What is Food Pyramid and how it helps to live healthy life?



Eating healthy food for good health has always been discussed over the centuries, everybody wants to remain healthy for long life. As we know that people around the world are going throght major life style changes most of the urban population is now more dependent on ready made junk foods. If people become aware of the Food Pyramid, it can help them to plan their healty diet. Here we are going to discuss about it and its impact on healty living.

Food pyramid is a triangular diagram which gives us a diet plan and explains what we should eat and what we should not. Its design is based on health eating and how to get a balanced and nutritious diet.

History of Food Pyramid

In 1974 first Food Pyramid was published. US department of Agriculture introduced a pyramid in 1992 called “Food Guide Pyramid”.

Food Guide Pyramid was divided into six hrizontal sections which explains about the foods and its cateogries. In the year 2005 it was renamed to MyPyramid. In MyPyramid type there is no food image in it.

In June 2011 USDA created a new program called MyPlate to restructure food with its nutrition values.  MyPlate is divided into four parts:

  1. Fruits
  2. Vegitables
  3. Grains
  4. Protein



From Bottom to Top following sequence is followed based on the food categories:

  1. Vegetables, salad and fruits
  2. Wholemeal cereals, breads, potatoes, pasta and rice
  3. Milk, yogurt and cheese
  4. Meat, poultry, fish, eggs, beans and nuts
  5. Fats, spreads and oils
  6. Foods and drinks high in fat, sugar and salt

Vegetables, Salad and Fruits

Vegetable is consumable part of any plant and humans include it in diet plans. A vegetable is totally different from fruit, nut, spice, grain or herbs. Vegetable can include root, stem,flower, seed or any other part of a plant. Vegetables are very nutritious as it contain vitamins and minerals etc. Depending on the vegetables there are different categories of vegetables and their nutritious values.

Fruits are the sweet product of any plant it can be seed-part or any other part of plants. E.g. of fruits are grapes, banana pears, apple, mango etc.  Fruits are good source of natural sugars,fiber and vitamins and are low in calories and fat.

Whole meal cereals, breads, potatoes, pasta and rice

These types of foods are good source if energy and with complex charbohybrotes. Thease are very low in fat. Example: rice, wheat, pasta and corn.


Dairy product is a product that is produced from milk. Milk, yogurt and cheese are most widely used all around the world. Milk product are rich source of calcium, protein, phosphorous, Vitamin A and Vitamin D.

Meat and beans

Meat is a bascially part of an animal consumed by humans. It is major source of protein, zinc and vitamin B12.   Beef, pork, chicken tuna, shrimp, sea foods and eggs are primarily used all around the world in non-vagetrian diet.

Fats, spreads and oils

Oils and Seets are placed on the top of the food pyramid , it means we should take a very samll percentage of it in our diet. Oils and Sweets are high in calories and less nutritious. Cream, butter, sugars, sweets, oils and candies falls in this category.

Fatty foods, drinks, sugar and salt

Food in this category should be highly avoided as these are responsible for obesity related health issues, which results in heart problems, diabetes and cancer. To avoid thease health issues we should limit the intake of foods with saturated fats and trans fats.


Therefore in order to remain healthy we can use the food type as per the food pyramid and consume the suggested proportion of food. So, by following Food Pyramid diet plan we can live health life.

Tips for healthy diet

  • Follow Food Pyramid
  • Prepare a diet chart
  • Consider age factor
  • Exerecise daily
  • Be stick to the diet chart



Note: This doucment is just to provide the food pyramid details, please follow your doctor’s advice in case you have any medical history.

Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Food

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