24 MS PowerPoint MCQ Questions in english हिन्दी


Is it possible to create a PDF of a PowerPoint presentation?

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Which of the following PowerPoint commands is used to direct the user to the presentation's final slide?

Which of the following PowerPoint commands is used to direct the user to the first slide of the presentation?

The objects on the slide that hold the text in Powerpoint are known as -

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What should we type in the Run dialogue box to launch Powerpoint?

The Handout Master consists of placeholders for all of these except the:

Which of the following PowerPoint features would allow any user to create a simple presentation faster?

The file containing ready-made styles that we can easily use for our presentation is referred to as:

In MS PowerPoint, what is the maximum Zoom percentage?

A PowerPoint design template is stored in any file with ______________extension .

Which of these PowerPoint options would allow us to transfer any set of slides from one computer to another?

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Which of the following is a type of sound file?

If we want to insert a new slide into the current presentation, we can select which of these?

Which of these terms do we use when an image in a clip art changes the direction that it was originally facing?

Which of these refers to the PowerPoint view that only displays text (title and bullets)?

Which toolbar offers different options in different master views?

Every command can be found on the:

Which of these features should we use when we want to type notes in the text box?

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Which of these is the default page setup orientation of the slides in PowerPoint?

Which of these menus allows us to access a Text Box, Picture, Chart, and so on?

Which of the following font effects does not appear in the PowerPoint Font dialogue box?

A slide layout does not have which of these sections?

What tool do we use to insert text into a slide?

Which types of templates provide all users with a presentation fonts, design concept and colour scheme?

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