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71 Assam MCQ Questions in english हिन्दी


During whose rule was the Sanskrit language used on Ahom coins:

Which Assamese monarch attends the Kannauj religious festival:

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Dimapur was the capital of the:

Which of the following artistic institutions was founded as a result of the Assam Accord:

In 1531 AD, Dihingia Raja vanquished the Kacharis. What is Dihingia Raja's Ahom name:

The governance was carried out by the Borgohain and Buragohain from 1376 to 1380 AD. Who was the next Ahom monarch after them:

Upper Assam was annexed to the British Empire in

The Ahoms originally came from

In what year did Assam hold the National Games for the first time?

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The first mobile theatre of Assam Nataraj was started by

In which year was the Saraighat Bridge built across the Brahmaputra River:

From which year Bordoloi Trophy Football turnament was begun in Guwahati:

The first medical college in Assam was founded in

Lord Curzon declared the Kaziranga as a protected area in

The first railway line in Assam was built between

The Assam Association, Assam's first political group, was founded in:

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During the first Ahom war against a powerful kingdom named Kamata, who was the Ahom king:

Who was the Moran monarch when Sukapha arrived in Assam

Manik Chandra Baruah founded which of the following associations

During colonial control, Assam was assigned to which province:

For the first time, Panchayat Raj was established in Assam:

In 1953, who was the head of the Assam Sahitya Sabha in Shillong:

The first and only Sanskrit College in Assam located at:

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Which of the following locations contains Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain relics?

The Ahom Maidams are shaped like

Which of the following historical sites contains Gupta architecture examples

Which of the following treaties established the Subansiri as the boundary between the Ahom and Koch Kingdoms

Who represented the Mughal side in the Ghilajharighat Treaty

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