Worlds Top 10 Bank & Financial companies

Here we are sharing world’s top 10 Bank & Financial companies who control the economy of world and  who provide best financial services to the people also helpful for any Bank exam

World’s Top 10 Bank List:

  1. Bnp Paribas Bank
  2. The Bank of New York Mellon
  3. Robo Bank
  4. Standard Chartered Bank
  5. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
  6. Banco Santander Bank
  7. Black Stone Bank
  8. Goldman Sachs Bank
  9. Credit Suisse Bank
  10. JP Morgan Chase Bank & Company

Bnp Paribas Bank

Head office       –      Paris  in France
Founded year  – 23 May 2000
Industry          – Financial Services
Subsidiaries    –  Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, etc
Total Assets    – €1.994 trillion (2015)
Revenue         – 43.4 billions
Total Number of Employee – 189000 in 2015

Important fact:

1.    First Listed bank in Euronext Paris and is included in the CAC 40 index.
2.    Its 4th biggest bank in Europe

The Bank of New York Mellon

Headquarter   – Newyork  USA
Established       – 1 July 2007
Industry          – Financial Services
Headquarters  – New York City, New York, United States
CEO                 – Gerald Hassell (Aug 2011)
Revenue         – 15.19 billion USD (2015)
Subsidiaries     –   Dreyfus Corporation, more
Total assets      –   US$393.780 billion (2015)
Number of employees  –  51,200 dec 2015
Website          –

Important fact:

  1. It is the biggest deposit bank
  2. Biggest mellon is the oldest banks in the world
  3. The Bank of New York Mellon or BNY Mellon was formed in 2007 the Bank of New York Mellon primarily offers services related to securities and property management
  4. Since the Bank of New York was established back in 1784

Robo Bank

Head quarter      –  Utretch Netherlands
Established         – 1972
Industry            – Financial Services
Motto              – A bank with ideas
Revenue           –   13.030 billion
Subsidiaries      –  Rabobank Netherland ,Bouwfounds ,Rabobank International ,London
Total assets      –   €681.086 billion (2014)
Parent organizations     – Rabobank Nederland, Rabobank Germany
Number of employees   – 56,870
Website          –

Important Facts:

  • Rabo Bank is the 8th safest banking institution in the world!
  • Rabo Bank comprises of over a hundred local Dutch banks.
  • The main focus of the organization has always been agriculture.
  • It is a co – operative financial institution
  • Robo bank’s income comes from  agriculture.

Standard Chartered Bank

Head quarter – London UK United Kingdom
Established –  1969
Industry     –  Banking & financial services
CEO               – Bill Winters  (10 Jun 2015)
Revenue      – 14.61 billion (USD 2015)
Subsidiaries – Bank Permata, Standard Chartered Hong Kong, more
Total assets    – £432 billion (2015)
Number of employees – 14.61 billion USD (2015)
Website   –

Important fact:

  • It is bank which is biggest market in middile – East and African sub continent
  • More than 80,000 people employs all over the world
  • It is 13th biggest finance company amoung all those companies listed on the LSE in year 2011

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Head quarter           – Beijing in China
Established              –  1 january 1984 Beijing in China
CEO                             –  Jiang Jianqing
Industry                     –  Banking & financial services
Number of employees   – 466,346
Revenue                        –   CN¥668.733 billion (2015)
Subsidiaries                  – ICBC Turkey, more
Parent organization    -Central Huijin Investment
Total assets                 – 22.21 trillion CNY (2015)
Wesite                          –

Important fact:

  • It is called the banking giant of the world
  • Forbes magazine ranked it is 7 the biggest company all over the world in the year 2011

Banco Santander  Bank

Head quarter  –      Syantender in Spain
Established      –     1857
Industry     –  Banking & financial services

CEO              –   Jose Antonic Alvarez (1 Jan 2015 )
Revenue           –  42 billion EUR (2015)
Subsidiaries      – Banco Santander Río, Banco Santander, Openbank, more
Total assets      –    €1.340 trillion (2015)
Number of employees   –  193,863 (2015)
Website                        –    www.santander com

Important fact:

  • Banco Syantender is the biggest banking institution. In terms of market capitalization
  • It is a Spanish financial services provide
  • it is the one of the biggest banks all over the world.
  • institution came into existence in 1857.
  • in 2010The forbes magazine global ranked it is 6 th largest company in the world

Black Stone Bank

Headquarter       – New york  in United state
Established        – 1985
Industry          –  Banking & financial services
CEO                     –   Stephen A Schwarzman  in 1985
Revenue            –  Us$ 7.48 billion
Subsidiaries      –  Michaels, The Weather Channel, Hilton Worldwide, more

Total assets      –  US$ 31.510 billion (2014)
Number of employees  – 2,190 (2014)

Website              –

Important fact:

  • Assets management and finance services provider company
  • It is newly young finance company It’s relatively young as compared to several other financial services giants

  Goldman Sachs Bank

Head quarter – New York  in U.S.A
Established –    1869
Industry     –  Banking & financial services
CEO             – Goldman, Lloyd Blankfein
Revenue         – 37.71 billion USD (2016)
Subsidiaries   – Travelodge UK, Goldman Sachs Capital Partners, more
Total assets    – US$860.1 billion (2016)
Founder         – marcus goldman Samuel Sachs
Number of employees – 34,400 (2016)
Website    –

Important fact:

  • It is a well known multinationalfinancial services giant.
  • company came into existence back in 1869.
  • It is a abulge bracket investment banking and securities company

Credit  Suisse  Bank

Head quarter – Zürich in  Switzerland
Established –   1856
Industry     –  Banking & financial services
CEO             –  Brady Dougan.
Total assets – CHF 820.80 billion in 2015
Revenue        –    CHF 23.38 billion (2015)
Subsidiaries    – Neue Aargauer, Bank-now, Swisscard AECS AG, more
Number of employees   – 48,200 in end of 2015
Website –

Important fact:

  • It is a second most popular finance company based on the criteria listed above,
  • This Swiss multinational financial services company has well over 250 branches in Switzerland alone.
  • The company has strong presence in about 50 countries all over the world.
  • About 250 multinational financial services company has well over the world

JP Morgan Chase Bank & Company

Headquarter          – Newyork
Established           –    December 1, 2000
Industry              –  Banking & financial services
Total assets        – US$2.490 trillion (2016)
Revenue               – 95.66 billion USD (2016)
CEO                   – James Dimon 31 Dec 2005
Subsidiaries                     – Chase Bank, J.P. Morgan & Co. J.P. Morgan Cazenove, One Equity Partners
Number of employees    – 243,355 (2016)[
Website                            –

Important fact:

  • It’s one of the biggest finance companies in the world. J. P. Morgan Chase and Co’s head office is located in New York, United States
  • It is one of the biggest finance companies in the world
  • It is about 50 different branches all over the world
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