67 MySQL MCQ Questions in english हिन्दी


Using Perl, the DBI API is

For how many of the following do interfaces exist for implementing direct native client-server protocol? Java, PHP, Ruby

How many of these languages support MySQL's C API through interfaces? Perl, PHP, Python

Which command in the Mysql command line tool is used to display the current date and time?

Which kind of authentication are necessary to access the MySQL command-line tool?

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Which of the following formats does the "Mysql command line tool" use to format the outcomes?

In order to access an existing database, which statement should be used?

An organizational view of a MySQL database is represented by the following structure :

In its client/server architecture, MySQL is used

Data processing is performed by which MySQL instance?

In the following SQL code snippet, what does 'name' mean? CREATE TABLE student ( name CHAR(30), roll_num INT, address CHAR(30), phone CHAR(12) );

What is the process of establishing communication with MySQL?

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In relational databases, what are 'tuples'?

In a relational database, what is an 'attribute'?

In addition to being open source, MySQL is free.

What categories does a MySQL database's data fall under?

What kind of database management system does MySQL belong to?

The DISTINCT keyword used along with the SELECT keyword retrieves ______ ?

Which statement should I use in MySQL's shell editor to import data from a text file?

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Which command is used in the MySQL editor to import data from a text file?

The query result can be displayed vertically by terminating the query____?

Which statement should you use to insert numerous records?

DML is used for _______?

DDL is used for _______?

DCL is used to _______?

TCL is used for _______?

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Storing the same data in many places is called.

What is Granularity?

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