Top 5 American University Where You Can Study after intermediate.

Top 5 American University

The America is the place off opportunities where anyone can go and find there goal in life. But as we know “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” say by Benjamin Franklin, an american polymathematics and one

Major Caves & Rocks in Uttarakhand – GK in Hindi

caves uk

 Major caves in uttarakhand

     व्यास गुफा – Badrinath

     गणेश गुफा – Badrinath

     गरुड़ गुफा – Badrinath

     स्कन्द गुफा – Badrinath

     मुचकुन्द गुफा – Badrinath

     राम गुफा –  Badrinath

     गोरखनाथ गुफा – Srinagar

     …

UK Geography : Uttarakhand General Knowledge Related Forest

Forest of Uttarakhand

  1. Uttarakhand में Forest estate का अतुल भंडार है Latest Data के अनुसार UTTARAKHAND में 34,650 sq km में Forests का विस्तार है
  2. Uttarakhand में 600-1200 Meter height वाले क्षेत्रो में Forests का प्रतिशत 16.3 तथा 1200 से

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What is protein?

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Want to know about Divorce? Get Tips to hire a Divorce Lawyer

what is divorce

                                            WHAT IS A DIVORCE?

Divorce or dissolution of marriage” is a legal process in which a judge or authority dissolves the bond of marriage between two persons. It is a state in which a judge brings back both …

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[Uttarakhand GK] – Famous Sports Personalities, Famous Sportsmen

Famous Sports Personalities

Uttarakhand’s major players and related sports

Most influential sports personalities of India and their connection with Uttarakhand. Abhinav Bindra- Shooting. Jaspal Rana- Shooting. Bachendri Pal- Mountaineering. Ekta Bisht- Cricket. Mahendra Singh Dhoni- Cricket. Tashi and Nungshi Malik- Mountaineering. Unmukt Chand- …