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51 Chandigarh MCQ Questions in english हिन्दी


25: Who among them remains at home on the following day of the nurse's

24:Which of the following combinations will be equal to TAKE if GIVE = 43 and OR = 33?

23:Which of the following combinations will be equal to TAKE if GIVE = 43 and OR = 33?

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22:In the event that GIVE = 43 and OR = 33, TAKE will be equivalent to

21:What would the code for TRUST be if SING were encoded as SINGS in a certain code language?

20:Seal is related to 'pup' in the same way as Zebra is related to

19:Similar to how "DRMB" is related to "TOGM," PMCK is related to

18: In a certain code language 'tor se pub' means 'Man and Woman', 'pub log rap' means 'Boy and Girl'. What is the code for 'Man' in that code language?

17:Prem began to move in a direct southerly direction. He moved 25 metres before turning and moving 8 metres to the right. He then made a 10 m left turn and headed in that direction. What direction is he currently moving in relation to the starting point?

16:What should replace the question mark (?) in the arrangement below?

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15:If Z = 52, and ACT = 48, then BAT will be equal to

14:Which one word can not be formed from the letters of the word PARAPHERNALIA

12: Find the odd pair

11:What will replace the question mark in position 12? 816 800 764 700 ?

10:11. 4 ? 36 64

9. Geetha travels 6 kilometres towards the north, 8 kilometres to the left, and 6 kilometres back to the left. How far away is she from the beginning?

8:Which digit in the following number should replace the question mark?9 20 33 48 ? 84 105

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7. John said, "He is the father of the brother of my son's mother," pointing to a picture of a guy. What connection does John have to the man in the picture?

6. If "P" stands for "," "Q" for "—," "R" for "," and "S" for "+," what will the value of the following equation be 15 Q 3 P 25 R 5 S 8

5. How many of these pairings of letters in the word RECOVERED have the same number of letters in the word as there are letters in the English alphabet?

4. In one particular code language, the letters for COULD are 81379 and POWER are 61452. How would the word "couple" be represented in that code?

3. 'Table' is related to 'Wood', in the same way as 'Shirt' is related to:

2:Four items are provided in questions A and B that follow. They all belong to a group because they are connected to one another in some way. Which individual is not a member of the group?

1:According to their heights, P, Q, R, S, T, and U are arranged in a row from left to right. While being shorter than U, Q is taller than P. Every other letter besides T is shorter than U. While being taller than R, S is shorter than P. Which of the aforementioned pairs of individuals are at both ends?

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25:How many cubes have one side coloured with green and the adjacent side coloured with black or red?

24:Lokesh pointed to a woman and stated, "She is my mother's only daughter's daughter." How does Lokesh relate to the woman?

23:In a particular code ,'WAVE 'is represented as'5% 3 'and' WINS' is represented as'59 @ '. How is 'SANE represented in this code?

22:Directions: Find the missing number from the supplied answers in each of the questions that follow.

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