Why you Choose Dubai for Business or Investment

By Team edu 2 | Article | Mar 02, 2019

  Why choose Dubai for Business?

The Starting a business is a formidable task. It needs too many technicalities and procedures, which have to be followed so that the business may run with ease and make maximum profits. At first, a business which just steps into the industry needs to have a firm foundation.

At its motto, a best business structure requires an astute business model and a prudent legal foundation. Therefore, the practical aspect of how to set-up and select one's 'business to ensure success in the industry.


There are many ways. 

For objection that Dubai is adorable an effective destination where in numerous businesses experience each day. And now let’s assess the imperative factors that make Dubai an alluring business destination preferred by a most number of entrepreneurs in the specific area.

Absence of a huge number of taxes such as corporate, personal, capital gains, and VAT, in Dubai, makes the city incredibly business familiar.

  1. Taxation

Absence of a huge number of taxes such as corporate, personal, capital gains, and VAT, in Dubai, makes the city incredibly business familiar.

  1. Open Trading

Dubai has free and open trade with the products entering duty free is 75%.  The Average rate is only 4%, while free trade zones offer numerous additional benefits including exclusions from taxes and obligations.

  1. Free Zones

Tax -100% exemption on personal or corporate income or gains.

Ownership for Investors is 100%.

Repatriation of capital and profits are 100%.

The main Exclusion is from all Import and Export duties.


  1. Workforce Availability

In UAE, here is comfortable and economical to recruit people from any part of the world, because of its liberal labor policies. The UAE has some gender-specific labor law which is completely suitable for the employers or employees.

  1. Growing Economy

At the financial performance is considered, Dubai (Fact, UAE in general), has been the best economy within the GCC region. Economic growth and receptivity to different cultural trends and practices have energized new ways of doing business and very impressive Investment in Dubai.

  1. Safety

In point of Fact, Dubai is the one of the country which has  for its strict lawfulness set up, which makes us safe in overall, and the employees to work in.  This draws the best global talents here!


  1. Visa

At the most important point of view, the visa system of the government of Dubai is flexible. In the comparison with other developed countries, UAE has a highly attractive and relatively uncomplicated way of obtaining the investor visa.

Example, In the European countries, they receive visa which we need to invest a substantial amount of money or make a company and create new jobs, the UAE Investor visa is efforts very reasonable costs and requirements.




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