102 Science MCQ Questions in english हिन्दी


Read science multiple choice questions for the various types of competitive exams. These science questions will help students to prepare for their exams. Improve your Science subject knowledge by reading these science questions.

Mrinal's father has just one daughter, who is Rohit's mother. What bond does Mrinal's husband have with Rohit?

Daya and Anil are brothers; Daya's father is Chandu, and Chandu's father is Balbeer. How is Balbeer related to Anil?

In an atomic explosion, a tremendous amount of energy is produced as a result of

What separates isotopes is:

X-rays have a wavelength in the range of

There are mesons in

Which radioactive contaminant recently caught the attention of the public because it was found in construction materials?

Using the nautical mile as a unit of measurement,

Which of the following is a unit of speed known as a knot?

Which of the following is utilised in nuclear reactors as a moderator?

Which of the following is a radioactive element's positively charged particle?

Atoms are made up of:

The unit for bars is

Which of the following gases undergoes decrease during the process?

Kilowatt is a measurement unit for:

Electric current can be detected using:

Using a chronometer, you can:

A light year is a unit of

Accurate measurements of very brief time periods are made via

How many miles are in one kilometre?

Kilohertz is a frequency measurement unit.

Equating one horse power to

What is the measurement method for sound amplitude?

A barometer's declining reading is a sign that

Decibel is a measure of

Equals one fathom in depth.

A fathom is a measure of

An amalgam is:

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