Jwala – Dugadda (from Pauri) (Dugdda (Pauri))

 Antr Jwala – Dugadda (from Pauri) (Dugdda (Pauri))

Pre-eminent key letter of independence

 The first news letter from the state’s ‘Mussoorie (Dehradun)’ was in The Hills, which came out in English Newspaper.

The first daily paper published from the state was ‘Parvatiy’.

 The first Hindi newspaper of the state was Garbhal News (Garhwal News) letter 1902, which was derived from Lansdowne (Pauri Garhwal).

The first newspaper of the Kumauni language was ‘Almora newspaper’ (1871). From 1913 onwards its editors Badriddutt Pandey (Editor Bdraidutt Pandey) remained in I 1918 and this time the Panday stopped and Pandey started releasing a weekly called ‘Satya’.

Garhwali language’s first newspaper Garhwali was 1905. It was published by Tehri Principality (Dehradun).

Other major letters before independence are as follows:-

 Vishal Kranti (Pauri Garhwal) (Pauri Garhwal)

 ‘Jyoti’ and ‘Kumaon Kumund’ (Almora)

 ‘Swadhin Prja’ (1930) and ‘Samtaa (1935)’ (Nainital)


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