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75 Jammu & Kashmir MCQ Questions in english हिन्दी


The age of Mr. Aditya is one-half that of his wife, Sunita. They have two youngsters. The average family age is 20 years old. If Sunita’s age is 25 years, what is the average age of both children?.

Water made up 75% of a milk and water mixture in terms of weight. What would the percentage of water be if 15 g of water were added to a mixture weighing 60 g? (mass in gm)

If a person saves 6% of their income and two years later their income increases by 15%, but their savings remain the same, what is the approximate percentage increase in their expenditure?

Out of a group of candidates, 70% passed in English and 80% passed in Mathematics. Among the candidates, 10% failed in both subjects. If the number of candidates who passed in both subjects was 144, what was the total number of candidates who took the exam?

55% of 1400 +  ?2 +282= (12)3

Two containers of the same capacity contain liquids with different ratios of milk to water. The first container has a ratio of 3:1 of milk to water, while the second container has a ratio of 5:2 of milk to water. If the contents of the two containers are mixed, what will be the resulting ratio of milk to water in the mixture?

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For the first three months, a company produces 4000 items on average per month. How many items must it produce on average each month for the next nine months in order to produce 4375 items on average each month for the entire year?

A store owner permits a 10% discount from the item's marked price but levies an 8% sales tax on the discounted price. The price is marked if the customer pays Rs. 3,402 for the item(s) in question, sales tax included.

A man made a 10% profit when he sold some items. He bought more of these items with the money from the sale as a whole. This time, while selling them, he incurred a loss of 10%. His loss or gain in the transaction was.

In a test, 70% of candidates scored well in English, and 80% in mathematics. If 144 candidates passed in both subjects and 10% of them failed, that leaves 144 candidates overall.

There are 240 deer and ostriches together in a zoo. Find the number of deer and ostriches, respectively, if there are 520 legs overall.

The proportion of balls in bags x and y is 3 to 4. In order to make the number of balls in each bag equal, 8 balls are taken from bag y and dropped into bag x. Now, how many balls are in each bag?

There are 40% boys and the remaining 60% girls in a school. Find the total number of boys in the school if there are 360 girls.

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What would be the equivalent of a single discount that is equal to two successive discounts of 15% and 18%?

If the sum of present ages of P and Q is 72 years and after 8 years, the ratio of their ages will be 3:5, then find the present age of P.

The perimeter of an equilateral triangle is in the ratio of 1:4 to the perimeter of a square. The area of the square is 200% of the area of a rectangle with sides 16 m and 8 m. Determine the perimeter of the equilateral triangle.

Raheem spends 24% of his monthly income on daily expenses and 36% on house rent and children's fees combined. The rest he saves for future needs. If his total savings are Rs. 12,800, what is his total monthly income?

When 25% of the numerator is added to the numerator and 40% of the denominator is subtracted from the denominator, a fraction becomes 5/8. What is the original fraction?

In a test with a maximum score of 600 and a passing percentage of 33⅓%, if a student scores 155 marks, what is the minimum score the student needs to pass the test?

If the ratio of the marked price to the cost price of an item is 8:5 and a discount of 20% is offered on the item, what is the percentage of profit/loss?

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If the ratio of the radius of cylinder A to cylinder B is 2:3, and the ratio of the height of cylinder A to cylinder B is 5:4, what is the ratio of the volume of cylinder A to cylinder B?

If a man buys three types of items in the ratio of 5:3:6, with the cost prices of Rs. 100, Rs. 400, and Rs. 200 respectively, and he sells the first, second, and third types of articles at a profit of 20%, 15%, and 25%, respectively, what is his overall profit percentage?

In a society, 16 ⅔% of people were interested in music only, 33⅓% were interested in Yoga only, 25% were interested in cycling only, and the remaining were interested in other activities. If the number of people interested in other activities is 450, what is the number of people interested in music only?

If two trains are traveling in the same direction and have a speed ratio of 3:5, and the faster train passes the slower train and a pole in 45 seconds and 6 seconds, respectively, what is the ratio of their lengths?

If the ratio of the breadth to length of a rectangle is 2:7 and its perimeter is 198 cm, what is the area of the rectangle in square centimeters (cm²)?

318, 206, 150, ?, 108, 101

49, 60, 98, 102, 133, ?

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19, 33, 67, 97, 147, ?

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